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The website traffic strategies of top Internet

marketers are revealed in this article

Please take some time and read this article

carefully. It could be the matter of success or
failure for you as an Internet marketer in 2015.

Take away all your old complicated, obsolete

website traffic strategies and throw them out of
the window
The CLIENT method Im about to reveal in this
article answers all your questions about getting
traffic to your website

You can put this method into practice in 24

hours, If you so desires

Before you get into CLIENT method you must

know one important thing

Do you know the secrets of top internet


They keep themselves up to date and change

their content creation and marketing strategies

Are you up-to-date or out dated?

Realize this simple fact!

Outdated marketers extinct up to date
marketers survives
It is plain and simple

What makes the 1% Internet marketers


They focus on only 2 things

Quality content creation and influencer

They create win-win opportunities each other

and expand their reach to targeted customers.

Their articles get lot of social engagement and

as a result they get lots of shares and likes
This is what we call as influencer marketing

Quality content creation and influencer

marketing are the 2 secret weapons of top
internet marketers
Rest of 99% marketers ignores these 2 most
valuable aspects of internet marketing and focus
on all other valueless things

You treat them as Goliaths and shudder to fight


In the absence of no battle, they occupy the

Google search rankings comfortably that drive
huge traffic to their websites.


What separates winners from losers?

The winners keep an eye on the trends of

internet marketing and tune their content
creation strategies accordingly
The losers fail to see emerging trends and do
not change their content creation strategies.


This is the reason success is eluding majority

internet marketers

Is it not wise to wake up to know how the

Internet marketing is evolving?
Let us dive into this


Evolution of Internet marketing:

Source: digitalstrategyconsulting.com


Population using the internet is growing. World

Internet population is doubled in the last 5
years. So it is a great opportunity for you
Content on Internet is growing. Content is
tripled between 2010 and 2013. So you have a
tough competition.


Customer is bombarded with infinite content

choices and naturally the attention span of
customer is reducing
Our average attention span is now 8 Seconds
onlyGetting customer attention is the hardest
thing in internet today


So it is a tough time for marketers focusing only

selling products

According to a study done by Nielsen, 53% of all

the consumers not trusting TV advertisements


92% of customers trusting the

recommendations from people they know only

So It is hey day for bloggers who are focusing on

quality content creation


How majority internet marketers reacting to

this change?

Majority Internet marketers are baffled as to

how to get the attention of the prospect
The content what they create doesnt appeal to
their prospects


How top bloggers capitalizing this change?

They create what I call wizard content

What is wizard content.? I get into details
little latter


With the wizard content they create ripples in

the internet web influences customers and
other bloggers
It gets enough traction followed by huge viral
traffic and social shares


Bottom line: change of content creation strategy

is prerequisite before you can taste the true
internet success
Let me prove what I am telling here


See how Google is catching up with this trend


Google is coming up with series of algorithms.

Panda made it clear.

Only relevant and rich content matters

In a way, it is telling that mediocre content will

be ignored
What is Hummingbird algorithm change?

The content that answers the needs of your

customers only matters
With Penguin, Google almost killed SEO

Back links are dead

What all these series of Google algorithms


The content that influences the customers and

their engagement gets rewarded

If you still keep on focusing the age-old, artificial

methods of getting back links Optimizing the
content for search engines you will be


How social media is catching up with this trend


Social media facilitating social influencers and

their communities

Examples are Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups

and G+ communities


Convergence of SEO, Content and Social


Content created for robots doesnt work

Content created for customers gets SEO traffic

and social TRAFFIC
This is what the successful bloggers fully


Here is a quote the supports my view point

We used to be magicians; we used to be tech-savvy
entrepreneurs that challenged the might of Googles algorithm,
and for a long time we were winning. Fast forward 2-3 years and
were still tech-savvy marketers, but Googles crushed us. Our
secrets and techniques no longer work and creative agencies,
writers, and PR specialists look down on us as the hacks of the
marketing world. searchenginejournal.com


Social Influencers are leading edge of internet


Wizard content is a weapon in their hands

So the only key to IM success is creating wizard


Now the question is how to create wizard

content and become influencer in your niche.

The answer is the CLIENT method that I have

referred in the beginning


Before I introduce the CLIENT method let me tell

you how I discovered this method.

One day when I am feeling sleepy an insight

comes to my mind.
It is better to show you a diagram for easy


See the following two circles


Can you see the difference?

In the first circle, there are five players in the game

of Internet marketing.
In the second Circle, there are only three players.
The only difference is SEOs & SMOs are absent in
the second circle
This is what I have discovered

Let me explain it

Prior to panda and Penguin SEOs and SMOs help

marketers and bloggers getting ranking and
How they help is known to everyone


They teach how to cheat the Google In other

words, they teach how to create mammoth back
links using software and tools
In those days, winning the game of Internet is
possible only doing such dubious methods


Now that game is over

Now only three players are there

Today it is a fair game
In other words, bloggers compete with one
another providing the best content


Search engines and social media reward those

who can create the best content
This is what I have realized

This is the game I want to play when I first came

to Internet arena
Is it not the biggest opportunity for the genuine


So a major shift is required

Stop maintaining multiple niche sites

Start focusing on 1 or 2 niche sites
Give up the wrong notion SEO = Backlinks


Embrace the fact that SEO = Best content

So best content gets links and ranking naturally

Google provided level playing field to every
genuine blogger through its algorithms


Today the top Internet marketers realized this

change and enjoying the dividends through their
creative content strategies
Here is the proof:
Peep Laja Grow his blog to 100,000 visitors in
less than a year okdork.com


Viral Marketing Case Study: How a Brand New

Blog Generated 17,584 Visitors in One Day
How Gentoku Increased His Blog Traffic by
500,000% (And Got Over 10,000 Likes on
Facebook) hackthesystem.com


So it is the time to shift the strategy to keep

pace with the evolving internet marketing.

It is here my CLIENT method will help you

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