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Public transportation is the perfect solution of traffic jam In Bangladesh


Think of a day when someone close to your heart needs immediate medical
assistance. Your ambulance stucked in traffic jam. But who is there solve the
situation? Two hours passed, you reached the hospital, But Alas! Its already too
late. This is a common scenario in Bangladesh. Everyday many peoples life are
falling under danger just because of traffic jam.
Everyone among us is somehow being affected by traffic jam. To have a better
understanding of the fact , lets have an example, a person who leaves home two
hours before the office time, not because it is too far but because of traffic jam.
Everyday he loses nearly 1.30 hour in the traffic jam. If calculate this properly you
will find he is losing almost 20 days every year! I know this is shocking. No one
would wish to kill 20 days a year. Have you ever thought how much time you are
losing just because of traffic jam? So we need to put an end to this using the best
solution we have.
The reason of traffic jam & solution
In Dhaka city, 70% of the road space is occupied by private cars, said by Anumita
Roychowdhury executive director of Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). This
is not only causing traffic jams but also creating other problems like pollution. In a
car generally one to three persons travel but it is having most of the share of the
road space.
Citing the findings of Buet, Anumita also said walking makes 62 percent share of
the daily total trips in the city, rickshaws 13 percent, buses 10 percent, threewheelers six percent and cars only four percent. We are having problem just
because of this 4 percent of people. They are killing their own and everyone elses
time. One thing can be said for sure, Only for 4% people we 96% people are
suffering. This should not be continued. This is where public transportation should
take place.
The worst situation is when, School hour ends, in Dhaka we see thousands of cars
each one is just for a kid. Here we can introduce school bus which can transport 30
to 50 students depending on the size of the bus. Number of buses and should be
increased without thinking. Government should put restriction on the private cars.
Public awareness is needed to be raised. Traveling in buses or trains has no
connection with ones image. But it can help the country and every living person in
a great way. Increasing the present share of trips by buses to 60 percent is vital to
address traffic congestion and air pollution in Dhaka, she said.

Why public transportation is the better solution

Some people might say, there are other solutions. They basically would vote for
increasing road space, constracting more flyovers, Introducing metro train service
etc. All are reasonable calls.
Several steps have been undertaken to reduce traffic congestion in Dhaka city, such
as imposing restriction on the entrance of trucks in Dhaka during daytime, banning
of cycle rickshaws in different roads, changing the time table of the trains, changing
the lanes of public transport, construction of foot over bridges rather than zebra
crossings, construction of flyovers, and so on.
Now a question arised in my mind, Do you think all these has impacted greatly? If
you ask me I dont realize much of a difference. Still I lose nearly 30 minutes time in
jam. Why we are not getting success?
The answer is quite simple, Everyday the use of private transportation is increasing.
Doesnt matter How many km of roads is increased or how many flyovers are being
introduced. If we fail to discourage people to use private transportation and
introduce public transportation this problem will remain a problem.
Adopt public transportation a save time save the country:
We cant let people die just because of traffic jam. Cant let people lose their
valuable time because of traffic jam. Killing time of general people means killing
time of the country. Trucks containing goods remains stucked for hours, Containers
fail to reach the port in time. Production of industries remains stopped. Traffic jam,
doesnt matter if we are realizing or not is affecting the whole economy.
The proposal of highly relying on public transportation might not be liked by some
people. But we should look at the bigger picture. Just because of some peoples
luxury we can the put the whole country down. We should adopt public
transportation as our main transportation system.