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TEMS Discovery Device 10.0.

Release Note

NT14-30479, 0.1, 12/22/2014


About This Release

Supported Measurement Formats

Supported Operating Systems

Selected New Features

Corrected Bugs (Selected)

Known Bugs and Limitations

Contact Information

NT14-30479, 0.1,12/22/2014

About This Release

Release date: December22nd 2014

Supported Measurement Formats

TEMS Investigation versions 7.0 up to 16.3

TEMS Automatic versions 5.0 up to 10.2

TEMS Pocket versions 6.0 up to 14.3.1

TEMS Symphony Suite up to version 7.5.2

TEMS Monitor Master tracefiles up to version 10.1

WCDMA UETR trace support up to Ericsson W14A

LTE UETR trace support up to Ericsson L14A

NEMO up to version 5.2 (file format version 2.14)

JSDU E6474A 16.1

PCTelscanner up to version 3.0.0

CDMA 1x/1xEV-DO Qualcomm trace files up to version N

WCDMA/HSPA Qualcomm trace files up to version G

LTE Qualcomm trace files up to version K

ZK CellTest (file format version 6.27 for GSM and WCDMA)

Rohde&Schwarz ROMES GSM/WCDMA up to file format version 4.72

Huawei GENEX GSM text import

Generic Anritsu scanner text import

CALi FTP and HTTP LTE/WCDMA text import

Supported Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Supported Virtual Machines




NT14-30479, 0.1, 12/22/2014

NT14-30479, 0.1,12/22/2014

Important Upgrade Information

TEMS Discovery Device and TEMS Discovery Enterprise Device Module
version 10.0.4 and later contain updated IEs and Events names that aligns
with Ascom data collection probes.
Due to this alignment, customized script and reports based on the
TEMS_Collector_Events and TEMS_Service_KPI may need to be updated.
This change may in addition requires TEMS Discovery Enterprise and TEMS
Discovery Device users to re-import log files to ensure data integrity.
Please verify your scripts and reports prior to upgrading to version
10.0.4 and later.
The scripts and reports that come with TEMS Discovery Device and and
TEMS Discovery Enterprise Device Module version 10.0.4 and later are
already modified to accommodate for this changes.

Selected New Features

M2M file merging updated to support cross technology calls and one to many files
matching scenario

Support for Anritsu scanner log files (regular and short format) added

Support for CALi FTP and HTTP LTE/WCDMA log files added

Support for fragmented IPv6 data added

Support for RIP and LLMRN IP protocols added

VoLTE Engineering package updated

NT14-30479, 0.1,12/22/2014

Corrected Bugs (Selected)


SR000173364: UDR data filtering issues

SR000176952: ADP move imported logfiles to wrong folder

SR000178818: Projects not visible in Log File Storage Browser if Use global
UDR specified project/dataset enabled in the ADP settings

SR000183367: [AMR Codec Rate Usage DL] metric output corrupted

SR000185110: Sector cannot be selected as a dimension in Multi-dimension

statistic view

SR000185223: Spider Move feature pointing to incorrect cell

SR000186372: Selected SIP INVITE messages not decoded

SR000186541: WCDMA Spectrum Analyzer scan data missing

SR000186736: LTE Serving Cell Identities - DL Bandwidth format incorrect

SR000190107: Incorrect 'FTP Download Throughput Mean (kbps)' values


'Ranked Cell Type' reporting inconsistencies

Missing FTP DL/UL IP Service Setup Time KPIs

Duplicate Ping Error events

NT14-30479, 0.1, 12/22/2014

Known Bugs and Limitations

TEMS Pocket log files not including IP trace data will generate false
Service setup failure event.

Qualcomm LTE traces stored in QMD log files may not contain data for all
LTE subframes so the throughput values calculated may not be correctly.
It is strongly recommended to direct use LTE Throughput from Data
Collectors for QMD log files

SR 68616: Report cannot be generated completely if the template was last

saved in Report Template Builder:
The third-party component used by TEMS Discovery Device is not fully
compatible with *.xlsx files. Therefore, it is recommended that the user save a
report template with MS Excel.

Attempt of resizing TEMS Discovery Device window during the import of GIS
data may cause the application to pause the GIS data import.

RAN Tuning Reports may show blank fields if the IEs defined in the reports are
not available from data sources.

If YouTube testing is performed using HTTPS the some data is encrypted and
all KPIs can not be calculated

False Call Blocked eventwith type Unknown reported at times

False Call End event instead of Call Dropped event is reported at times when
radio bearer is lost

TEMS Pocket 14.0 and 14.1 logfiles including time based HTTP and FTP
service testing will not generate KPI events. File based HTTP and FTP service
testing are not impacted of this limitation

Contact Information

For customer support contact information, please visit our website:

NT14-30479, 0.1,12/22/2014