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The paper will require some research and critical reflection on what has been
covered in the lectures and tutorials
The term paper will be on a topic of interest to the student, but requires the approval of the tutor.
You may choose a topic from current issues in the news, or select one from the chapters in the
text or from the course outline.

The term paper will provide a critical analysis of issues in business ethics. This will require
further readings with an examination of the views of other writers on the selected topic.
The following guideline should assist:
1. Introduction: discuss relevance of business ethics.
2. Identify and explain the problem in detail.

Draw information from at least three

3. Discuss the ethical concerns related to the topic/issue
4. Evaluate/discuss the issue using at least two ethical perspectives; utilitarian, moral rights
justice virtue, ethics of care
5. Describe the relevance and impact of the issue on the business firm, society and
employees. Particular reference should be made to the Jamaican context
6. Make recommendations as to how the issue can be managed
7. Conclusion

Format: The paper is in the form of an essay and should be 12 -15 pages, double-spaced, with:
cover page, table of contents, and references.
Headings can be used but the essay should flow with good transitional sentences to guide the
Group Size: 7-8 persons per group.

Business Ethics are the guidelines a company uses when interacting with entities inside and
outside the company. It is a conscious effort to treat people and companies with respect and
establish a positive working environment, (Anderson, 2013).
Good Business Ethics can help create strong business relationships that result in lower product
cost, repeat business from customers and sources of financing for company growth. The ethical
treatment of employees is also a key element in retaining employees and reducing the effects of
Ethical Problems in organizations such as sexual harassment can have impeding effects on an
organization that tries to incorporate good business ethics principles. Sexual Harassment can have
demoralizing effect on everyone within range of it. Organizations have a legal and moral
obligation to keep the workplace free of sexual harassment and its accompanying employee fear
and intimidation.
The effect of sexual harassment on the organization can be immense. The culture and employees
of an organization can be hurt by sexual harassment. Failure to adopt a proactive and aggressive
stance can be costly to a business. The occurrence of sexual harassment in the workplace is a
violation of employment laws. A company that violates employment laws and standards can find
itself facing fines, lawsuits and injunctions that can cause work to stop.
Negative Publicity can also stem from sexual harassment. The reputation and public image of a
firm can be severely hampered by sexual harassment. Customers and clients might decide to take
their business elsewhere while investors might even reconsider investing in the business.

There can even be a high case of absenteeism and turnover in the workplace this may result in
lack of motivation to do work since the individual is facing numerous psychological issues which
may result in reduced productivity. Productivity can also be lost in time spent worrying about
harassing behavior, avoiding a harasser and discussing problems with other coworkers.
The key to preventing sexual harassment is for employers and management to make it clear to
every employee and workplace participant that sexual harassment is unacceptable in the
workplace. Employers should ensure that they have in place a clear sexual harassment policy
which is communicated and understood by all employees.
A good complaint procedure should also be in place so reorts can be made.
Provide regular training and information on sexual harassment to all staff
Encourage appropriate conduct by managers.
Create a positive workplace environment.