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Consumer Behaviour

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To enable students to,
1. Understand concepts, models and applications of consumers
2. Describe consumer perception, its elements and study about learning theories, attitudes and
3. Illustrate the influence of culture, subculture and cross culture on consumer behavior
4. Explain process of opinion leadership, adoption and levels, models of consumer decision
5. Discuss difficulties, challenges of consumer behavior in Indian context and issues emerging
Unit I


Consumer Behavior concepts and need for studying Consumer Behavior Consumer Research
Process Ethics in Consumer Research - Models of Consumer Behavior - Applications of
Consumer Behavior in Marketing Decisions.
Unit II

Consumer as an Individual

Consumer perception - Elements of perception - Dynamics of perception - Consumer imagery perceived risk.
Consumer Learning, Cognitive Learning theory.
Attitude, Structural Models of attitude, Cognitive Dissonance Theory and Attribution theory Motivation as a psychological force - Types and System of needs.
Unit III

Consumers in their Social and Cultural Settings

Reference Groups and Family Influences - Social Class and Consumer Behavior - The Influence
on Culture on Consumer Behavior - Subcultures and Consumer Behavior - Cross Cultural
Consumer Behavior.
Unit IV

Consumer decision process and post-purchase Behavior

Opinion Leadership - Dynamics of opinion Leadership Process - The Motivation behind Opinion
Leadership - The Diffusion Process - the Adoption Process - Levels of consumer decision making
- Models of Consumer Decision Making.
Unit V

Additional Dimensions

Consumerism consumer protection difficulties and challenges in predicting consumer

behavior online consumer behavior organizational and industrial buyer behavior consumer
behavior in Indian context emerging issues.
Total: 40 hours
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