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Warrant Number: () ('t ~52.


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CC~; 814:02889

2Jl~NOV 25 AH\\: 18
Probable Cause Affidavit and Complaint

For Arrest Warrant

Charge: Prohibited Substance in a Correctional Facility

Classification: Felony-3 Statute: 38.11 Penal Code

In the name and by the authority of the State of Texas:
I, David Biggar, do solemnly swear that I have good reason to believe and do believe that.

Jessie Lynn Hull on or about the 201l-day of , November 2014, and before the making and
filing of this complaint, in aowie County, Texas did then and-there: intentionally or knowingly
provide to a person" Who was then and there an inmate of Bowie County"Correctional Center,
a correctional facility, a controlled substance. namely, methamphetamine, and the defendant
did not provide aeid~lled substance on the prescription of a physician.
Against the peace and dignity of the State
Affiant's belia.f 1$ based upon the following:
On 11-20-14 Lasalle Correettons Captain Brian Jones came In to the Sheriffs E>epartment
to report a
of''Prohibited Substance in a Correctional Facility. CaptaiR Jon~advised
that an inmdte bad come to 'him 'Sfld advised that he could trade comm~-ll inmate
Jessie Hull fOr methamphetamine. Capt. Jones advised the inmateAnfomiant to CJet the
commissary ana-mat<e the trade. The infonnant obtained three bags of popcom ~md went to
N-Pod Zone Two and made an exchange through the food slot. Jessie Hull ~he popcorn
and then retrieved a small green zip lock baggie and gave it to the informant. The infonnant
then gave the baggie to CaptaJn JOnes. Captain Jones inspected the baggie and found it to
contain a small amount of a white aystaUirfEi~aub&tance believed to be me~mphetamine.
Captain Jones then brought the substance lo the Sheriffs office where I ted it with a NIK
test kit. The kit showed a positive reactioo for the J)f86ence of methamphetamine. Captain
Jones reported this incident to Lt. Childers who placed the baggie, two bags of popcom, and
a DVO from jail footage of the transaction into property as ev~nce. The two bags of popcom
were recovered from Jessie Hulr after the transaction Wa&' conducted . The third bag of
popcorn had already been consumed and the'tiltQ discarded.


I received this case for follow-up investigation on 11-24-14. I retrieved, viewed, and copied
the DVD of this transaction. The video shows the informant making initial contact with Jessie
Hull at the food slot/window at 16:27:45. At 16:28:07 the informant hands Hull three bags of
popcorn. Hull then walks out of the camera's view and then returns to the window where he
hands the informant something at 16:28:28. The item that Hull handed to the informant
cannot be seen on the video.

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