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Bhalessa-Basnota, Bonjawah- Separate Identity imperative for achievable

Jawalapur to Kahaljugaser be made a separate political constituency

Unfortunately, the area

has been divided and has not
taken care of its
geographical proximity or
administrative conveniences.
Bhalessa is presently a
part of Bhaderwah
Constituency including some
little part of Bhatyas and
chilly hamlets, whereas the
areas like of Basnota (Kahara) and Bonjawah are part of
Inderwal assembly segment.
Owing to the scatteredness of these areas the composite
culture has been deteriorated. The regional chauvinism led its
head high due to its political dislocation. The local traditional
ethos has been damaged and area has been little progressed&
planned. It may be due to poor administrative and political set
up. The areas like Kahara and Bhatyas are disconnected owing
to inadequate administrative presence.

By Sadaket Malik
Nestling amongst high mountainous and cliffy terrain, off
shooting high where skies are the limits, it is most prominent
townships like Bhalessa, Bonjawah, Basnota, Chilly and Pingal in
Doda District.
The spirituality attunes the skies resting aside castes,
creed and colours and above all religions, The Ruby Gems on
mountainous slopes glows and glitters and marble of Thathri
twinkle amidst dense, vibrant, lush green uplands.
The topography of the area is hilly and mountainous. There
is Lack of transport communication as compared to other areas
of the erstwhile Doda District.

It is the most backward which is evident from the low

literacy rate, dilapidated road conditions, poor road net work,
low per capita income, Non-existence of industries and lack of
adequate agricultural inputs.
There is enough potential to hold back the tourist in the
area for at least a fortnight. Imagine how much good it could do
to the local economy. Places of pilgrimages if promoted will
help bringing the tourist to these areas even while the
infrastructure is being developed. Of late, The Tourism
Development Authority required to be established firstly.
Bhalessa presents beautiful picturesque as well as
attractive fields on way to Padri Top which could be promoted
as a health resort as well as a picnic spot. It is on huge heights
and one could find large snow field here even in the month of

Of late, the people in governance are in favor of creation of

separate constituency under the pretext of Delimitation
Commission report. Administrative reforms are already in place.
The recent changes seemed to be happened. The Tehsil Thathri
and Tehsil Bhalessa carved out of Sub- Division Bhaderwah very
recently is a milestone in the history. Tehsil Bhalessa has been
upgraded as Sub – Division. This way there again remain two
Sub-Divisions i.e. Bhaderwah and Bhalessa with three Tehsils
namely Bhaderwah, Bhalessa and Thathri in District Doda.
As such, in any case one Sub-Division is to have two Tehsils
while the other will remain Sub-Division for one Tehsil. It may
be in place to mention that the distance from Thathri to Tehsil
Headquarter Bhalessa is only 30 Kms whereas distance from
Thathri to Bhaderwah is around 60 Kms. Furthermore, the
distance from Bhalessa to Bonjwah is only 20 kms and is
geographically very close to Bhalessa.
However, In view of the above considerations the
government proposed that new Sub-Division Bhalessa shall
comprise, Tehsil Bhalessa and Tehsil Thathri.
Previously, a demand was projected by the public that
twenty three villages falling in three Patwar Halqas namely
Kansoo, Jora and Malanoo be attached with Tehsil Bhalessa
after their deletion from Tehsil Thathri.
The demand for the setting up of Niabats at Bhatyas and
Kahara is justified as the area is disconnected administratively.
Another demand received by the government team during
its visit to the area pertained to attachment of eleven villages
of Patwar Halqas Patnazi and Jawalapur commonly known as
Bunjawa with Tehsil Thathri after their detachment from Tehsil
Kishtwar on the ground of proximity of the area and
convenience of the people.
After considering all counter claims in respect of these
demands and taking into consideration, the proximity of Patwar
Halqas, administrative convenience and public demand, the
team recommended strongly that eight villages of Patwar Halqa
Kansoo namely Kansoo, Bathri, Indlu, Dichhal, Bhatoli,
Dharyouth, Piyakal, Kuthyara with population of 5,744 can be
deleted from Tehsil Thathri and added in Tehsil Bhalessa. The
demand for attachment of Patwar Halqas Jora and Malanoo with
Bhalessa Tehsil is not found justified and agreeable. The
government find it unjustified. This was suggested by the
committee formed by the government.
The area of Bonjawah is in close proximity with Bhalessa
including Bhatyas and Khara. Geographically Bonjawah, Khara,
Bhatyas and Gandoh Bhalessa upto khaljugasar is a single
geographical unit.
Unfortunately, the area has been divided and has not taken
care of its geographical proximity, Bhalessa is presenty a part
of Bhaderwah Constituency including some little part of Bhatyas
and chilly, whereas the areas like of Khara and Bonjawah are
part of Inderwal assembly segment thereby the local composite
culture has been deteriorated. The regional chauvinism has its
head high due to its political dislocation. The local composite
culture has been damaged and area seemed little progressed &

The locals are in favour of creation of separate political

and administrative unit under the pretext of Delimitation
commission by combining Tehsil Bhalessa, Khara, Bhatyas,
Chilly and Bonjawah and deleting Bhalessa from Bhaderwah and
Bonjawah from Inderwal.
It will be a progressive step if Bhalessa-Bhatyas –Bonjawah
might be carved as a separate political and administrative unit.
The state government should set up a committee for taking into
account the sentiments of all three zones viz Tehsil Bhalessa,
Bonjawah and Bhatyas Pingal & Chilly areas.
The advantage of separate unit may lead to the progress as
far as developmental arena is concerned. The local community
especially the people of all these areas be taken in confidence
while preparing the final document on achievable motherhood
so that the people of the area might get solace of the problems
of inadequate development and help to maintain the age old
tradition, folk lore and above all culture and geographical

(Sadaket Malik is a Researcher and a Writer based in

Bhalessa and can be contacted at
sadaketmalik@rediffmail.com )

A View of Illaqa Neeli in Bhalessa

A view of Raj goth meadeaw in Bhalessa adjusent to Chamba Boarder

A view of Bhalessa

A lush green view of Bhalessa meadeaws