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Project report


Submitted as per the norms of GURU GOBIND

in partial fulfillment of the requests for award
of BBA-CAM degree.

Submitted on
“September 2006”


 To study the banking system in India.

 To compare the marketing strategies

of ICICI bank and HDFC bank.

 To study reasons for growing

popularity of ICICI bank and HDFC

The project deals with the Comparative

Analysis of marketing mix of two private sector
banks which are HDFC and ICICI bank. The
study includes introduction to banking sector,
studying the profile of two banks and then
comparing their marketing mix i.e. product,
price, place, promotion. This project acts as a
guide to people as it provides a very basic
knowledge to people about its popularity of two

As nothing in this world is perfect, so us the

project with great dedication and care and a lot
of discussion was also gone through while
making the projections. But then also, I do not
deny some shortcomings in the report. The
main reasons for these shortcomings are due
to the paucity of time, an exhaustive analysis
could not be done. Some required data were
not available which, if used could have
presented a better conclusion.

Banking sector outlook is more attractive than

ever before. The government in the budget has
given several soaps to banking sector. The
banks in the last few years had an unexpected
bounty of great magnitude in the form of
capital appreciation on government securities
and other debt securities. As interest rates
plummeted the value of these securities sky-
rocketed giving them significant hidden profits,
this could absorb NPA losses.

The retail revolution has just started for

banking sector. The next few years growth will
lead by the retail revolution as banks
aggressively grow assets in this area and signs
of it are around us.

HDFC Bank ICICI Bank has emerged as the

leading players in the banking industry with
sound asset quality, strong risk management
practices, innovative products and appreciable
service quality in place, they are showing very
sound prospects for future growth.

ICICI bank is the second largest bank in India after

State Bank Of India. HDFC bank is the biggest
competitor of ICICI bank. The faster growth helped
these banks attract capital at attractive rates,
especially HDFC bank. This fuelled growth. The
merger of ICICI with ICICI bank has already given
them the necessary size. HDFC bank may have
already become as large as corporation bank but still
ramping up operations is necessary to compete with
larger rivals such as the State Bank Of India and

Even their offices reflect their attitudes. ICICI Bank's

headquarters in suburban Mumbai is a huge,
imposing edifice in glass and granite. HDFC Bank's
office in central Mumbai is comparatively smaller and
more sedately furnished.

The two banks have carried forward their style

statement in their approach to business. ICICI Bank
thinks big, is all for growth and hungry for market
share. HDFC Bank is more conservative and cautious,
grows at a measured pace, without taking any undue

HDFC Bank ventured into retail lending in 1998, a

year before ICICI Bank. But in products like credit
cards, it was slow to get off the mark. For instance,
its credit cards were launched only two years ago. By
then ICICI Bank had been present in the credit card
business for nearly three years. Says Sukthankar,
"We believe that a sales cycle is not completed till
the asset comes back to us. So we were not
aggressive in those products where we perceived the
risks were higher."
However, HDFC Bank was handicapped because it
could not sell home loans (because its parent HDFC
was in the business), though it has been originating
them in the past one-and-a-half years. For ICICI Bank,
home loans are 46 per cent of its retail assets.

Both players targeted the same customer -- the

upper-middle class. The marketing channels used by
both banks, including direct sales agents (DSAs),
were the same.

Yet, there was a difference. While ICICI settled for

nothing less than film star Amitabh Bachchan as an
ambassador, HDFC Bank chose to rely on the trusted
lineage of its housing finance parent, Housing
Development Finance Corporation (HDFC).

Banks are integral part of every economy. Banks

serves as a safe custody of money of the people of
the country. In India, banks have played a significant
role in economic development of the country.

In India, Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) is the central

bank, which regulates the working of all the other
banks. Both public and private sector banks should
be the member of RBI and must adhere to the rules
and regulations laid down.

In India, banks were dominant from Pre-

Independence period but banks have grown at a fast
pace from the beginning of First Five Year Plan
(1951-1956). In 1969, banks with the deposits of
Rs.50 crores and more were nationalized and in
1980, banks with the deposits of Rs. 200 crores or
more were nationalized.

Banks were nationalized with the objective of

fulfilling economic and social obligations, with the
objective of planned development , to assit the weak
sections and sections of population, to break the
monopolies of trade and
promotion of banking facilities to under-banked
areas. But public sector banks failed to fulfill the set
objectives. Instead, public banks failed to fulfill the
basic objectives and they resulted in inadequate
banking, indigenous bankers, increased overdue,
lack of banking habits, very small profits or no profits
at all and operational inefficiency. All these led
customers dissatisfied and motivated them towards
private banks.

Private banking is justified because it is free of

bureaucratic elements, which introduces rigidity in
decision-making. Also private banks so far have
accounted for good profits due to complete customer
satisfaction and personalized services. Private banks
are highly computerized and interlinked which makes
banking easy for general public. Among private
banks, the major players are ICICI bank, City Bank,
and HDFC bank.

Banking System in India

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is India’s central

bank. Though public sector banks currently dominate
the banking industry, numerous private and foreign
banks exist. India’s government-owned banks
dominate the market. Their performance has been
mixed, with a few being consistently profitable.
Several public sector banks are being restructured,
and in some the government either already has or
will reduce its ownership.

There has been a major shift in the mindset of the

Indian Investors and the Private players which
includes starting from small financial institutions
(both Indian and Foreign ) to big corporate players
who now take into consideration various new factors
before developing any kind of professional
relationship with them.

We have also seen that era when it was only the

banks that were as the ultimate place for the small
investors to pool their funds, but the scene today is
entirely different what was earlier. Consumer today
has a wide number of choices to go for.

If we go for the theory point of view banks are

commercial enterprises which deal in finances,
financial instruments and provide various financial
services for a price known as interest, discount,
commission, fee, etc.

According to the Indian Banking Regulation Act 1949,

banking means, “accepting deposits may be
repayable on demand or otherwise and may be
withdrawn by cheque, draft, order, or otherwise.

Banking in India has extensive banking network, in

both rural and urban areas. All large Indian banks are
nationalized, and all Indian financial institutions are
in the public sectors.
About ICICI Bank
ICICI Bank (formerly Industrial Credit and
Investment Corporation of India) is India's largest
private bank. ICICI Bank has total assets of about
Rs.20.05bn (end-Mar 2005), a network of over 550
branches and offices, and about 1900 ATMs. ICICI
Bank offers a wide range of banking products and
financial services to corporate and retail customers
through a variety of delivery channels and through
its specialised subsidiaries and affiliates in the areas
of investment banking, life and non-life insurance,
venture capital and asset management. ICICI Bank's
equity shares are listed in India on stock exchanges
at Kolkata and Vadodara, the Stock Exchange,
Mumbai and the National Stock Exchange of India
Limited and its ADRs are listed on the New York
Stock Exchange (NYSE). During the year 2005 ICICI
bank was involved as a defendant in cases of alleged
criminal practices in it's debt collection operations
and alleged fraudulent tactics to sell it's products.

ICICI Bank is arguably the most aggressive bank in

the country and can rightfully claim credit for the
spread of retail financing in the country. Formed by
the reverse merger of former ICICI with its banking
subsidiary, the bank has been highly focused on
expanding its retail portfolio which it believes would
be the major growth driver in future.

The bank had to overcome several legacy issues

after the merger with ICICI. The erstwhile financial
institution had stockpile of bad loans in its books, a
result of liberal financing to large industrial projects
like steel units in the '90s. To its credit, the bank has
successfully cleaned its balance sheet and net bad
loans as a percentage of advances have gone down

Besides the well established corporate banking

division, ICICI Bank has the largest market share
among all banks in retail or consumer financing. Its
growth rate in home loans exceeds more established
HDFC and its total home loan portfolio would go past
HDFC in a few years at current growth rates.

ICICI Bank is the largest issuer of credit cards in the

country. It was the first bank to offer a wide network
of ATM's and had the largest network of ATM's till
recently, before SBI caught up with it.

The bank is expanding rapidly in overseas markets. It

has operations in the UK, Hong Kong and Canada. It
acquired a small bank in Russia recently. It has tie-
ups with major banks in the US and China. The bank
is aggressively targeting the NRI (Non Residant
Indian) population for expanding its business. It
already offers money transfer facilities to India from
most major countries across the globe.

For the overseas markets, ICICI has a unique

strategy. The bank has successfully reduced
operating costs by doing all processing and back
office work in India. It maintains only a front office
customer interface in overseas locations. These cost
savings help the bank to offer higher rates on
The World Bank, the Government of India and
representatives of Indian industry form ICICI Limited
as a development finance institution to provide
medium-term and long-term project financing to
Indian businesses in 1955.
1994 ICICI establishes ICICI Bank as a subsidiary.
1999 ICICI becomes the first Indian company and the
first bank or financial institution from non-Japan Asia
to list on the NYSE.
2001 ICICI acquired Bank of Madura (est. 1943). Bank
of Madura was a Chettiar bank, and had acquired
Chettinad Mercantile Bank (est. 1933) and Illanji
Bank (established 1904) in the 1960s.
2002 The Boards of Directors of ICICI and ICICI Bank
approve the merger of ICICI, ICICI Personal Financial
Services Limited and ICICI Capital Services Limited,
with ICICI Bank. After receiving all necessary
regulatory approvals, ICICI integrates the group's
financing and banking operations, both wholesale
and retail, into a single.
International Expansion
2002 ICICI establishes representative offices in NY
and London.
2003 ICICI opens subsidiaries in Canada and the
United Kingdom (UK), and in the UK it establishes
alliance with Lloyds TSB. It also opens an Offshore
Banking Unit (OBU) in Singapore and representative
offices in Dubai and Shanghai.
2004 ICICI opens a rep office in Bangladesh to tap
the extensive trade between that country, India and
South Africa.
2005 ICICI acquires Investitsionno-Kreditny Bank
(IKB), a Russia bank with about US$4mn in assets,
headoffice lines.

About HDFC Bank

The Housing Development Finance Corporation
Limited (HDFC) was amongst the first to
receive an 'in principle' approval from the
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in
the private sector, as part of the RBI's
liberalisation of the Indian Banking Industry in
1994. The bank was incorporated in August
1994 in the name of 'HDFC Bank Limited', with
its registered office in Mumbai, India. HDFC
Bank commenced operations as a Scheduled
Commercial Bank in January 1995.

HDFC is India's premier housing finance

company and enjoys an impeccable track
record in India as well as in international
markets. Since its inception in 1977, the
Corporation has maintained a consistent and
healthy growth in its operations to remain the
market leader in mortgages. Its outstanding
loan portfolio covers well over a million
dwelling units. HDFC has developed significant
expertise in retail mortgage loans to different
market segments and also has a large
corporate client base for its housing related
credit facilities. With its experience in the
financial markets, a strong market reputation,
large shareholder base and unique consumer
franchise, HDFC was ideally positioned to
promote a bank in the Indian environment.
HDFC Bank is headquartered in Mumbai. The
Bank at present has an enviable network of
over 531 branches spread over 228 cities
across India. All branches are linked on an
online real-time basis. Customers in over 120
locations are also serviced through Telephone
Banking. The Bank's expansion plans take into
account the need to have a presence in all
major industrial and commercial centres where
its corporate customers are located as well as
the need to build a strong retail customer base
for both deposits and loan products. Being a
clearing/settlement bank to various leading
stock exchanges, the Bank has branches in the
centres where the NSE/BSE have a strong and
active member base.

The Bank also has a network of about over

1054 networked ATMs across these cities.
Moreover, HDFC Bank's ATM network can be
accessed by all domestic and international
Visa/MasterCard, Visa Electron/Maestro,
Plus/Cirrus and American Express
Credit/Charge cardholders.

HDFC Bank operates in a highly automated

environment in terms of information
technology and communication systems. All
the bank's branches have online connectivity,
which enables the bank to offer speedy funds
transfer facilities to its customers. Multi-branch
access is also provided to retail customers
through the branch network and Automated
Teller Machines (ATMs).

The Bank has made substantial efforts and

investments in acquiring the best technology
available internationally, to build the
infrastructure for a world class bank. In terms
of software, the Corporate Banking business is
supported by Flexcube, while the Retail
Banking business by Finware, both from i-flex
Solutions Ltd. The systems are open, scaleable
and web-enabled.
Icici bank
Personal banking
ICICI Bank offers wide variety of Deposit Products to
suit requirements.Coupled with convenience of
networked branches/ ATMs and facility of E-channels
like Internet and Mobile Banking, ICICI Bank brings
banking at doorstep.

Savings Account
ICICI Bank offers a power packed Savings Account
with a host of convenient features and banking
channels to transact through. So now one can bank
at their convenience, without the stress of waiting in

• Debit-cum-ATM card
• Money Multiplier Feature
• Internet Banking
• Phone Banking
• Anywhere Banking
• Standing instructions
• Nomination facility
• Doorstep service

Senior Citizen Services

ICICI understand that at the age to retire, one do
have certain concerns … whether hard earned
money is safe and secure … whether our
investments give the kind of returns that one need.
That's why ICICI have an ideal Banking Service for
those who are 60 years and above. The Senior
Citizen Services from ICICI Bank has several
advantages that are tailored to bring more
convenience and enjoyment in our life.
• Higher Interest Rates
• Special Demand Loans against deposit
• Free collection of outstation cheques drawn on
our locations
• Debit-cum-ATM card
• Money Multiplier Facility
• Internet Banking
• Phone Banking
• Anywhere Banking
• Standing instructions
• Nomination facility

Young Stars
It's really important to help children learn the value
of finances and money management at an early age.
Banking is a serious business, but we make banking
a pleasure and at the same time children learn how
to manage their personal finances.

Banking can be fun

Here, at Young Stars, cute companions will guide

child through the world of banking -through checking
the account balance, fun zones and special pages on
the internet. It makes banking a pleasure and of
course teaches our child to manage their personal
With the pocket money that we transfer to our child's
account, one can even shop with him / her at Young
Stars very own shopping page.
We can even open a recurring deposit in our child's
Once we are done with our 'banking', we can access
our child's account with all the fun links to special
zones designed to suit our child's area of interests
and also impart knowledge on the current events of
the world.

Fixed Deposits
Safety, Flexibility, Liquidity and Returns!!!! A
combination of unbeatable features of the Fixed
Deposit from ICICI Bank.

• Wide range of tenures

• Choice of investment plans
• Partial withdrawal permitted
• Safe custody of fixed deposit receipts
• Auto renewal possible
• Loan facility available

Easy Deposit
• Free Debit/ATM card
• No need to open a Savings account.
• Options of Easy Withdrawal and Easy Loan
• Wide range of tenures
• Auto renewal possible
• Loan facility available

Recurring Deposits
When expenses are high, we may not have adequate
funds to make big investments. But simply going
ahead without saving for the future is not an option
for us. Through ICICI Bank Recurring Deposit we can
invest small amounts of money every month that
ends up with a large saving on maturity. So enjoy
twin advantages- affordability and higher earnings.
• Encourages savings
• High interest rates of interest
• Loans against deposits available
• Non-applicability of Tax Deduction at Sour

ICICI Bank offers wide variety of Loans Products to
suit our requirements.Coupled with convenience of
networked branches/ ATMs and facility of E-channels
like Internet and Mobile Banking, ICICI Bank brings
banking at our doorstep.

Home Loans
The No. 1 Home Loans Provider in the country, ICICI
Bank Home Loans offers some unbeatable benefits to
its customers - Doorstep Service, Simplified
Documentation and Guidance throughout the
Process. It's really easy !

There has been a report in a section of the press

dated Aug 09, 2006 stating that ICICI Bank has
increased the rate of interest on home loans.

Salient Features

• Attractive interest rates

• Door-step service from enquiry stage till final
• Can transfer our existing high-interest rate loan
• Free personal accidental insurance

Personal loans
ICICI Bank Personal Loans are easy to get and
absolutely hassle free. With minimum documentation
we can now secure a loan for an amount upto Rs. 15

With an ICICI Bank Personal Loan one can get instant

money for a wide range of our personal needs like:

• Renovation of our Home

• Medical expenses or any other emergencies
Marriage in the family
• A holiday with our family
• Our child's education
• Buying a Laptop or a home theatre

Whatever be the reason, no longer need to hold

back., just an ICICI Bank Personal Loan and put all
our worries to rest.All we need is ONE of the following

• A Salary Slip
• Your Credit Card statement
• Repayment Track of an existing loan

Salient features:
• Loans available for both salaried & self
employed individual
• No Security, Collaterals or Guarantors required
• Easy repayment through flexible EMI options
ranging from 12 - 60 months.

Car Loans
The NO 1 financier for car loans in the country.
Network of more than 1500 channel partners in over
780 locations. Tie-ups with all leading automobile
manufacturers to ensure the best deals. Flexible
schemes & quick process.

• The # 1 financier for car loans in the country.

• Network of more than 1800 channel partners in
over 1000 locations.
• Tie-ups with all leading automobile
manufacturers to ensure the best deals
• Flexible schemes & quick processing.
The CAR OVERDRAFT product converts our Car into
CASH , Yes ! all need is to do a Hypothecate our Car
in favour of ICICI and they will give you:

• An Overdraft facility - An Overdraft limit / Cash

upto 90% of the assessed value of a vehicle.
• Interest Charged only on utilization - Interest is
charged only on the amount utilized and the time
period utilized for. In case of non- utilization of the
funds no interest will be charged.
• Flexible Repayment - No fixed Equated Monthly
Installments, every month pay only minimum 5%
of the total utilization of the overdraft facility.
• An HPCL Debit Card: which allows to transact at
any VISA Merchant outlets who have electronic
swipe machines. We can also use this card to
withdraw cash from any ICICI Bank ATM.
• A Roaming Current account - with the facilities of
Any Where Banking & NIL Minimum Balance
• Multicity Cheque Book - ICICI value our time and
money. Cheques will be treated as local cheques
at over 100 centres across India.
• Internet Banking : effect fund transfers , accesses
statements , pay bills etc….from the place of our
• Phone Banking : carry out basic banking operations
over the telephone.

Commercial Vehicle Loan

Range of services on existing loans & extended
products like funding of new vehicles, refinance on
used vehicles, balance transfer on high cost loans,
top up on existing loans, Xtend product, working
capital loans & other banking products.
• Reaches through more than 700 locations across
the country.
• Range of products under one umbrella.
• Funding of products include, trucks, buses,
tippers, light commercial vehicles, pick ups, 3
wheelers, etc.
• Range of services: funding of new vehicles,
refinance on used vehicles, balance transfer on
high cost loans, top up on existing loans,
working capital loans & other banking products.
• Preferred financier status with all leading
• Simple documentation.
• Quick turn around time.
• Flexible financing solutions to meet the
individual requirement.

Two Wheeler Loan

ICICI bank avail attractive schemes at competitive
interest rates from the No 1 Financier for Two
Wheeler Loans in the country . Finance facility upto
90% of the On Road Cost of the vehicle, repayable in
convenient repayment options and comfortable
tenors from 6 months to 36 months .

ICICI Bank offers the Best Deals on Two Wheeler


• Avail attractive schemes at competitive

interest rates.
• "Zoom" away in favourite two wheeler.
• Finance facility available for all two wheelers
ranging from mopeds to motor bikes.
• Finance upto 90% of the On Road Cost of the
vehicle, repayable in convenient tenure options
ranging from 6 months to 36 months.
• Ride Easy Pay Easy with ICICI Bank Two Wheeler
• In an unlikely case of not meeting norms - one
can still avail loan, any blood relative can be
the co-applicant.
• Existing ICICI Bank Customers ride away on
favourite Two Wheeler by availing Loan On

Farm Equipment Loan

ICICI bank is preferred financier for almost all leading
tractor manufacturers in the country. Flexible
repayment options in tandem with the farmer's
seasonal liquidity. Monthly, Quarterly and Half-yearly
repayment patterns to choose from. Comfortable
repayment tenures from 1 year to 9 years.

• Preferred financier for almost all leading tractor

manufacturers in the country.
• Financing farm equipments in over 381 locations
spread across the country.
• Fast processing of files with easy
• Monthly, Quarterly and Half-yearly and Yearly
repayment patterns to choose from.
• Comfortable repayment tenures from 1 TO 9
ICICI Bank offers a variety of cards to suit different
transactional needs. Its range includes Credit Cards,
Debit Cards and Prepaid cards. These cards offer a
convenience for our financial transactions like cash
withdrawal, shopping and travel. These cards are
widely accepted both in India and abroad.

Credit Cards
ICICI Bank Credit Cards gives the facility of cash,
convenience and a range of benefits, anywhere in
the world. These benefits range from life time free
cards, insurance benefits, global emergency
assistance service, discounts, utility payments, travel
discounts and much more.

Debit Cards
The ICICI Bank Debit Card is a revolutionary form of
cash that allows customers to access their bank
account around the clock, around the world. The ICICI
Bank Debit Card can be used for shopping at more
than 100,000 merchants in India and 13 million
merchants worldwide.
Combining the acceptability of a credit card and the
prudence of an ATM card, the ICICI Bank Debit card is
a most convenient accessory for:

• No more fear of overspending.

• No more searching for the nearest ATM.
• Only more comfort and convenience!

With the ICICI Bank Debit Card one can shop using
VISA Electron's on-line debit program, and debit
ICICI Bank account directly when purchasing goods
or services at any shop displaying the ICICI
Bank/VISA Electron logo. ICICI Bank offers the
powerful options of:

• ICICI Bank HPCL Debit Card

• ICICI Bank Ncash Debit Card

Travel Cards
ICICI Bank Travel Card is the Hassle Free way to
Travel the world. It provides traveling with US Dollar,
Euro, Pound Sterling or Swiss Francs; security and
convenience. Issued in duplicate. Offers the Pin
based security. Has the convinience of usage of
Credit or Debit card.

The ICICI Bank Travel Card has made travel abroad

convenient and safe. Available in US Dollars,
Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs,
Euros and Pound Sterling, the International Traveler
is spoilt for choice. Some of the powerful features are
Replacement Card (part of kit), SMS alerts for every
transaction, online access both to customers and
corporate, card useable over the Internet etc. making
travel totally hassle-free.

The ICICI Bank Travel Card is a powerful new concept

for international travelers: a pre-paid card that you
can buy using Indian rupees, and withdraw in any
local currency in the world.

Choice of Replacemen Online

Currency. t Card. Access.
Available in To take care Both customer
US Dollars, of and corporate
Australian emergencies can get online
Dollars, abroad, a access to card
Canadian Replacement details,
Dollars, Card is given including
Swiss Francs, free of cost as statements
Euros and part of the and balance
Pound Travel Card
Sterling Kit

Convenient, SMS Alerts & Internet

Secure & Worldwide Transaction
Worldwide Assistance s
Acceptance SMS Alerts The ICICI Bank
No more after every Travel Card
hassles of transaction, can be used to
finding Comprehensiv transact over
Money e travel and the Internet
Changers accident
and insurance and
encashing 24 Hour
travellers Customer
cheques! Care Centre
One can also
shop at over
13 million
who accept

Pre Paid Cards

ICICI Bank Brings to a complete bouquet of pre paid
cards providing payment solutions at fingertips. ICICI
bank Pre Paid cards are a safe & convenient way for
associate payments, disbursements, gifting & Small
ticket transactions. Pre Paid cards are available on a
VISA platform thus providing accessibility to over one
Lakh Merchant establishments & cash withdrawal
from all ICICI Bank and VISA ATM's in India. Various
pre paid cards are:

• Annuity Cards
• Pay Direct Cards
• Easy Cash Cards
ICICI Bank, care about all our needs. Along with
Deposit products and Loan offerings, ICICI Bank
assists us to manage our finances by providing
various investment options ranging from ICICI Bank
Tax Saving Bonds to Equity Investments through
Initial Public Offers and Investment in Pure Gold. ICICI
Bank facilitates following investment products:

• ICICI Bank Tax Saving Bonds

• Government of India Bonds
• Investment in Mutual Funds
• Initial Public Offers by Corporates
• Investment in "Pure Gold"
• Foreign Exchange Services
• Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, 2004

We can invest in above products through any of the

branches. ICICI Bank also provides the ease of
investing through electronic channels like ATMs and
Internet (ICICIdirect.com)
ICICI Bank Demat Services boasts of an ever-growing
customer base of over 11.5 lacs account holders. In
there continuous endeavor to offer best of the class
services to ther customers it offer the following
• e-Instructions: One can transfer securities 24
hours a day, 7 days a week through Internet &
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at a lower cost.
Now with "Speak to transfer", one can also
transfer or pledge instructions through there
customer care officer.
• Consolidation Demat Account: Dematerialise
physical shares in various holding patterns and
consolidate all such scattered holdings into
primary demat account at reduced cost.
• Digitally Signed Statement: Receive account
statement and bill by email.
• Corporate Benefit Tracking: Track dividend,
interest, bonus through account statement.
• Mobile Request: Access demat account by
sending SMS to enquire, Transactions, Bill & ISIN
• Mobile Alerts: Receive SMS alerts for all
debits/credits as well as for any request which
cannot be processed.
Dedicated customer care executives specially trained
at there centre, to handle all queries. ICICI has
countrywide network of over 235 branches, so never
far from an ICICI Bank Demat Services outlet.
Modes of Transfer
Online Transfers ICICI Bank - Alliance
Money2India International Products
- Direct Debit - US, UK, Locations
Wells Fargo -
Singapore, Germany, USA
Australia, France, Canada Bahrain
- Cheque Lock Box
UK Singapore
- Web Based Wire Transfer
MeNRI - UAE Lloyds TSB -
NRI Direct - Qatar Canada UK
Wire Transfer
Foreign Banks


Rupee Fixed Special
NRE Savings NRE Fixed Student's
Account Deposits Account
NRO Savings NRO Fixed Seafarer's
Account Deposits Account
Account for NRE Recurring
Returning Deposit
Indians FCNR Fixed
RFC Savings Deposits
Account Rupee Plus Plan
RFC Fixed


Investment Options
International Deposits Mutual Funds
OBU-Seepz Online Share
(Foreign Currency Trading
International Deposits)
Singapore Deposits Structured
Bahrain Deposits
Private Equity
Commercial Real

Home Loans
ICICI Bank India ICICI Bank India Loan
Home Loans Application
ICICI Bank offers a You dream home in India
wide variety of home is now just a few clicks
loan products tailored away!.
to the unique needs of
NRIs. Know your loan
ICICI Bank India eligibility
Home Search You should be a Non-
Resident Indian or a
ICICI Bank’s Home
Person of Indian Origin
Search is a free
(PIO). Eligibility norms
service aimed at
vary according to the
helping Non-Resident
country you’re living in.
Indians (NRIs), find
and buy their dream
home in India.


Life Insurance General Insurance
Being away from India ICICI Bank NRI Services
doesn't mean we have to & ICICI Lombard brings
compromise the safety insurance services for
and security of our loved the Global Indian. If we
ones. In fact, our savings are an NRI, and our
from time overseas can family or our parents are
be easily channelised to in India, our key
meet our family's needs - concerns would be to
now and in the future. secure our assets back
home (home /
commercial property /
motor) and the health of
our dependents in India.
ICICI provide liquidity in investments by offering a loan
facility against deposits. Rupee loans are provided
against the security of our:
- Rupee deposits - NRO and NRE
- FCNR deposits

Features of Loan Against Deposits

Loans are provided to self as well as third party
Loans are available upto 90% of the principal amount
of the deposit
Rupee loans are available at the branch where one
maintains account
Loan is disbursed either by way of a demand loan or
an overdraft
For demand loan, the entire loan amount is disbursed
at one go by either credit to NRO savings account or
issue of a pay order / demand draft
For an overdraft facility, a current account is opened
and loan proceeds are disbursed to the account.
Cheque book is then issued for withdrawals

Repayment of the loan shall be made either by

adjustment of the deposit or by fresh remittances from
outside India through normal banking channels

Corporate Internet Banking
Corporate Internet Banking (CIB), facilitates
banking from your desk. At the click of a mouse
one can access there accounts at ICICI Bank and
also keep track of there accounts at various
branches in India.

Features and benefits:

• Account Information : Real time balance

information and summary of days
transaction .
• Fund Transfers: Manage Supply-Chain
network, effectively by using Corporate
Internet Banking fund transfer mechanism.
One can effect fund transfer on a real time
basis across the bank locations in India.
• Request: Make a banking request online.
Account Information :
. It provides:

• Current balance in account on real-time

• Day’s transactions in the account
• Details of cash credit limit, drawing power,
amount utlised, etc.
• Downloading of account statements as an
excel or text file. The statements can be
integrated with your ERP system for auto-

Fund Transfer
It manages Supply-Chain network, effectively
by using Corporate Internet Banking online
fund transfer mechanism. It can effect fund
transfer on a real time basis across the bank
locations in India. The product facilitates:

• One-to-one fund transfer between two

linked account across the bank locations in
• Bulk fund transfers. In bulk fund transfers,
upload a flat file containing
payment/collection information. Systems
take care of processing the entire file and
once the file is processed one can integrate
the processed file to ERP for auto
• The real life situation of user-wise limits
and multilevel signatories can be mapped
in the net-based fund transfer module too.
We can specify user-wise cap for funds
transfer and the number of approvals
needed for each fund transfer. The fund
transfer will not take place unless the
required number of signatories has
approved it.

With a Power of Attorney from dealers, one can

link the dealer accounts to there account in order
to have an online fund transfer, saving time and
money involved with cheque collection systems.
Alternatively, the dealer can credit our account
through this channel.

ICICI Bank is a leading player in the field of Cash
Management Services (CMS) market. There Cash
Management Service is technology driven with a
versatile software, hardware and network
support. Customised daily transaction reports
and web-enabled reports are offered regularly to
corporate to efficiently manage its treasury. Cash
management products covers both collections
and payments clients. CMS solutions are designed
to be company-specific allowing a payments.

Collection Products
Local Cheque Collections
• One of the largest network spanning over
488 locations
• Courier pick-up can be provided
• Process flow can be structured to suit the
company’s requirements

Upcountry Cheque Collections

• Coverage of over 3919 locations with tie-
ups with correspondent banks
• Capability to process cheques drawn on any
location in India.
• Assured credit given with funds pooled at
any ICICI Bank location. Instrument level
tracking of instruments to ensure faster

Cash Collections
• Cash Collection from dealers and business
associates on behalf of companies
• Cash pick-up facility in 28 locations
• Customised MIS for cash collection

Payment Products
Anywhere Banking
• Cheques issued payable at par at various
ICICI Bank locations
• Single account to be operated at any ICICI
Bank branch for this facility
• Ideal for small value, large volume

Fund Transfers
• Online transfer of funds between accounts
maintained with any branch of ICICI Bank

Issue of Bulk Demand Drafts/ Pay

• Capability to issue Bulk Demand Drafts/Pay
Orders on various ICICI Bank and
correspondent bank locations
• Capability to accept online requests from
the customers
• Capability to print beneficiary advice and
• Remote printing facility
• Simple process with a low turnaround time
and delivery

Cheque Writing
• Cheques can be issued on behalf of
• Capability of processing large volumes of
cheques in a short turnaround time
• Capability of printing facsimile signatures
• Capability to print beneficiary advice and
• Ideal for bulk payments such as pension
payments, gratuity payments .
ICICI Bank offers a wide range of Trade Services
designed to assist in building on there strengths, so
that company can sieze business opportunities
across the world. ICICI Bank has in place a
Centralised Trade Services Unit, which adheres to
six sigma standards. As a result, ICICI Bank
customers experience fewer delays in receiving
payment, require less effort in locating collection
information, gain increased control over foreign
receivables and experience improved cashflows.

Online Trade Services

ICICI Bank customers can effect remittances as

well as get their applications for issuance of
Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees
processed online. This not only extends
tremendous convenience to the entire process,
but also allows the customer to enjoy the
benefits of simplified documentation, online
verification of status and savings in cost and
time. Online Trade Services can be availed by
enrolling for Corporate Internet Banking (CIB)
offered by ICICI Bank.

Trade Way
TradeWay from ICICI Bank is designed to be
international banking gateway for India related
trade business. With TradeWay , ICICI Bank is
single point contact for India related
documentary collections.
With addition of TradeWay to its spectrum of
financial services, ICICI Bank truly offers the
ultimate banking experience. As the hub for
multi-banking transactions, it make all our
Documentary Collection Process smoother, faster,
cost effective and most importantly – more
efficient. Optimizing every business opportunity
for you.

• Single point of contact for all the India
bound collections.
• Efficient Document Handling and Payment
Collection Services
• Cost / Time Advantages through economies
of scale
• Online status enquiry facility.
• Leveraging of ICICI Bank’s extensive
domestic network and area coverage

Specialized processing team with expertise in

Trade Services

FX Online is a real time foreign exchange trading
system which provides automated quotes for FX
spots & FX forwards.

FX Online Features
• Competitive and transparent quotes from ICICI
Bank treasury
• Transaction in a secure network
• Instantaneous deal confirmation

Banking should be effortless. With HDFC Bank, the
efforts are rewarding. No matter what a customer's
need and occupational status, we have a range of
solutions that are second to none.
Whether you're employed in a company and need a
simple Savings account or run your own business and
require a robust banking partner, HDFC Bank not
only has the perfect solution for you, but also can
recommend products that can augment your
planning for the future

Savings Accounts
These Accounts are primarily meant to inculcate a
sense of saving for the future, accumulating funds
over a period of time. Whatever your occupation, we
are confident that you will find the perfect banking

 Regular
 Retail Trust
 Kids Advantage
 Pension Savings
 Family Savings

Current Accounts
Now, with an HDFC Bank Current Account,
experience the freedom of multi-city banking! You
can have the power of multi-location access to your
account from any of our 500 branches in 220 cities.
Not only that, you can do most of your banking
transactions from the comfort of your office or home
without stepping out.

We make it our business, to help you with your

business, by offering you a Current Account with all
the benefits you need, to stay ahead of your

At HDFC Bank, we understand that running a

business requires time and money, also that your
business needs are constantly evolving. That's where
we come in. We provide you with a choice of Current
Account options to exclusively suit your business -
whatever the size or scope.

 Plus
 Regular
 Trade
 Premium

Fixed Deposits
Long-term investments form the chunk of
everybody's future plans. An alternative to simply
applying for loans, fixed deposits allow you to borrow
from your own funds for a limited period, thus
fulfilling your needs as well as keeping your savings

 Regular fixed deposits

 Supersaver
 Sweep -In
HDFC Bank offers wide variety of Loans Products to
suit your requirements.Coupled with convenience of
networked branches/ ATMs and facility of E-channels
like Internet and Mobile Banking, HDFC Bank brings
banking at your doorstep.


Features & Benefits:

• Borrow up to Rs 10,00,000 for any purpose
depending on your requirements
• Flexible Repayment options, ranging from 12 to
48 months
• Repay with easy EMIs
• One of the lowest interest rates.
• Hassle free loans - No
guarantor/security/collateral required.
• Speedy loan approval.
• Convenience of service at your doorstep.
• Customer privileges
 If you are an HDFC Bank account holder, we
have special rates for you.
 If you are an existing Auto Loan customer
with a clear repayment of 12 months or
more from any of our approved financiers or
us, you can get a hassle free personal loan
(without income documentation).
 If you are an existing HDFC Bank Personal
Loan customer with a clear repayment of 12
months or more, we can Top-Up your
personal loan.


Features & Benefits:

Home Loan - We offer home loans for individuals to
purchase (fresh / resale) or construct houses. Home
loans can be applied for individually or jointly. HDFC
finances up to 85% maximum of the cost of the
property (Agreement value + Stamp duty +
Registration charges).
Home Improvement Loan - HIL facilitates internal
and external repairs and other structural
improvements like painting, waterproofing, plumbing
and electric works, tiling and flooring, grills and
aluminium windows. HDFC finances up to 85% of the
cost of renovation (100% for existing customers).
Home Extension Loan - HEL facilitates the
extension of an existing dwelling unit. All the terms
are the same as applicable to Home Loan.
Land Purchase Loan - Be it land for a dream
house, or just an investment for the future, HDFC
Land Purchase Loan is a convenient loan facility to
purchase land. HDFC finances up to 70% of the cost
of the land (Conditions Apply). Repayment of the
loan can be done over a maximum period of 10
Flexible repayment options to suit your individual
Loan cover Term Assurance Plan - HDFC
Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd. offers an
insurance plan*, which is designed to ensure that
life's uncertainties do not affect your family's
interests and your precious home. LCTAP provides a
lump-sum payment on the unfortunate demise of the
life assured.

This pure risk plan is designed in a way that the

cover decreases as you repay your home loan
making it a low cost premium insurance plan.
Automated Repayment of Home loan EMI - You
can give us standing instructions to repay your Home
Loan EMIs directly from your HDFC Bank Savings
Account, thus, saving you the trouble of procuring,
signing and tracking post-dated cheques.
We also offer In-house scrutiny of Property
documents for your complete peace of mind.
Customer privileges - If you are an existing HDFC
Bank Home Loan customer, you can avail of other
loans (such as Personal Loans, Car Loans, Two-
wheeler Loans and Loan against securities) at lower
interest rates.


• Flexible repayment options, ranging from 12 to
48 months available even at the point of
• Repay through post-dated cheques with easy
EMIs. Calculate your EMI.
• Hassle free loans - No guarantor required
• Speedy loan approval.
• Available for almost all models at attractive
interest rates.
• Free gifts from time to time on approval of your
Two Wheeler Loan. (Watch this space for more
details on the free gift promotion).
• Special Schemes to suit your needs
 FastTrack - If a spot approval is what you
need, this highly flexible scheme gets you a
loan of up to 70% with minimum interest
 EasyLoan - This great scheme gets you a
loan of upto up to 85% with minimal
documentation. All you need as a Surrogate
Income proof is:
- A copy of credit card and credit card billing
statement for the last 2 months OR
- A repayment track record OR
- Last 3 months bank statements.

Features & Benefits:
• Covers the widest range of cars and multi-utility
vehicles in India.
• Avail 100% finance on your favourite car.
• Flexible repayment options, ranging from 12 to
84 months.
• Borrow up to 3 times your annual salary (for
salaried professionals) and 6 times your annual
income (for self employed professionals)*.
• Speedy processing - within 48 hours.
• Repay with easy EMIs.
• Attractive car loan plans - To Fastrack your loan,
just choose the plan that is right for you.
• Attractive Interest rates
• Hassle-free documentation.
• Customer Privileges
 If you are an HDFC Bank account holder, we
have special rates for you.
 If you have had a Preferred Account or a
Corporate Salary Account with HDFC Bank
for more than six months, you can get fast
approvals on your loans with minimal
 If you are an existing HDFC Bank Car Loan
customer with a clear repayment of 12
months or more we can Top-Up your car
loan to the extent of the original loan value.


HDFC Bank brings to you Loan Against Property
(LAP). We can now take a loan against your
residential or commercial property, to expand your
business, plan a dream wedding, fund your child's
education and much more.

We can depend on us to meet all your business

requirements even to purchase a new shop or office
for your business. Loan to purchase Commercial
Property (LCP) is a specially designed product to
help you expand your business without reducing the
capital from your business.

Features & Benefits:

• Loans from Rs. 2 Lacs onwards depending on

your needs.
• Borrow up to 60% of market value of the
• Flexibility to choose between an EMI based loan
or an Overdraft - We also offer to you overdraft
against your self-occupied residential or
commercial property and you save money by
paying interest only on the amount utilized!
• High tenure loans for ease of repayment.
• Attractive interest rates.
• Simple and speedy processing.
• Specially designed products for Self Employed.

HDFC Bank offers a variety of cards to suit your
different transactional needs. Our range includes
Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Prepaid cards. These
cards offer you convenience for your financial
transactions like cash withdrawal, shopping and
travel. These cards are widely accepted both in India
and abroad.
If there's something you've always wanted, don't
wait any longer to get it. Just apply for an HDFC Bank
credit card. And make it happen today.
You can pick one from many, each designed with a
special purpose and person in mind. Let's find one
which one suits you best:
Silver Credit Card
Choose Internationally accepted Silver Credit Card
and enter a world of privileges and savings.
Value Plus Credit Card
A true value card that enables you to avail 5% cash
back on all your purchases.
Health Plus Credit Card
Cashless Mediclaim, discounts at participating
hospitals, extra protection for your family. You can
rest assured with the Health Plus Credit Card.
Gold Credit Card
A card to match your lifestyle with features like
International Business Travellers' Club (IBTC)
membership, special offers on air tickets and rewards
redemption for air miles
Titanium Credit Card
Limited Edition card with 24X7 concierge services,
zero surcharge on fuel and accelerated two-tier
rewards programme.

Debit Cards that not only let withdraw cash from
ATMs but also let you shop cashless and hassle-free.

EasyShop International Debit Card

• Daily Limits: Rs. 15000 at ATM's and Rs. 25000
at merchant establishments
• Access your bank account at over 8,00,000
Visa/Maestro/Cirrus ATMs in India and abroad.
• 0 % petrol surcharge at select BPCL Petrol
pumps:As a Debit Card holder, no surcharge
would be levied on you at the petrol pumps.
• For purchases at 1,10,000 outlets in India 13
million worldwide. The amount is debited directly
to your account.
• Use card overseas. Account is debited in Rupees
regardless of the currency in which spend.
• Zero Liability on fraudulent usage on lost or
stolen cards.

EasyShop International Gold Debit Card

• Daily Limits: Rs. 25000 at ATM's and Rs. 50000
at merchant establishments
• Cash Back: For every Rs. 100 that you will
spend, you will receive Re. 1 as cash back. This
cash back is valid on all purchases made
through the card, at all times of the year!!!
• 0 % petrol surcharge at select Petrol pumps: As
a Gold Card holder, no surcharge would be
levied on you at the petrol pumps.
• Zero Liability of fraudulent usage on lost and
stolen cards: If it's not your purchase you don't
have to pay for it!! Your Debit Card is safer than
Insurance cover: The following are included in the
insurance covers:
 • Death Cover by Air / Road - Sum assured
Rs. 5,00,000
 Fire & Burglary for the items purchased
under Debit Card (upto 6 months) - Sum
assured Rs. 50,000
 Loss of Baggage Insurance - Sum assured
Rs. 20,000
 Exclusive offers and premium outlets :
Special offers in association with program
partner Visa only for our Easyshop Gold
Debit Card customers

EasyShop Woman's Advantage Debit Card

• Cash Back of Re. 1 for every Rs. 200 spent: For
every Rs. 200 that you will spend , you will
receive Re. 1 as cash back .This cash back is valid
on all purchases made through the card, at all
times of the year!!!
• Specialised Services*: A unique service number
will be available for Woman's Debit Card
customers to avail information / booking for the
services listed ahead . Just call , quote your card
number and use any of the services. These
services are subject to availability and rendered
on a best effort basis.
• Entertainment assistance :
 Dining Referral and Reservation
 Flower & Gift Delivery
 Movie Tickets
• Home assistance:
 Financial Planning & Advisory
Services Assistance
 Electrical & Electronic Gadget Repair
 Pest Control Assistance
 Home Cleaning Assistance
• Wellness :
 Medical Check Up Packages
 Nursing Care Arrangement
• 50% discount on locker fee: You will be entitled
to a 50% discount on locker fee for the 1st year.
This waiver would be applicable for only one
locker per card
• Special discount on purchase of Gold Bars:
Preferential pricing will be given to you on
purchase of Woman's Advantage Bars . In order
to avail of the special discount, pleas show your
Woman's Advantage Debit Card at the branch.
• Insurance cover: You will be entitled to Personal
Accident insurance cover of 2 lacs.
• Zero Liability: You will not have any liability to
any fraudulent Point of Sale transactions on the
debit card, which take place upto 30 days prior
to reporting the card loss.
• Free BillPay: You will not be charged for Bill Pay
Service , chargeable at Rs. 100 p.a.
• Daily Limits: Rs. 15,000 at ATM's and Rs. 25,000
at merchant establishments.
ForexPlus Card
The ForexPlus Travel Card is:
• Accepted at over 13 million Visa Merchants
• Can be used to withdraw cash at 24 hour VISA
ATMs anywhere in the world
• Reloadable anytime, anyplace
• Available in US Dollar, Euro and GBP Currencies
• Comes with a Personal Accident Insurance
Covers of Rs 2 lacs
• Includes Loss of Baggage & Passport
reconstruction insurance cover

• Protection against Foreign Exchange
The basic denomination of this card is in US
Dollars/Euros/GBP. But you can withdraw cash or use
the card at POS in any currency, anywhere in the
world. For withdrawals, which are in the card
currency i.e. US Dollars / Euros / GBP, you don't lose
out on foreign exchange due to fluctuating market
• Safer and more secure
This card is accepted at over 13 million Visa
Merchants and 24 hour VISA ATMs worldwide. So no
more carrying the bulk of cash or travellers' cheques.
And no more hassle of chasing money changers,
paying commissions and tracking expenses. Your
Card is protected against misuse at ATMs with a PIN.
In case your card gets lost or stolen, all you have to
do is call HDFC Bank PhoneBAnking number at
Mumbai (91-22-28561818) immediately and report
the loss of your card.
• Reloadable anytime, anyplace
Your HDFC Forexplus card is valid upto the last day
of the month indicated on your card. Within this
period you can use your card as often as you like. In
case your money gets exhausted, this card offers the
facility to reload even in the middle of your journey.
• Available in US Dollar , Euro and GBP
Each of these currencies are accepted worldwide and
can be changed into the currency of the country that
you are in.

• "Ease of tracking"
Get online access to your card account and track
your spends, check your balance, Change your IPIN
and log an online request for PIN change. What more,
we'll also send you a statement of account to your
mailing address at the end of every month during
which any card transaction takes place.
• Insurance Cover
Enjoy a travel experience free of financial worries
with card insurance covers such as Personal Accident
cover of Rs.2,00,000, loss of baggage cover upto
Rs.20,000 and passport reconstruction cover (cost of

• More personal than cash
Most often than not, we run short of time or ideas to
gift … we then make do with gifting cash! This card
with its occasion-based packaging is more personal
than cash, as it reflects the thought and effort that
has gone behind the gift.
• Freedom of choice
While the card is more personal than cash, it also
allows the cardholder (the beneficiary ) the freedom
to choose their own gift. Shop , dine, party …the
cardholder can use the card just the way he/she
wants. This is the freedom this card gifts the user.
• Ease of usage
Giftplus card is a Visa card and can hence be used at
any Visa affiliated merchant outlet , both in India and
abroad. This gives worldwide usage access to over
more then 13 million merchant establishments.
• Ease of tracking
Giftplus card has an ATM PIN and also an IPIN in the
card kit.

The ATM PIN allows the card holder the access to any
HDFC Bank ATM for balance enquiry on the card. The
IPIN gives further access even to the transaction

Kisan Gold Card

The Kisan Gold Card is aimed at meeting the
production and investment needs of the farming
community. Production needs broadly cover crop
production requirements, including funds for all
related inputs to grow a crop. We also meet Post
Harvest and Domestic consumption requirements.

The Card caters to investment needs such as

purchase of agricultural related
equipment/implements, irrigation requirements,
construction of farm related buildings, and
investment in agriculture related activities such as
Dairy, Piggery, Beekeeping and the like.

The credit limit on the card, sanctioned for three

years, is based on the production requirements of
the farmer. The limit will be renewed every three

• 24-hour Banking Facility

The Card can be used at any HDFC Bank ATM across
the country and all Visa establishments worldwide.
• Personal Accident Insurance Cover of Rs. 2 Lakh,
free to all cardholders
• Daily withdrawal limit through the card is Rs.
15,000 at ATMs and Rs. 25,000 for usage at
merchant outlets.
• The return on investments is the best in the
• The Debit Card is backed by line of credit.

Forex And Trade Service

It helps to deal in foreign currency and keep tabs on
exchange rates every now and then, transfer monies
to India, make payments etc., HDFC Bank has a
range of products and services that can choose from
to transact smoothly, efficiently and in a timely

The following are different methods of transacting in

Foreign Exchange and remitting money.
• Travellers Cheques
• Foreign Currency Cash
• Foreign Currency Drafts
• Cheque Deposits
• Remittances
• Cash to Master
• Trade Services
• Forex Services Branch Locator
With HDFC Bank's payment services, can bid
goodbye to queues and paper work. Our range of
payment options make it easy for you to pay for a
variety of utilities and services.

• Verified By Visa: shop securely online with your

existing Visa Debit/Credit card.
• NetSafe: shop online without revealing your
HDFC Bank Credit Card number
• Prepaid Refill

• BillPay:Pay your telephone, electricity and

mobile phone bills at your convenience. Through
the Internet, ATMs, your mobile phone and
telephone - with BillPay, our comprehensive bill
payments solution.
• InstaPay: Pay your bills, make donations and
subscribe to magazines without going through
the hassles of any registration.
• DirectPay:Shop or Pay bills online without cash
or card. Debit your account directly with our
DirectPay service!

• SmartPay (with Credit Cards):With SmartPay,

paying your electricity, telephone, mobile phone,
water bills, gas and insurance premia payments
becomes easy like never before.
We understand that as an NRI, you have specific
banking needs. Which is why we offer a variety of
Accounts & Deposits specially designed to suit
precise need.

Rupee Savings Accounts

NRE Savings Account :

• Route investments on repatriable basis

• Maintain your savings in rupees
• Hold jointly with other NRIs
• No tax on funds or interest

NRO Savings Account:

• Open a Savings, Current Account or
Term Deposit in Indian Rupees
• Repatriate interest after payment of tax
• Route investments made out of Indian

Special Resident Indian Savings Account

• Available to Resident Family members of

existing as well as new NRI customers.

• Group your Savings account with the account of

the NRI you choose
Rupee Current Accounts

NRE Current Account

• Route investments made on repatriable basis

• Move your funds out of India, whenever you wish


• No tax on funds or interest

NRO Current Account

• Joint Current Account that can be operated from

India in Indian Rupees

• Credit dividends from shares and other

legitimate local dues

Rupee Fixed Deposits

NRE Fixed Deposits

• Route investments made on repatriable basis

• No tax on entire deposit, principal and interest

• Avail of a loan of up to 75% of the deposit


• Hold jointly held with another NRI

NRO Fixed Deposits
• Can be held jointly with a Resident Indian

• Avail of loans on up to 75% of the deposit

SuperSaver Account

• Combine a Fixed Deposit and a Savings or

Current Account
• Get an overdraft facility of up to 90% of your
Fixed Deposit funds without breaking the Fixed
Deposit or losing interest.

Sweep-in Account

• Link your Fixed Deposit to your NRI Savings or

Current Account

• Cover the deficit in your Savings or Current

Account by your Fixed Deposit, without
disturbing the interest on the remainder.

Foreign Currency Deposits

FCNR Deposits

• Park your funds in US Dollars, Pounds, Euro,

Japanese Yen and get protection from exchange

• No income tax on funds and interest

• Super Saver facility - take an overdraft on your
Savings/Current Account against your FCNR

• Can be held jointly with other NRIs

• Access funds whenever you need them, since

both the principal and interest are repatriable.

Accounts for Returning Indians

RFC Savings Account

• Hold your money in US Dollars, Pounds, Yen and

the Euro
• Avail of the spot exchange rate on conversion of
your foreign currency to Indian Rupees when
you access your funds

RFC Current Account

• Hold your money in US Dollars, Pounds, Yen and

the Euro

• Avail of the spot exchange rate on conversion of

your foreign currency to Indian Rupees when
you access your funds

Equity Advice

HDFC Bank offers EquiAll, an equity advisory service

to maximize the returns on your investments. It is an
e-mail based advisory offering backed by intensive
research taken up by our seasoned research desk to
provide solutions in line with your risk profile.
Equity Advisory service addresses the problems
faced by investors in the equity environment by:
• Tracking the fundamental and technical analysis
of companies
• Undertaking stock selection as per risk profile
• Studying the impact of future uncertain market
• Monitoring timing and stock valuation
• Addressing unbalanced portfolios
• Offering adequate information about the
companies invested
• Avoiding 'Herd or Mass Mentality'

EquiAll is our web-enabled equity advisory

service that caters to conservative and aggressive
risk profiles, suggests monthly model portfolio,
undertakes onetime initial portfolio restructuring,
offers continuous recommendations and provides a
daily snapshot of financialmarket.

EquiAll is priced at Rs. 10,000 (inclusive of service

tax and education cess). This fee is irrespective of
the size of your portfolio and type of portfolio.
Mutual Funds
Mutual funds are funds that pool the money of
several investors to invest in equity or debt markets.
Mutual Funds could be Equity funds , Debt funds or
balanced funds.
Funds are selected on quantitative parameters like
volatality, FAMA Model, risk adjusted returns, rolling
return coupled with a qualitative analysis of fund
performance and investment styles through regular
interactions / due diligence processes with fund

Advantages of Investing into a Mutual Fund

The reason that mutual funds are so popular is that
they offer the ability to easily invest in increasingly
more complicated financial markets. A large part of
the success of mutual funds is also the advantages
they offer in terms of diversification, professional
management and liquidity.

Flexibilty - Mutual Fund investments also offers you

a lot of flexibility with features such as systematic
investment plans ,systematic withdrawal plans &
dividend reinvestment.

Affordability - They are available in units so this

makes it very affordable. Because of the large
corpus, even a small investor can benefit from its
investment strategy.

Liquidity - In open ended schemes ,you have the

option of withdrawing or redeeming your money at
any point of time at the current NAV

Diversification - Risk is lowered with Mutual Funds

as they invest across different industries & stocks.

Professional Management - Expert Fund

Managers of the Mutual Fund analyse all options
based on experience & research
Potential of return -The fund managers who take
care of your Mutual Fund have access to information
and statistics from leading economists and analysts
around the world. Because of this, they are in a
better position than individual investors to identify
opportunities for your investments to flourish.

Low Costs - The benefits of scale in brokerage,

custodial and other fees translate into lower costs for

Regulated for investor protection - The Mutual

Funds sector is regulated to safeguard the investor's

HDFC Bank offers you a world of choice in
insurance.You can now avail of Life - Insurance plans
from HDFC Standard Life Insurance & Non - Life
Insurance plans from HDFC Chubb General Insurance
through any of our Bank branches.

Life Insurance Non Life Insurance

For your child: Accident cover
Give your children a head Buy a Personal Accident
start by growing your Plan and get financial
savings. Invest in HDFC assistance from injury
Standard Life's Unit arising out of an accident
Linked Young Star Plan You can also provide for
that has a double benefit. hospitalization expenses.

For retirement Accident and Sickness

Earn a pension for life by cover
maximizing your returns. Keep medical expenses at
Invest in HDFC Standard bay in the event of an
Life's Unit Linked Pension accident or sickness. Buy
Plan. a Tricare Policy.

For the long-term Automobile cover

Invest in a savings plan Get your vehicle insured
with a long-term horizon in the event of a road
and get life cover too. accident and also get
Invest in HDFC Standard yourself & others covered.
Life's Unit Linked Apply for Auto Insurance.
Endowment Plan

Conventional Plans
To realize your child's
Make your child's dreams
come true by investing in
a plan that fetches a lump
sum amount at maturity. .
Invest in HDFC Standard
Life's Children's Plan.

Home Loans at attractive rates exclusively for NRIs.
With over 25 years of experience, a dedicated team
of experts and a complete package to meet all your
housing finance needs, HDFC Ltd. - our parent
company, helps you realize your dream

With HDFC Bank's Loan against Securities, we can

get an overdraft against your securities like Equity
Shares, Mutual Fund Units, GOI Relief Bonds and LIC
Policies, while still retaining ownership.


Our Loans against Securities offer you several
• Loans are available in USD, GBP, Euro and JPY
• The Loan limit is up to 90% of deposit value
• Flexible interest repayment options i.e. monthly
compounded interest can be charged quarterly
or on maturity, as per instructions
• Repayment can be effected by fresh remittances
in foreign exchange or by adjustment of the
• Option of receiving funds either by way of a
Foreign Currency TT or draft.

Corporate Banking reflects HDFC Bank's strengths
in providing our corporate clients in India, a wide
array of commercial, transactional and electronic
banking products. We achieve this through
innovative product development and a well-
integrated approach to relationship management.

Large Corporates
Blue chip companies in the India, a full range of
client-focused corporate banking services,
including working capital finance, trade and
transactional services, foreign exchange and cash
management, to name a few. The product
offerings are suitably structured taking into
account a client's risk profile and specific needs.
Based on our superior product delivery, industry
benchmark service levels and strong customer
orientation, we have made significant inroads into
the formal banking consortia of a number of Indian
companies including multinationals, domestic
business houses and prime public sector

Funded Services
• Working Capital Finance
• Bill Discounting
• Export Credit
• Short Term Finance
• Structured Finance

Non Funded Services

• Letter of Credit
• Collection of Documents
• Bank Guarantes

Value Added Services

• Syndication Services
• Real Time Gross Settlement
• Cash Management Services
• Channel Financing
• Vendor Financing
• Corporate Salary Accounts
• Reimbursement Account

Internet Banking
• Supply Chain Management
• Corporate Internet Banking
• Payment Gateway Services

Agricultural Lending
Everyone who is involved in agricultural industry
knows that the business is not usual. Each
agribusiness faces different challenges and has
unique needs. From the fluctuating cash flows to the
unpredictability of the weather, managing a
successful agribusiness requires a distinctive
That's why the HDFC Bank has solutions that are
chiefly dedicated to agribusiness.


At HDFC Bank understand how much of hard work
goes into establishing a successful SME. It also
understand that our business is anything but "small"
and as demanding as ever. And as our business
expands and enters new territories and markets, we
need to keep pace with the growing requests that
come in, which may lead to purchasing new, or
updating existing plant and equipment, or employing
new staff to cope with the demand. That's why
HDFC Bank have assembled products, services,
resources and expert advice to help ensure that our
business excels.
Our solutions are designed to meet your varying
needs. The following links will help you identify your
individual needs.

Funded Services
Funded Services from HDFC Bank are meant to
directly bolster the day-to-day working of a small and
a medium business enterprise. From working capital
finance to credit substitutes; from export credit to
construction equipment loan - we cater to virtually
every business requirement of an SME. Click on the
services below that best define your needs

• Working Capital Finance

• Construction Equipment Loan
• Bill Discounting
• Export Credit
• Real Estate Initiatives
• Commercial Vehicle finance
• Short Term Finance
• Credit Substitutes
• Structured Cash Flow Financing

Non-Funded Services
Under Non-Funded services HDFC Bank offers
solutions that act as a catalyst to propel your
business. Imagine a situation where you have a letter
of credit and need finance against the same or you
have a tender and you need to equip yourself with a
guarantee in order to go ahead. This is exactly where
we can help you so that you don't face any
roadblocks when it comes to your business. The
following are the services that will precisely tell you
what we can do
• Business Accounts
• Letters of Credit
• Collection of Documents
• Forex Desk
• Derivatives Desk
• Services to Cash SurplusCorporates
• Bankers to Rights/Public Issue

Specialised Services
HDFC Bank is one of the most trusted entities when it
comes to specialised services like selling of precious
metals to customers. Under specialised services you
can also avail customised control of your value chain
through our internet banking platform.

Internet Banking
Internet banking is a revolutionary service under the
banking sector and HDFC Bank is a forerunner in
providing you with this service. We provide state-of-
the-art payment gateway services to industries and
companies in order to ease transaction processing.
This in turn enhances the credibility of your business
and makes banking extremely cost-efficient.


HDFC Bank has put has cross-branch functionalities
which enable on-line transfer of funds across all
HDFC Bank locations. Along with customers, other
co-operative, private and foreign banks could avail of
our network and other products and services which
have been engineered to suit the needs of the
banking sector.
• Clearing Sub-membership
• RTGS – Submembership
• Cheque Collection
• Trade Finance Services
• Forex Desk
• Custodial Service
• Corporate Salary Accounts
• Service to Employee Trusts
• Bankers to Rights/Public Issue

Financial Institutions
Institutions need a bank that uses its financial skills
to streamline performance and build business.
Therefore we at HDFC Bank focus on responding to
the unique environments of each and every client,
configuring our core capabilities to satisfy those
needs within locations or sectors.
• IndiaLink
• Services to Cash Surplus Corporates
• Bankers to Rights/Public Issue
• Money Market Desk
• Custodial Service

Mutual Funds
We are the leading banking service providers to
public and private sector mutual fund clients and
have kept pace with the revolutionary growth of the
industry by evolving a range of services to meet the
varied needs of fund groups.

• Collection Services
• Payment Services
• Funds Transfer
• Money Market Desk
• Debt Market
• Services to Employee Trusts
• Services to Cash Surplus Corporates
• Tax Collection
• Bankers to Rights/Public Issue
• Payment Services

Stock Brokers
We are one of the few Bank's in India that can offer
you the entire gamut of services in the Capital
Market segment. HDFC Bank is the largest funds
Clearing Bankers in India with services extending to
the NSE, BSE, Delhi Stock Exchange,Ahmedabad
Stock Exchange, Kolkata Stock Exchange, Hyderabad
Stock Exchange, Over-the-Country Exchange of India
(OTCEI) and The Inter-connected Stock Exchange
• Clearing Settlement Bankers on Equity
& Derivatives Segment
• Loan Against Securities
• Bank Guarantees
• Structured Working Capital Funding

• Institutional Contract Funding

• NRI/OCB Services
• Loan against Govt. secs & other debt
• Client Service Desk
• Cash Management Services
• SGL Maintenance
• Corporate Salary Accounts
• Payment Gateway for e-Broking
• Mutual Funds Service System
• Custodial Service
Insurance Companies
The Insurance business is a key focus area for HDFC
Bank. Our experience in this sector has created a
benchmark in providing services to all institutions of
this industry, namely, Life Insurance Corporation of
India Ltd, National Insurance Company Limited,
Oriental Insurance Co Ltd., New India Assurance Co.
Ltd. and United India Insurance Ltd.
• Collection services
• Forex Desk
• Money Market Desk
• Derivatives Desk
• Services to Employee Trusts
• Custodial Service
• Disbursement Services

Commodity Businesses
HDFC Bank is the leading clearing bank for National
Commodity & Derivative Exchange Ltd., (NCDEX),
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd., (MCX) and
National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.
(NMCE), offering a range of products and services in
the Commodity Exchange Business.
• Commodity Exchange Business
• Processors / Manufacturers
• Market Participants (Commodity Traders
& Brokers)
• Farmers / Agriculturists
The trust services at HDFC Bank provide you with
the dual advantages of a secure depository and
efficient administration of your securities. Through
our solutions we help you maximize returns, meet
fiduciary responsibilities, and improve operational
efficiency. In other words HDFC Bank provides
complete administrative and fiduciary support for a
wide range of financing and investing structures.
• SGL Maintenance
• Participation in RBI Auctions

ICICI bank

Promotion is a process of communicating involving

information, persuasion, and influence. Therefore it is
about companies communicating with customers.
Various promotion techniques of ICICI bank are as


It implies a face to face contact between seller and

buyer. ICICI bank employs salesman to give
knowledge or sell their products and services
through personal selling. It is the most important
aspect of promotion for ICICI because there are much
confusion in the minds of people regarding the loans
and deposits. Moreover, the demand for there
products and services vary from customer to
customer. With the help of this queries of customers
can be solved at that point of time
And customers can be convinced to purchase
product or service. The biggest advantage of
personal selling to customer is that they do not have
to any branch to seek information or to purchase
product or service.

It is the paid form of non-personal communication of
ideas or products in the prime media i.e. T.V, radio,
magazines, etc. Advertising is intended to persuade
and inform.
Advertising of ICICI banking products and services is
mainly seen through T.V, newspaper, billboards,
internet and magazines. This helps to:
 Create awareness and customer interest
 To boost sales
 To remind and reassure customers
 To build company or brand image
 To support sales force
ICICI Bank spends a reported Rs 68.68 crore ICICI
Bank has once again decided to resort to the
celebrity endorsement route to promote its brand.
Almost two-and-a-half years since superstar Amitabh
Bachchan endorsed the brand, the company has
signed up Shah Rukh Khan as its global ambassador.
The energy and innovation which Shahrukh Khan
represents coupled with his popularity both in India
and abroad make him the ideal choice for ICICI Bank,
particularly as the Bank makes its global forays.

ICICI bank does banner advertising at various places like
yellow pages, bus stands, metro stations etc. This helps:
• Over 100,000 business queries generates per
• Never ending business opportunities.
• Be a step ahead of your competitors.
• Attract right visitors to your site and get a fruitful

ICICI bank also does advertising of its products like
loans, credit cards, debit cards etc. on radio which
helps it in following ways:

• Wider acess like in rural areas

• Can be understandable to those who are not
able to read


Direct marketing is concerned with establishing an

individual relationship between the business offering
a product or a service and the final customer. It

• Direct mail
• Direct response on T.V. , radio
• Magazines inserts
• Telemarketing

A properly managed mailing database enables a

business to:

• Focus on the best prospective customers

• Cross-sell related products
• Launch new products to existing customers

Description of Charges Personal Loans

Loan Processing Charges / 2* % of loan amount

Renewal Charges
5% on the principal
Prepayment Charges
Charges for late payment
2% per month
Cheque Swap Charges Rs. 500/-
Cheque bounce charges Rs. 200

Car Loans
Description of Charges
Loan Processing Fees
Rs 650/-
Charges / Renewal Charges
Stamp Duty Actuals
5% on the principal
Prepayment Charges
Charges for late payment
2% per month
Cheque Swap Charges Rs. 500/-
Cheque bounce charges Rs. 200


Description of
Two Wheeler Loans
2.50 % of loan amount (in
Loan Processing
select cities, it can be upto
Charges / Renewal
5%) or Rs. 750/- whichever
is higher
Prepayment 4% on the principal
Charges outstanding
Charges for late
2% per month
payment (loans)
Cheque Swap
Rs. 500/-
Cheque bounce
Rs. 200



Description of Charges Personal Loan

Upto a maximum 2% of the loan
Loan Processing Charges
Upto 4% of the Principal
Pre-payment charges
No Due Certificate / No Objection Nil
Certificate (NOC)
@ 24 % p.a on amount
Charges for late payment of EMI
outstanding from date of default
Stamp Duty & other statutory
As per applicable laws of the state
Cheque swapping charges Upto Rs 500/- per event
Loan cancellation / re-booking
Upto Rs 1000/-
charges / Re-scheduling
Bounce Cheque Charges Upto Rs 450/- per Bouncing
Statement Charges (per
Upto Rs 500/-
statement)/ Repayment Schedule
Legal / incidental charges At actual


Description of
Two Wheeler Loans
Loan Processing
2% or Rs 500/-, whichever is higher
Pre-payment charges 3%
No Due Certificate / No
Objection Certificate Nil
Duplicate no due
Rs 250/-
certificate / NOC
Charges for late
2.50 % per month on overdue principal
payment of EMI
Stamp Duty & other
As per applicable laws of the state
statutory charges
Credit assessment
Rs 100/-
Non standard
Rs 250/-
repayment charges
Outstation clearing Rs 25/- per cheque or as per actuals
charges whichever is higher
Cheque swapping
Rs 500/-
Loan cancellation / re-
Rs 1000/-
booking charges
Bounce Cheque
Rs 450/-
Statement Charges
Rs 500/-
(per statement)


Description of
Car Loans
Cheque bouncing charges Rs. 450
4 % of POS for preclosures with 1 year
FC Charges
from 1st EMI
3% of POS for preclosures after 1 year
from 1st EMI
Stamp Duty At actuals
Late Payment Penalty 2% per month
Processing fees Rs. 400
Other Charges -
Valuation charges Used Cars - RS. 500 per case
Asset verification charges Car-n-Cash - RS. 350.00 per case



HDFC Bank's Internet Banking service provides up-

to-the-second account information, Net Banking
manage customers account from the comfort of
mouse - anytime, anywhere. HDFC leading service
provides a host of features at finger-tips:
• View Account Balances & Statements
• Transfer Funds between accounts
• Create Fixed Deposits Online
• Request a Demand Draft
• Pay Bills
• Order a Cheque Book
• Request Stop Payment on a Cheque

Internet Banking is the most convenient and

powerful way to manage account.
• Net Banking is Real Time, giving up-to-the-
second details on account.
• It can be accessed anytime, from anywhere,
giving you complete control over finances
• There are no queues to stand in, or turns to wait

HDFC Bank's Net Banking service is secure. Using

industry-standard technologies and infrastructures,
HDFC service gives peace of mind.

HDFC avail of the following services via Phone
Check account balance - Get up-to-the-second
details of Savings or Current Accounts and Fixed
Deposits. One can also get the details of the last 9
transactions on account, or have a mini statement
faxed across to customers.
Enquire on the cheque status - Customers can
use Phone Banking to check on the status of cheques
issued or deposited from anywhere in India.
Order a Cheque Book / Account Statement -
Just call Phone Banking and get Cheque Book or
latest Account Statement delivered at doorstep.
Stop Payment - Stop payment of a single cheque
or a series of cheques, 24 hours a day.
Loan Related queries - Details of the outstanding
loan amount, enquire about loan account, request
for an interest certificate and repayment schedule,
HDFC Mobile Banking service provides a host of
features at finger-tips through SMS:

• Get balance details

• Obtain last 3 transaction details
• Request a cheque book
• Stop a cheque payment
• Enquire cheque status
• Request an account statement
• Get Fixed Deposit details

Mobile Banking works through a set of text messages

(SMS). With SMS one can perform a wide range of
query-based transactions from your mobile phone,
without even making a call.
Customers can enjoy the following benefits at any of
HDFC 1054 ATM across India:

24-hour access to cash - Withdraw up to

Rs.10,000/- per day on ATM Card and up to Rs.
15,000 on Debit Card. The fast cash option saves
time by providing the cash in denominations of
View Account Balances & Mini-statements -
Details of the last 9 transactions on customers
account with the mini-statement, along with balance.
Order a Cheque Book / Account Statement
Transfer Funds between accounts – Customers
can also transfer money from one of accounts to
another. Both accounts must be linked to ATM Card
and Customer ID. A maximum of 5 Saving and 5
Current Accounts can be linked.
Refill your Prepaid card - HDFC Bank Account
holder and a prepaid customer can refill their prepaid
card with HDFC Prepaid Refill service.
Pay utility bills - Pay cellular, telephone and
electricity bills through the ATM using BillPay, a
comprehensive bill payments solution.
Deposit cash or cheques - Customers can deposit
cash or cheques into account and the ATM will
immediately print a receipt for the same.
HDFC have also partnered with American Express to
offer their domestic and international cardholders the
benefits of cash advances from any of there ATMs.


Self Phone Banking (IVR) access Mechanisms are as


For Deposits --The customer would need to key-in

his ATM/Debit Card Number and its corresponding

For Credit Cards -The customer would need to key-

in his 16 digit Card Number and its corresponding

For Demat Account Holders -The customer would

need to key-in his 14 Digit Demat Account Number
and its TPIN

For Bond Account Holders -The customer would

need to key in his Bonds holder Number only.

Some of the services offered are listed below

Banks Functionalities:
• Account Balance
• Mini Statement
• Cheque Book Request
• Cheque Status enquiry
• Stop Cheque Payment
• Utility Bill Payment
• Internet Userid
• Mobile banking Registration

Card Functionalities:

• Outstanding Balance
• Details of Last Statement
• Details of Last Payment
• Last five Transactions
• Reward Points status

Demat Functionalities:

• ISIN query
• Holding statement
• Transaction History
• Submitting Delivery Instructions
• Request for Instruction Booklet

Bonds Functionalities:
Information on Redemption
Information on Interest
Information on Despatch of Bonds certificates


Lost/Replacement card
ATM pin re-issue
Standing Instructions
Complaints and suggestions
Inquire about any ICICI Bank product
Register for Phone Banking
There is no phone banking registration which needs
to be done for Banks /Cards /Bonds it is given to the
customer by default .

For Demat we just have to fill the form and drop it at

the nearest ICICI Bank Branch or ATM.
ICICI Bank's 24 Hour ATM network is one of the
largest and most widespread ATM Network in India.
ATMs are located in commercial areas, residential
localities, major petrol pumps, airports, near railway
stations and other places which are conveniently
accessible to customers.

ICICI Bank ATMs features user-friendly graphic

screens with easy to follow instructions. ICICI have
introduced ATMs which interact with customers in
their local language for increased convenience.

Following are the features available on ATMs, which

can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Cash Withdrawal: Withdraw upto Rs. 25,000/- per

day from your account (50,000 for HNI's). Fast Cash
option provides the facility of withdrawing prefixed
amounts. Ultra Fast Cash option allows to withdraw
Rs.3000/- in one shot.

Balance Enquiry : Know ledger balance and

available balance

Mini Statement : Get a printout of last 8

transactions and current balance.

Deposit Cash / Cheques : Available at all full

function ATMs, Customers can deposit both cash and
cheques. Cash deposited in ATMs will be credited to
the account on the same day (provided cash is
deposited before the clearing) and cheques are sent
for clearing on the next working day.
Funds Transfer: Transfer funds from one account to
another linked account in the same branch.

PIN Change : Change the Personal Identification

Number (PIN) of ATM or Debit card.

Payments : The latest feature of our ATMs, this

functionality can be used for payment of bills,
making donations to temples / trusts, buying internet
packs, airtime recharges for prepaid mobile phones
and much more...

Others :Request for a checkbook from ATMs and

concerned branch will dispatch it such that it reaches
customers within 10 working days.

Charges: There is no charge levied on ICICI Bank

customers for transacting on ICICI Bank's ATMs.
However for customers not maintaining the minimum
quarterly average balance in their savings account,
first 6 transactions in the quarter will be free and Rs.
25 per transaction will be charged thereafter.
ICICI bank provides following internet services:


ICICI bank helps to pay bills for Utility Companies

(Electricity and Telephone), ICICI Bank Credit Card,
Mobile bills, Insurance Premiums and lot more.ICICI
bank offersa free bill payment services through
Internet Banking Account.

ICICI Bank facilitates to buy variety of products
online from more than 75 shopping websites.
Payment can be made conveniently using ICICI Bank


Recharge Prepaid Mobile anytime, anywhere in just

a few minutes by logging into Internet Banking on
ICICIBank.com or by sending a simple SMS. The
fastest & easiest way to recharge prepaid mobile.