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A very hardworking individual who loves his work and possess remarkable Presentation,
Communication and Leadership skills.

My total work experience is over 6.5 years (Local and International). My key role has been the
GSM network but my last two projects have been both GSM+WCDMA network.
I have been a RF planning and optimization engineer with my grip on NSN (1.5 Years) and
Huawei (4.5 Years) equipment. I have worked with 8 operators (UFONE, Mobilink, Telenor) in
Pakistan, (Umniah) in Jordan, (TIGO) in Congo, (HTG) in Somalia and (Vodacom, Cell C) in South
Africa. My expertise are in KPI monitoring and Parametric trials, Network improvement, SWAP
projects analysis, Drive Test Data Post Processing, Frequency Retuning, Neighbor Audits, Drive Tests
and Site Surveys.
I have also successfully completed Huawei Level-1, 2 and 3 LTE/GSM training and Test
with a score >80%.
I have also successfully completed Huawei UMTS training with a score of more than 80%
I have also completed Huawei PM training with a TEST result of 100%
The tools on which I have worked on are: Huawei M2000, Huawei PRS, Huawei GENEX UNET,
Huawei LMT, Huawei OMSTAR, Nokia Reporting Suite, Vodacom Sonar, Mapinfo, Actix, Nemo
Outdoor/Indoor/Analyzer, TEMS, MCOM, Asset/RANOPT (Basics).

Huawei (South Africa)
2012 Till Date
I started working in Huawei in the technical department but in April, 2013 I was given the role of
Solution Sales Manager where the task has been expanded from only technical to Sales+Technical.
Responsibilities / Tasks Performed:
Successfully completed different optimization projects in the specific time frame which
involved Lead Roles as well.
Has been the prominent technical resource for Huawei New Trials/Features, AFP/Refarming and all other big activities.
I have been a lead technical guy on the customer interface representing Huawei for big
operators like Vodacom also.
Successfully implemented and optimized the new feature VAMOS in Vodacom south
Africa also shared the complete deployment guide with the customer.
Known for remarkable presentation, communication and technical skills in the team.
I have also been involved in the audit of two networks on sales perspective for which
Huawei eventually got the project.
Have completed Huawei eRan6.0 features (LTE) which can also be used in future as a
new trial and new feature for the customer.

Huawei (Vodacom Project-FPG)

2011 February, 2012
I worked in this project as a Network Performance Improvement engineer and our target was to
improve the network major KPIs.
Responsibilities / Tasks Performed:

To check out the parameter discrepancies of the whole BSCs to bring all the cells on a
common platform.
Physical changes (Redesigning) on the basis of KPIs and then recommendations based
on the predictions to have the maximum improvement impact on the network.
Underlay and Overlay traffic balancing to improve the performance of the network and
also to mark out the cells with poor Underlay/Overlay performance, the DCS SWAP cells
and Underlay/Overlay hardware issues.
Neighbor analysis to keep the Handovers logical and eventually improving the Handover
Success Rate and the Drop Call Rate.
Optimize the worst cells to bring a significant improvement on the BSC level.
Optimizing the congestion parameters to minimize the congestion on the network.
I was also dealing directly with the customer as an interface for all the physical changes
to be carried out, to show the performance every week, to share the new features and
trials and to solve the customer queries.
On field (Drive Test both 2G and 3G) plans and analysis on monthly basis after the KPIs
stability on the BSC.

NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks-Tangent)
2011 August, 2011.
This was a SWAP project from old (Siemens+Nokia) equipment to the Multiradio NSN equipment
(flexi). I worked here as a 3G RNO and was responsible for the Pre Launch optimization.

Responsibilities / Tasks Performed:

Doing the neighbor audit and verifying the planning data for the sites before SWAP.
Coordination with the drive test engineers and supporting them in case they face any
issue in the field.
Giving recommendations on issues like bad Ec/No, bad RSCP, Pilot Pollution, low
throughput on HSUPA/HSDPA.
Checking the major KPIs for the site like RRC setup success rate, RAB setup
success rate, Drops analysis, Intra frequency, Inter frequency and Intersystem
HO success rate.
In case of a good drive test and stable KPIs the making of the acceptance report for the
November, 2010
April, 2011.
This was a SWAP project from Motorola to Huawei equipment. I was hired as a senior 2G RNO
in this project and my key responsibilities were to get the on field (Drive Testing) acceptance
of 2G.

Responsibilities / Tasks Performed:

Acceptance of all on field KPIs from the customer.
Daily KPIs analysis after the SWAP to check out proper functioning.
Neighbor audit to remove any discrepancies before and after the SWAP.
Power mapping (cell level) before and after SWAP.
Cluster level KPIs acceptance of the SWAP area from the customer.
Redesign recommendations for the overshooting cells on the basis of TA and Radio Link
Parametric changes for the WORST CELLS to improve their Call Completion and Call
Retention rates.
Monitoring of RNC and cell level KPIs of WCDMA network on Sonar.
Monitoring the drops in the WCDMA network to pinpoint the issue for optimization.

NSN (Nokia Siemens Networks)

November, 2009
November, 2010.
This was a SWAP project from Siemens to NSN equipment. I was hired as a RF planning
engineer on this project and was shifted to the Optimization Team in the second phase.

Responsibilities / Tasks Performed:

My key responsibility in this project was to get the frequency plans approved from
the customer. Before SWAP and after SWAP frequency band were different hence
needed to assign frequencies (BCCH + Hopping), MAIOs and HSN accordingly.
In the project if optimization or DT team used to face any bad C/I area the
frequency retuning was also my responsibility.
In SWAP activities coordination with the DT engineers to overcome real time
issues was a secondary responsibility during this project.
As an optimization engineer I worked on my clusters keeping a strong grip on all
the major KPIs like CSSR, HSR, DCR, SDR, GoS TCH, GoS SDCCH and MPD.
I also acted as an interface with the Operations team to cater all the Hardware
related issues.
I was also a trainer for RF planning and optimization for all the Junior and new

Huawei Technologies
September, 2008
November, 2009.
This was a SWAP project from Motorola to Huawei equipment. My responsibility in this
project was pure running Network Optimization.
Responsibilities / Tasks Performed:
Neighbor Audit using MAPINFO tool MAPPER and frequency retuning using
Complete making of the IAR (Initial acceptance report) and the FAR (Final
acceptance report) for its submission to the PMCL.
Daily escalation of issues to PMCL with recommendations, redesigning activities if
any and solving customer queries.
Some successful Trials for me in this project were:
Balancing the FR-HR thresholds by pushing the maximum traffic to FR. Thus
improving the SQI.
SDCCH dimensioning, by shifting the SDCCH to the TRX with least
interference or at maximum times to the BCCH TRX.
Zone load sharing by pushing the traffic from 900 to 1800 where needed.
Traffic sharing by shifting the traffic from high traffic carrying cells to low
traffic carrying neighbors, improving the GoS TCH.
Areas of possible JAMMERS were caught and JAMMERS were found in those
I also gave a couple of short trainings on HUAWEI ALGORITHMS and their
working to the customer on the customer request.

AIRCOM Int. Dubai (Umniah Project) - Jordan

AIRCOM Int. Singapore (Ufone Project) - Pakistan
2007 May, 2008.

June, 2008 July,


Job Title: SSV DT Optimization DT Post Processing MOS Testing

Responsibilities / Tasks Performed:
Complete New Site & Cluster Optimization drive tests using Nemo Outdoor 4,
TEMS Investigation 5.1.1. That includes EDGE/GPRS testing, frequency
scanning, radio parameters verification and indoor walk tests.

Identification of faults and issues during the drive test e.g. sector swaps
(complete & partial), BCCH clashes, Handover failures, Call drops, bad Quality
and Rx level patches, missing neighbors, overshoots etc.
Real time optimization as per the drive test which could be tilts change or
parametric changes.
I have also carried on the Drive Test using NEMO MOS kit to check out
detailed insight of the speech quality.
Post processing by making exporting the log files to MapInfo format and thus
making the required reports in the best presentable form.
Recommendations of all the cluster drives after the log files processing.

MOBILINK-ORASCOM (Internship) - Islamabad



New Site & Cluster Optimization drive tests using TEMS Investigation 5.1.1.

Attended a nine days professional training during my first month in Huawei on
GSM. It included GSM basics, frequency planning basics, Power control, AMR, Idle
mode parameters and BSS mapping.
On self basis successfully completed the training on UMTS/WCDMA (Rel.99)
Overview and UMTS/WCDMA HSDPA (Rel.5) Protocols and Physical Layer with
Successfully completed the LTE basic Huawei Internal training and cleared its test
by securing >80%.


Project Title:

December, 2006 April, 2007

Design, Development and implementation of MIL-STD-188-110B Data


Military College of Signals, NUST, Pakistan.
B.E. Electrical (Telecommunication) Engineering (2003-2007)
APSAC (Ordnance road), Rawalpindi.
SSC and HSSC Certificate (1999-2003)
1. iManager M2000 client. (Huawei BSC software)
2. Local maintenance Terminal LMT (Huawei BSC software (TRX level))
3. MCOM 2005.
4. Nemo Outdoor 4 and 5.
5. Nemo Analyzer 5.
6. Actix Analyzer.
7. Reporting Suite.
8. PRS
9. TEMS Investigation Route analysis.
10. TEMS Investigation Data collection.
11. MapInfo Professional.
13. MS Office.

Luyuming (Head ESA Assurance & Managed svc dept)

Bilal Mumtaz (Deputy NTS director Huawei)

I am available on a one month notice period (Negotiable).