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Grammar: simple past, simple past endings, disagreeing and

correcting, simple past irregular verbs; Language Focus and
Vocabulary: clubs and activities, TV shows and movies;
Skills: ask about favourite things, talk about clubs and
activities, read and understand a web page, listen and
complete a table about people, talk about hobbies, read about
after school clubs, write about after school clubs, talk about
movies/events, talk about TV;
Grammar: simple past negative, questions, and short
answers, question words, comparisons; Language Focus and
Vocabulary: transportation, physical appearance; Skills: talk
about past actions, read a story and find mistakes, write
about your weekend, talk about transportation, talk about
holidays, listen and order pictures for a story, read about a
jungle trip, write about a trip, talk about opinions, describe
people; practice sound /i/.
Grammar: comparisons, be going to, have to; Language
Focus and Vocabulary: jobs around the house; Skills: learn
about Atlantis, read about animals from Atlantis, write about
an animal from Atlantis, talk about future plans, listen to a
play and choose answers, read a letter and choose the correct
picture, talk about your perfect holiday; practice sound //;
The First Written Task.

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Grammar: should/shouldnt, adverbs of manner; Language

Focus and Vocabulary: school subjects; Skills: write a letter
from a camp, talk about school subjects, talk about rules, say
how you do things, read about a drama school, listen to a
dialogue about borrowing things, ask if you can borrow
something, write about things you should and shouldnt do at
home; practise saying a chant.

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Revision; Grammar: time prepositions; Language Focus and

Vocabulary: sports; Skills: make suggestions, talk about sports.


Grammar: present continuous for future, past continuous,

superlatives; Language Focus and Vocabulary: aches and pains;
Skills: talk about future plans, read about what people do at the
weekend, talk about what you do at the weekend, listen and
complete diaries about peoples plans, write about your weekend,
say what someone was doing, talk about sickness, read about
Amazonia and answer questions, listen and complete an animal
quiz, read a letter and answer questions, write a letter to a student
who is ill, give reasons; practise sound /t/.
Grammar: past continuous vs. simple past, one/ones, quantity a
lot of, much, many; Language Focus and Vocabulary: emotions,
directions and places; Skills: talk about emotions, read a story
and match sentences, listen to a story and order pictures, tell and
listen to a story, write an ending to a story, use large numbers,
ask for and give directions, listen and read directions; preparation
for the second written task.
Grammar: articles, should/shouldnt, conjunctions: and/so/but/
because, will/wont, might/might (not); Language Focus and
Vocabulary: directions and places, weather; Skills: give advice,
identify buildings, write an email with directions, make excuses,
talk about the weather, read about different places and match to
the correct photo, listen and draw weather symbols on a map,
talk about the weather.
Grammar: past simple (positive, negative, questions and short
answers); Language Focus and Vocabulary: shops; Skills: talk
about your future, write about your future, suggestions and
preferences, do a quiz about your book, listen and check answers
to the quiz, write about your next holiday; practise sounds /i/, //.

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Revision, playing games; grading.


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