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THE INDEPENDENT MAG. ISSUE 15 2000/2001 9 Hri46s EDITORIAL By John Foo ‘Welcome to another issue of Warpstone. For those af you followingthe saga the Keane family isnow one member bigger, with the birth ofa healthy Joseph John Keane. Mother, baby and Warpstone editor areall doing well. Hearty congratulations fromusall! ‘Youray well ave noticed Warptone's cove price increase. This took effect from ast ssue, butit wasn’t mentioned in the editorial as it was avery lst minute decision ‘We were asked to make this bythe distributors due to rising cost and the strength ofthe pound; rest assured, there's no profiteering at this end. (Chance would bea fine thing!) Subscription ates remain the same, as do prices in the USA. However, we're pleased to say that you are getting more foryourmoney. Weare having no difficulty filling the extra cightpages, nd once again you'llsee that wehave relly shochomed some articles in. Word for word, we arent that far offte sizeof some supplements! We ave made a conscious effort to use these new pages to broaden the kind of material ‘we can bringto you. Everything wil remain very much WERP- centric, but you might find one or two suprises. There willbe pieces that aren't exactly what you might expect fom ‘Warpstone. We won't give the game away, though; just ook out forsuch articles in the coming issues This issue we publish follow-up to issue foureen’s The ‘Warriors’ Grimoire, which suggested revisions tothe combat system based around numberof new skills. The feedback on this (some of which you wil find on our letters page) hasbeen very mixed. This sno suprise. Warhammer is seen by most as beinga ‘ules lite” game, and Warpstone has deliberately stayed ‘away from articles that have revised the basic rules. In this case, though, we felt The Warriors’ Grimoire would appeal to players who wanted to adda litle something to their combat syslem, The feedback suggests that fora large number of readersitdid just this. However, we ren’tignoring those of you who argued against the article; whether ornot we agree, it is simply a matter of different styles ~ and you jst can’t please allofthe people all of the time! Thisissuc, we bring you a comprehensive background for the Church of Sigmar. Tis follows on fom the Cult of Shallya piece in issue ten, Fora litle while, we dd pu off publishing articles onthe main cultsas we waited for Realm of Divine Magick, te follow up o Realn of Sorcery. Although the later should be with us soon, the former is certainly some distance ‘One problem is that new soureebooks sometimes trample cover what has gone before. In writing and edtingatces, we attempt to keep true othe history and consistency of The Old World, Itisnotalvays an easy task, Many of Warpstone's articles refer to earlier articles in passing. Tisisn'ta ploy so thatthe magazine i only useful to long ime readers is simply away of making the Old World aconsistent and logical place, We do try to ensure, however, that any reference is clearly explained. What his meansis that any published article ‘becomes part of the background, as faras we're concemed, and isthere to be used as reference material by future writers. This ao should not put writers off submitting. If the idea is good, itis Chanpioe athe esd Tc mon wan as for onl he champion eid ie te ‘004, We wll help you illin holes or point you inthe right Speed acai yess dcuel ses ar om Ha ha fe direction fyou wanto expand topic. Don'tbearaid to run senenbet eis: wt el wh Sti oe Mey cise varpstoneabigfootcom ios: ob Fody & Joka Keane ‘Asociote Editors: Marin Olver, Seven Punter & Me} Tuo Jones Cover Steven Pants Mustrations: Joba | Richard Rah “a mcetivdon Keane matin BY Horstey “Tenpe on page 24 tase original by Pll B Sorensen. Thanks “Tinsley Eases, Graeme Divi Nase Chrbok Leif Uc trade, Man ‘op, Rober Cla Are Dam, Spe Cue, Gare Leper, Outbeos, Mite, Mare Tere Roderic Ora lamer Wali, Adam, Aion & Pie SUBMISSIONS ov ‘Wasson app orecee sbmison fbn writen work and a We wil uae rep to bmi fom ini god ne pase dop saline oreiods Falters singly aston ofthe cao rae ‘ofthe Wirptne orion I you take thine wih subain,we wl ke the ine fo epond How? \Wearehappytorecrssubrisionsbypostoresal Arles shuld ein RTF (Rich Text Forma or MS Wt Format. Dike shoold be 3 format fo PC and marked with your name andl mes. ‘Art Sobseions ‘Weare way looking frais. You mut have an understanding of the “Warhammer ye” hic cone ‘broudrage sen esourcuen ainsi es) owe ebay look aall Kags work, whee your sei is maps creates, ports o anyhng elses end us cure you chink shoud be ‘originals, bu ony copes Atte Submissions ‘Warpsone es not insude aries thee gameruesorarintemscvesleshery Inte sae i we are ot looking fr pew mont, crews gods ee (That i iyo ave something good seni In) Weare loting frances hat orp te word of Wartammer ling inthe papi prevent Me aso lek chow he game is lye discussing ses relevant al gamers Ifyouave am aicebt yore not sre whether i's sua, send ur an ouig, Wo wl tel you are inerested in seeing developed. Ifyou oul cde a ample of some oer werk Youve completed a "he same ine, hr wou be uel (bat not ena) ‘oon: Wewileview WERP mati yu wishtowterevewon ary ober reese(WFB ee) hen ple hos wih ws fist to make ue moan ls wring Shoal be 600" words. emi: es ng i et rou i of vo pe Sconce Ful gi detsled adventures Weare epcily reese in coraior at dono eae bat crests tf nao lous Chae cuts, When tht ae nloed hy sould bean pt pro ‘hes. Ab of goblins ith“ send all ond wl prove he eth teers dpe she ‘fan the sword Shot tren Se fil in he Waar Wo, Sane gists a Scerarion, i Li Following onthe tat he momen (Caress As mestond in ise 10 Not new ones, bt Heshed ou cures and background forthe cure ti ideas pst uso feedback But aso don't ogethat we're] er we eo a a happy foetal that deliberately ignore bs of eee ee ee ey backeround or give anallemativeakeona topic=justsolong | min mn tn nt Sy ar‘ eo asthe writer understands what they have chosen to ignore! {> bimslf ashe srbled sun.“ he colicin,” he 18 igs That's it for now. See you next time. fa ete Heche mrt ato, Mo te Gt ae en een CO ENTS Winter 2000/2001 REPORTS FROM THE HEART OF CORRUPTION ae Giving the religions of the Old World some history and cootext ‘round them the frightening, inscrutable elder races eartied out their unknown plans.” The latest news from Hogshead and a round-op SYGRY 1 a S The Correspondent ‘A Took at the role of advestorers i the WFRP ¥ i ¢ seeking to adventure, and not role-play pig 7 Ting or ea beding” rH aft hat Graeme Davis, joined by Phil Gallagher. shares his insights into the creation of Wathammer sod the jokes within. Part Two of Two “| thought there was also a Pissdorf, but it looks like cooter counsels prevailed there.” roe 31 A fresh look at rangers some new skills to - : lp them sure to he wild ca oF the guy” i A Lover Lost 35 ‘A fost romsotic involves PCs in dark deeds io the heart of Nala iv our latest sceoario, “Comman folk look on outsiders as ‘ran opportunity to jack the price of goods and serviees up.a notch.” a aes Tinds our bero uacoverig « plot ‘quickly turning to frost nnd Ulric had mbered it was time to rule aver his kingdom, He had shaken the sleep from his eyes to descend upon the lands of Men.” PU Te ar aces I The Forum cys ‘An cxamization of the Colt. its ais and a ‘The Hstest leers sue 1's The Warriors organisation. “The Empire simply cannot be played without an understanding ofthis eu.” Grimoire proved to be + talking point “This is munchkinism a its worst, and the justification for these needed tricks is laughable. " Tnkerot Ae a Fala Toro Teaeangay Bow tons Tugs jer Grace Wounds Sst WS _ Nesp Sil romney pace th ee. ade al Pbshing Lal (2 ols Re, Loco, SWS OD. UR). Alri i coihto the apse ora