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Lesson Plan in Grade 3 English

Topic: Adjectives
I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson the children are able to:
a) Recognize words that describes persons, places, animals, things and events
b) Describe person, places, animals, things and events correctly
c) Distinguish describing words from other words.
II. Subject Matter
Topic: Adjectives
Materials: powerpoint presentation, 3 boxes with pieces of papers, bond paper,
coloring materials
Reference: Language Enrichment Programs by Hazel Domingo Babiano
III. Presentation
A. Preparatory Activity
B. Developmental Activities

a. Motivation
The teacher will let the children read the projected poem about Summer.
Summer Days
Summer days, nice and long
makes me want to sing a song.
It is hot and dry but I still sing,
when I hear the ice cream man bells ring.
Snow-cones and ice pop makes me cool,
Even though I love the pool
Summers speeding by so fast
Oh, I wish these days would last.
For when it ends, I must abandon my pool,
I really dread going back to school.
But in the end, it will suffice
Because I had the best summer of my life!
b. Discussion
1. The teacher will let the children answer the following questions.
- What is the title of the poem?
- What are the words that were italicized in the poem? From those words,
choose appropriate words that describe Summer Days.
2. The teacher will tell the children that these words that describe are called
Adjectives. Adjectives are words that describe person, animals, places, things

or events. They are usually placed before the nouns they describe or tell
Example: red apple
hot summer
pretty lady
They are also placed after the words am, is, are, was and were
Example: She is lovely. Summer is hot and dry.
3. To easily remember Adjectives, the teacher will teach the Adjective Song.
Adjectives are words that tell,
that describe, persons
places, animals and things, and events
4. The teacher will show set of pictures. Then the children will identify the
appropriate adjectives for each picture.

The teacher will prepare a box with strips of paper inside. Then the children
will pick strips of papers from the box. After picking, they will draw what they
have picked in a piece of paper.
Ex. Red crunchy apple

C. Evaluation
Box the describing words in each sentence.
1. The mango is sour.
2. The dolls are pretty.
3. Danny is a smart boy.
4. The small hut is on the hill.
5. Ronna has a cute pet.
6. My umbrella is colourful.

Write three words that can describe the words in the box.

1. _________ __________ ___________


2. _________ __________ ___________


3. _________ __________ ___________


4. _________ __________ ___________


5. _________ __________ ___________