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Health and Safety and Risk Assessment

The director of our production and our group must

ensure that all of the people with him/her that are working on
the project are not exposed to any kind of risks that could
potentially put their own health and safety in danger. All of
the equipment that is going to be used whilst filming must be
set in a safe place and also must be set in a stable manner so
it doesnt fall on anybody or fall in general.
Whenever any scene of the production is being shot, you MUST
check for any potential risks in the environment/area in which
the project is being filmed in. The director must also ensure
that this risk does not occur (by performing certain
precautions). For example, in our film, when the schoolgirl is
being attacked, since it will be in a POV (point of view)
shot, we must ensure that the camera is not actually hit in
the process of acting it out

Health and Safety

Taking the filming
equipment to the

Taking the filming

equipment to the

Using the computer

for a long period
of time when
editing the clips
Running around the
corridor corner (in

Marcus Stamp

Lifting all of the
heavy equipment.
(Muscle pulls/
You could get
mugged/robbed by
strangers since the
equipment being
carried is
expensive and can
be sold for a-lot
of money
Looking at a
computer screen for
a long period of
time can cause eyestrain/migraines
The actor could
trip over and fall

Picking up the
heavy equipment
correctly (for
example, bending
knees) or using
Take the safe route
to the location and
dont film in any
dodgy areas. (Or
just use
transportation if
possible, For
example Car)
Take regular breaks
from the computer,
giving your eyes
time to rest and
Ensure that the
path that the actor

on of the clips of
our production.

on the floor and

get hurt

is walking down is
clear of clutter.



Marcus Stamp
Ben Bateman
Fatima Batool
Aron Maher
Jonathan Gardener
Aaron Kingham
Ben Bateman


Production Title

Vortex Productions


21st February 2015

Film Production Footage
Oaks Park High School
Director, Actors, Camera-man, Editor

Risk Assessment

Potential Hazard

Tripping/Falling over
when running around
the school corridor
(in one of the scenes
of our production)

Bumping/Running into
someone as the actor
is running around the

Marcus Stamp

Rating Risk (0 =
Low, 5 = High)

How Can Risk Be

Managed and Who Is
When the actor is
running around the
corner of one of the
school corridors, he
may fall over and
severely hurt himself,
which could affect our
production. Therefore,
to prevent this, we
must ensure that the
floor/area is clear of
clutter or debris.
The actor could run
around the corner and
bang into someone,
which could injure our
actor as well as an

corridor corner

Innocent and clueless

pedestrians seeing a
prop-gun (that looks
realistic) being used
at the location of
the production

innocent bystander,
therefore the area must
be clear before filming
this scene.

Using the lift and

continuously pressing
the buttons may cause
it to malfunction
which could result in
becoming stuck inside
the lift

In the fist-fighting
scene, a fake punch
could be thrown that
might actually make
hard contact with our
actor, which could
injure him

Marcus Stamp

These pedestrians may

jump to conclusion and
the police may be
called, therefore, the
group should warn nearby citizens that the
gun is fake and that
filming is in progress
for a project
Since we will be
filming our sequence
after school hours,
there wont be many
people on the school
site, therefore we must
warn our teacher and
caretaker that we are
using the lift.
To avoid this, punches
will be made in a slow
motion for it to be
edited and sound
effects used to enhance
the effect and make it
seem realistic,
avoiding all potential