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> show route

> show route table inet.0
> show route table inet.1
> show route table inet.2
> show route table inet.3
> show route table inet.4
> show route table inet.6
> show route table mpls.0
> show route hidden
> show route protocol direct
> show route forwarding-table
> show route protocol aggregate detail
> show route protocol static
> show rip neighbor
> show route protocol rip
> show route advertising-protocol rip x.x.x.x
> show route receive-protocol rip x.x.x.x
> show rip statistics
> show route protocol ospf
> show ospf route
> show ospf interface
> show ospf neighbor
> show ospf database
> show ospf log
> show ospf statistics
> clear ospf database
> clear ospf database purge
# top
# show | compare
> show version brief
> traceroute x.x.x.x
> file list ?
> help topic
> help reference statement-name
> show arp
> show policer
> show igmp interface
> show pim interfaces
> show pim rps
> show pim bootstrap
> show pim neighbors
> show pim join extensive
> show pim source
> show multicast rpf
> show multicast route
> show multicast usage

All routes in Routing Table

IPv4 unicast routes in Routing Table
IPv4 Multicast routes in Routing Table
IPv4 UC routes used by MC routing protocols to prevent routing loops
Egress ip address of MPLS LSP
Routes learned via MSDP
IPv6 unicast routes
MPLS switching table
Hidden routes because of Routing Policy
Directly connected routes
Forwarding table routes
Aggreegated routes
Static Routes
Static Routes in Routing Table
Display information about RIP neighbors
RIP routes in Routing table
Forwarding table RIP routes advertised to neighbor x.x.x.x
Forwarding table RIP routes received from neighbor x.x.x.x
Verifying the exchange of RIP Messages
OSPF routes in Routing Table
OSPF routes in Forwarding table
OSPF running on particular interface
OSPF neighbors
OSPF DB containing data about LSA packets
entries in OSPF log of SPF calculations
Display ospf statistics
Delete the entries in the OSPF LSA DB
Delete OSPF LSA DB by setting all LSA adv to MAXAGE and flood
takes you to top of config hierarchy
takes one hierarchy up in config
compare candidate config to active config
Display Junos version
traceroute ip x.x.x.x
list of files on local router or switch
detailed usage guideline about topic
Summary usage guideline about topic
Display Address Resolution Protocol
number of policed packets for given policer
IGMP enabled interfaces
PIM enabled interfaces
display info about PIM Rendozvous points (RPS's)
Display PIM bootstrap routers for sparse mode only
Display PIM neighbors
display PIM groups for all PIM routers
display info about PIM source RPF state
display info about MC RPF calculations
Multicast forwarding table, same as sh route table inet.1
10 most active DVMRP or PIM groups

> show bgp summary

> show bgp neighbor x.x.x.x
> show route protocol bgp
> show bgp group
> show route advertising-protocol bgp x.x.x.x
> show route receive-protocol bgp x.x.x.x
> show route table bgp.l2vpn.0
> show route table bgp.l3vpn.0
> show mpls interface
> show rsvp interface
> show mpls lsp
> show rsvp neighbor
> show rsvp version
> show isis adjacency
> show isis route
> show isis hostname
> show isis interface
> show isis database
> clear isis adjacency
> show isis statistics
> clear isis statistics
> show isis spf log
> show isis authentication
> show isis overview
> show firewall log
> show firewall
> show interfaces filters
> show interfaces policers
> show interfaces terse
> show interfaces extensive
> show interfaces terse | match inet
> monitor traffic interface ge-0/0/0
> monitor interface ge-0/0/0
> test interface t3-1/2/0 t3-bert-start
> test interface t3-1/2/0 te-bert-stop
> show interfaces filters
> show interfaces policers
> show system storage
> show system services
> show system alarms
> show chassis hardware
> show chassis environment
> show chassis temperature-thresholds
> show system boot-messages
> show chassis fpc pic-status

display bgp summary information
Display information about BGP Peers
BGP routes in Routing Table.
Displays information about BGP groups
BGP forwarding table routes to neighbor x.x.x.x
BGP forwarding table routes received from neighbor x.x.x.x
L2VPN information
L3VPN information
MPLS enabled interfaces
RSVP enabled interfaces
MPLS LSP's for both configured and dynamic.
RSVP neighbors information
display rsvp version
Display isis neighbors
isis routes in routing table
display isis hostname database information
status info about isis enabled interfaces
displays entries in isis database
clears isis entries in database
isis traffic statistics
clear isis traffic statistics
display log of isis spf calculations
display information about isis authentication
display isis overview information
FW filters
log information about firewall filters
statistics about configured firewall filters
Display all filters on each interface
Display all policers on each interface
Display summary info about interfaces
Display extensive info about interfaces
IPv4 interfaces only same sh ip inter br in cisco
Display packets received and sent from Routing engine
Real time statistics for interface ge-0/0/0
Start BERT test on T3 interface
Stop BERT test on T3 interface
Display all filters on each interface
Display all policers on each interface
Storage information on chassis
show system services like dhcp, ssh, dns, telnet etc
Display active system alarms
All FPC, PIC's on chassis including HW version and Serial number
Environmental info about fans, power supply and RE including temp
Chassis temperature threshold settings
initial msgs generated by system during system kernal startup
Status info about installed FPC and PIC's