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E-mail: sadaketjammu@gmail.com sadaketmalik@rediffmail.com
Web Page: www.sadaketmalik.blogspot.com/ www.sadaket.wordpress.com/


Sadaket A Malik, Born in an improvised middle class family in a hilly hamlet

of Bhalessa. Did his B A from Govt. Degree College Bhaderwah in (2004), M A
In Education from University of Jammu (2006). B.Ed from Jammu University in
Served as Acting President of Govt. Degree College Students Union (DCSU)
Bhaderwah in 2003-04 and pleaded the cause of students, He was appointed
as a Departmental Representative (DR) of Department of Education
University of Jammu in 2005.
Founded NGO- Students Welfare Association Bhalessa (SWAB) and got it
registered from J&K state government in 1999 when he was student in
Government Higher Secondary school kilhotran.

Worked as Group Leader of NSS Unit of Bhaderwah College.

Established IGNOU Special Study Centre in Bhalessa after getting approval
from Ministry of HRD and IGNOU New Delhi, and Worked as Coordinator of
centre from July 2006 to Jan. 2009.
Besides this, Some National repute Newspapers of the Government like The
Employment News New Delhi has granted to him a space as Paid career
Besides running IGNOU in Bhalessa,
He is presently being consulted by some of the B.Ed Colleges of Jammu
University like Vimal Muni College of Education Ramgarh, Shri Mata
Vaishnoo Devi College of Education Reasi, and Calliope College of
Education Akhnoor for academic activities like Convergence schemes of
IGNOU in these colleges and introduction of new schemes of study in these
colleges. He is working as a Director Academics of Vimal Muni College of
Education Ramgarh as a part time activity.
He has 50 articles on education policy parameters published in leading
papers like Employment News New Delhi, Daily Excelsior Jammu, Kashmir

Times Jammu, and Online web magazines like www.merinews.com.
www.articlebase.com www.employmentnews.com
His article entitled “Decentralization needed in educational
programmes” published in Daily Excelsior has been collected by National
Knowledge Commission New Delhi for its resource library. Some of the critical
articles like “ J&K State knowledge Commission needs fleeting attention” ,
“Needed a reflective Youth policy” , “ Distance education regulator cry of the
hour” and “Technologizing learning in schools” achieved a greater attention
of the policy makers and the educationists veering to set up a J&K state
knowledge commission initiated by Professor Amitabh Mattoo, The then Vice
Chancellor Jammu University.

In this booklet entitled “Roots of Bhalessa” Sadaket has tried to bring alive
past and present of the tranquil land that has been the arena of his young

Awards and Endorsement:-

 He got 120 Hours Vice Chancellors Medal in 2003 from the
then Vice Chancellor Jammu University Prof. R R Sharma for 120 hours
community service after college hours. He was recommended by the then
Principal Govt. Degree College Bhaderwah, Sh. P. L Koul and NSS Programme
coordinator NSS JU Prof. V K Kapoor for the grant of this precious award..

 He Got District Youth Award from Deputy Commissioner Doda

in Year 2005 for his youth activities like Organising of historical “Peace Rally”
and Youth awareness camps. Seminars in the erstwhile Doda district.

 He was honoured by Dedi Nirmala Deshpande M.P and veteran

social activist with “Gandhi Doot Madel” in impressive function at Jammu
for his work on Peace in the area.

Affiliation, Membership and Correspondence:

He is associated with, and is having affiliation, membership and
correspondence with the following organizations abroad and within India:-
Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi.
The Third World Studies Centre, University Of Philippine
Freelance Writing Centre UK.
World Wide Fund for Nature India.

National Students Welfare Association Jammu
Jammu Provincial Teachers Association
Vimal Muni College of Education Ramgarh Jammu
Bhalessa Youth Coordination Committee BYCC.
Peoples Union for Civil Liberty PUCL
UNESCO New Delhi Office.
National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) N.D

M A In Education from University of Jammu (2006) with 60
% Marks.

B.Ed from University of Jammu with 50 % Marks.

Pursuing Part-time P.hd from Jamia Millia Islamia University

New Delhi

• Social Activities Organised:

History of National Students Welfare Association formerly
Students Welfare Association Bhalessa (SWAB)

In the summer of 2002, a few students of Govt Degree

college Bhaderwah led by Mr. sadaket Malik and others got
together to think of ways in which they could play a role in
the development of education in hilly terrain of Bhalessa
Doda of J&K state. These young people shared the belief
that education is a critical requisite and an effective catalyst
for social and economic change in the area. Basic education
became the agenda for the action group that emerged from
this gathering. The group was named NSWA to represent the
hope that had brought these individuals together and the
hope that they aimed to bring into the lives of youth of the

area. In that summer of 2003, mission was born at the Govt
Degree college Bhaderwah Doda J&K.

Massive Peace Rally:-

In June, 2003, the massive peace really was organized at

Doda with a view to disseminate the message of peace and
-nal harmony, more then 5000 youth participated in the
Free Education Camp:-

In December, 2003,a free education camp was organized at

Soti,wherein the students were imparted free education.
In March, 2004, a series of seminars and awareness camps
was organized on communal harmony, national
integration,youth leadership,self employment till May 2004.
G R Azad Students Welfare Academy Kakoo
In June,2004,he was opened a school “G.R.Azad Students
Welfare Academy at Kakoo Bhalessa (Doda) wherein the
needy students are getting free education.
Orphan Welfare Programme:-
In July,2004 onwards, orphan welfare programme was
organized in various schools of Bhalessa more than 20
orphans were given free books for perceiving their studies.
In March,2005,he facilitated social
Workers, NGOs, academicians, peace activists and
meritorious students of the District.

National Integration:

In June 2005, a District level seminar on role of students in

national building was organized at town hall Doda wherein
more than 16 students spoke on the topic.
Information Cell for Youth:-
In August 2005, he established an information cell to
disseminate the information to youth regarding career
development and self employment programmes launched
by Govt. of India.

Solid Waste Management:-

In November 2005, he organized a massive campaign on
solid waste management in Bhalessa Gandoh (Doda).

Value inculcation:-
In order to inculcate the cultural and human values among
the current posterity the association organized seminars,
group discussions, on truth and non violence at Doda
Bhalessa area of Doda Distt.
The overall programme was presided and inspected
by Distt.Development commissioner Doda Sh. Gulzar
Ahmed Qureshi (KAS) 30 speakers of different area of
schools participated in the seminars.The NGOs hold
Valedictory ceremony at Town Hall Doda in which the
Shakti Singh Principal Govt. HSS Boys Doda presided over
the ceremony.The functions were organized in cot 2004,in

connection with theGandhi Jayanti 2004.Prizes were
distributed among the studentsand participants.

Child Development:-
In order to provide solace to the disadvantaged sections of
the students,the association provided free books to 50
students of Bhalessa in 2005-06.The stationary items were
distributed among the 100 students of the area.

Vocational Training:-
The NGO managed two computer centres at Doda so as to
provide skill based and job oriented training to the youth
and make them self employed.In 2004-05 the organized
supported G.R.Azad institute of IT at Doda for infrastructure.
Free Education:-
A free education camp was organized at Kilhotran and Soti
in cooperation with NHRDS IN2004-05.
Medical care and physiotherapy:-
In 2005,collected Rs 23000-00 for the treatment of one
blood cancer patient Rukya Banoo of Chilly Bhalessa and
referred to her for therapy in AIIMS New Delhi.

NSWA opened a school at Kakoo for the disadvantaged,
orphan and poor students in2004-05.
Youth development through self employment:-
Oganized aself employment awareness camp at Gandoh in

Culture awakening:-
To enable the youth in infusing the sprit of respect to the
culture heritage of J&k state in general and Bhalessa in
the association organized a”composite mushira at Kackoo,
Batara Singers meet at Bhalessa.
IPPI programme at Bhalessa to familiarized the people about
deadly disease of polio.Moreover, the inter school debate on
AIDS at Gandoh
in 2nd Dec.2004 in connection with world aids day was

Women and child empowerment:-

A seminar on “women and child empowerment” was
at G.R.Azad institute near Dak bungalow Doda in
with field publicity Deptt.Doda in 2005 Feb.
Information cell and documentation
Centre at Bhalessa:-
Established information cell in which students are getting
useful information of schemes, notification, career guidance
Seminar on Child Labour:-

A seminar on topic child labour was organized at the college
of Higher Education in Bhalessa Doda in which more than20
speakers threw light on topics as 25 Aprill,2006.The NGO
has managed a compaignnamed “save child save nation”.
Organized a solid waste management programme at
Bhalessa in collaboration with Govt. Middle School Bharthi
and Akhil Bharat Rachnatnak Samaj Bhalessa in

Self employment
An awareness programme entitled self employment for
rural youth was organized at Bhalessa with a view to make
the youth familiar of the schemes launched by central and
state Govt.in awareness programme more than 100 youths
were given self employment training in collaboration with
field publicity office Doda in June 2006.
Education and training:-
Opened a college named at G.R.Azad college of higher
education at Bhalessa.The IGNOU special study centre has
been opened and MOU was signed between IGNOU and
NSWA in july 2006.

Vocational Training:-
Opened a vocational centre named as N.S.W.A institute of
education and vocational training (NIEVT) at Kahara
Bhalessa, wherein 100 students are getting computer
education.The centre was opened under the supervision of
local MLA G M Saroori who also inaugurated the centre.


Founded NGO National students Welfare Association

JK. And organized more then 50 seminars, debates,
conferences, awareness camps, medical camps in
rural area of Doda, Bhaderwah and Bhalessa.

Leaded a historical Peace Rally at Bhalessa to

dessiminate the message of Peace and non violence
in the interiors of the valley. The rally was highly
endorsed by Dedi Nirmalla Deshpande of All India
Gandhian Workers Society India.

Organised orphan welfare Programme in Bhalessa to

provide stationary items to the orphan and needy

Holded Youth rally’s in rural areas with regard to

education, Literacy, Peace, National Unity,

He established an IGNOU Special Study Centre in

Bhalessa under the scheme of Special study centres
launched by IGNOU New Delhi. In his centre, he got
admitted more then
600 students in several job oriented programmes.
He attended national camps on National Unity, Pre
RD Camp and training workshops in several
universities of India including, Guru Nanak Dev
University Amritsar Punjab.

Articles of Sadaket Ali Malik on Education Policy
Published in National Media
S NO Title Date of Publication
Publication Agency

1. “Our Education System” 6th December

Weekly United Kashmir

2. “Distance Education” 2nd October 2007

The Daily Excelsior Jammu

3. “Accountability for NGOs” 7th March, 2008 The Kashmir Times Jammu

4. “Holistic Education” 13th May, 2008 The Daily Excelsior Jammu

5. “Technologising Learning 7th

in of June 2008The Daily Excelsior Jammu

6. “Needed a reflective Youth

20th June, 2008 The Daily Excelsior Jammu

7 “Decentralisation needed 16th

in September
The Daily Excelsior Jammu
Educational Programmes” 2008

8. “Pro-active Placement scheme 28th September

The Mandate Jammu
needed in Technical education”2008

9. “It’s a rising tide irreversible

18th October, 2008
The Kashmir Times Jammu
tide in educational picture”

10. “Revitalising Secondary

24th October, 2008
The Daily Excelsior Jammu
education Programmes”

11. “India’s Unmanned moon

27th October, 2008
The Daily Excelsior Jammu
mission-A stepping Stone”
12. “State knowledge Commission
4th November,
The Kashmir Times Jammu
good if it acts” 2008
13. “State knowledge commission Indiaedunews.net
needs fleeting attention”
14. “Bhalessa-A land 2of
November 2008
The Kashmir Times, Jammu
15. “Value based Education” 16th November,
The Daily Excelsior Jammu.
16. e-governance: way to reach the
24th November,
The Daily Excelsior Jammu
unreached 2008
17 “Flexible educational curricula”
06 October, 2008The Daily Excelsior Jammu
18. “Career in NGO Management” 6 February, 2009The Employment News
New Delhi, Govt of India
19. “e-way for knowledge
18th February,
The Daily Excelsior, Jammu
explosion” 2008
20. “Career trends in NGO sector”17th May, 2009 The Job Quest Jammu
21. “Career trends in Public
10th May, 2009 The Job Quest Jammu
22. “Streamlining vocational The Daily Excelsior Jammu
23. “Placement facility in Technical The Daily Excelsior, Jammu

24. “Government schemes and The Daily Excelsior Jammu
community originations.
25. “Bhalessa- A Tranquil Land The Daily Excelsior Jammu
26. “Open and Distance learning” The Daily Excelsior Jammu
27 “Open and Distance learning The Meri News.com
takes rapid strides”
28. “Poet can not become a The India education news.
chemical engineer”
29. “Glamorous Career of The Job Quest Jammu
30. “Bhalessa- A Model of
Communal harmony”
31 “The Problems of Students 2005
at Unpublished dissertation
different levels in submitted to University of
schools.colleges and university Jammu
departments of Jammu
32 IGNOU takes rapid strides 2009-06-05 Unpublished




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