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Basically, the new logo has borrowed the 'U' symbol (loaded with 25 different vitality
icons) from the Unilever basket and gelled it with the 'Hindustan Unilever Ltd' brand
identity (see image).


was a popular soap brand sold, to a large degree, in India, and Asia,
as well as a few placesin Europe. The soap is currently
manufactured by Hindustan Lever Limited in India. Most of their ads
are woman bathing in rains or under a waterfall. The ad with its
famous jingle la-i-ra-li-ra ran for 25 years since 1975 and singlehandedly catapulted Liril to one of the top-sellingsoaps with a 14 per
cent market share.The first model for Liril, Karen Lunel made sure
that Liril caught the nations imagination withher bathing in the
Kodaikanal Waterfalls with Liril. The waterfall, the bikini and the
jinglecontinued, though Karen Lunel, who had by then become an
icon for the brand, was replaced byan assortment of stars such as
Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone. But the new ads were seen tobe
merely an echo of the original film. So the 'Liril girls finally bowed
out in July the year 2009as the freshness soaps market share
plummeted to just 1.3 per cent.Since rebranding was the desperate
need of the hour to revive the old magic, Liril became Liril2000 and
Hindustan Unilever (HUL) launched a new campaign that stresses
family intimacy andspeaks about 2000 sensitive points in the
human body that the soap refreshes and rejuvenates.An HUL
spokesperson says the emotional space being addressed by the
Liril of the seventieswas no longer relevant to the Liril consumers
(urban women in the higher socio-economic class)of today.The soap
now has a different packaging the earlier tight-wrapped cover has
been replaced by abox-type packing and the light green colour has
given way to a darker shade and gloss finish. Adgurus say it was
high time that Liril did something different to survive. The waterfall
and thebikini served their purpose at a time when womens
liberation was taking wings. The Liril girlshad then broken new
grounds in the sense that they took bathing out of the bathroom and
turnedit into a fantasy. But that became irrelevant in todays
Facebook and FTV era.In the interim, HUL tried its luck by launching
a few variants like Liril Orange, Icy mint, etc,which didnt quite pick
up.The company also briefly moved the account to McCann in 2007.
Itcame back to Lowe Lintas early this year. Lowe offered the
relaunch cure.The advertising has thus gone off from celebrating
individualistic pleasure to familyintimacy. But Joseph George,
executive director, Lowe Lintas denies any brand confusion: If
the new proposition is relevant and compelling, people will accept it.
Having said that, it is truethat freshness is still at the core of the
new proposition, George says. The agency says thetarget audience
remains same. Liril was never targeted at the youth; it was a brand
that had ayouthful imagery. In order to broadbase our appeal, we
are now talking to the entire family.However, we have retained the
youthful imagery of the brand and have broadbased the appeal
tothe entire family.The rebranding is being seen to address the loss
of market share. With time, the choicesavailable to customers have
increased. Liril had started losing market share, whereas other

soapslike Lux and Lifebuoy have increased/maintained their shares

consistently. HUL has taken theLiril girls out of its brand image in
order to improve the worsening scenario.Besides refreshingthe
brand, the repositioning makes sense from the portfolio
management perspective, too. WithDove at the super-premium end,
Lifebuoy at mass-plus and Lux at mass price points, it isobviously a
conscious decision to reposition Liril to target the premium soaps
segment.However, experts like Bijoor think Liril has now taken the
safe route of building an intimatebond within marriages. But the
new strategy of positioning the brand as being clean, fresh
andintimate with the family can also be perceived by the market as
boring routine.

February 25, 2014:

Liril! The first image this word brings to the minds of Indians today is the Liril girl
dancing under the waterfall. From Karen Lunel to Preity Zinta, the Liril girl was a perky
delight to the Indian audience. By expressing a girls desire to break free, the
advertisements were an instant hit. This bold communication helped build Liril as one of
Indias most powerful brands.
Instead of leveraging on this strong mental association, the company decided to craft a
new image by developing Liril2000. Its ads aimed at men with the assurance of soft and
healthy skin. This was their biggest mistake. The ads werent creative and were not able to
reach the target audience or influence their purchase decisions. The ads also created a
confusion as earlier it had built a strong image of freshness, targeting women consumers.
As a result, the brand suffered the curse of Out of sight, out of mind.
Even today, as the customers have that same old brand image, HUL should withdraw
Liril2000 from the market and bring back the original Liril. The inability of the new ads
to convey the differentiation can actually serve as a blessing in disguise in this respect.
They should primarily target women in both urban and rural areas. This will benefit them
in two ways. First, it will re-establish its earlier positioning and second, women being the
purchasers for most families, other members of the family might start using this soap.
They should launch a new Liril girl ad and sign an upcoming actress who has the
perkiness as their brand ambassador.
The new Liril should also target women who do not wish to restrain themselves. It should
focus on women who wish to live life their own way. They should run a Im a Liril Girl
campaign aimed at women empowerment. It will celebrate and appreciate the girls who
have managed to break free.
Girls will be asked to share their break-free stories with Lirils social media accounts,
which will serve as an inspiration to the other girls.
In terms of Product Development, they can capitalise on the hitherto unexplored market
of small bottled liquid soap for travellers by coming up with a small plastic case of liquid
Liril gel. They should also conduct market research and come up with better fragrances
and packaging.

They should sponsor national women sports teams, etc. They can even sponsor adventure
activities like sky-diving for women. They should do some CSR activities such as P&G
(Shiksha), Garnier Men India (PowerLight a village) as this helps the brands image and
instils trust in the customers.
They can employ crowd-sourcing techniques to have a better involvement with their
target customers. They can learn from examples of Maybelline Kiss song, Dove Selfies
ad in this regard. For example, they can ask their customers to instagram their Liril
Freshness Moment Of The Day and can create a print ad out of them

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