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1)My favorite musician is John Legend ( because I like very much his voce and

every time I listen to his songs I relax myself because they make me cheerful and
I forget about all the worries. He is an American singer. In general ,his lyrics are
talking about love and when Im listening to them I find inspiration for what I do.

2)I wish I had a Husky dog because I like it very much .A Husky dog is very
quiet ,loving ,and friendly. It is a devoted animal to his owner. I like Husky dogs
because they are cute and fluffy. They can be black with white or brown with
white or gray with black color, they can have an eye-color and one other color or
blue ,green or black and they weigh up to 28 kilograms. They could live up to 15
years. They are very good, affectionate and noble.

3) Give your opinion on the following statement: Leadership and learning are
indispensable to each other. Use relevant arguments and examples to support
your ideas.
In my opinion, indispensable elements are those elements that are absolutely
necessary and incapable of being disregarded.
Firstly, each individual contributes and is accountable for his/her actions . For
exemple, students and staff members in hospital are accountable to their patients
and to ourselves as we discover and know, promote the lifelong learning, the
successful outcomes and enhance professional practice. The desired outcome must
be the discovery and the development of new therapeutic modalities, drug stopped
systems, therapeutic guidelines, and methods for optimizing the patient
medication . Intellectual curiosity and a willingness to learn are central to students.
Secondly, we must be willing to assume leadership roles to ensure the success of
other persons and teams in our college /school. We must be willing to learn new
skills needed to effectively work and collaborate in a team and to better use our
individual leadership skills. Learning is essential not only for the success of teams
and groups ,but also for every one of us. Learning is essential in everyone's life
because it helps to develop all skills and contributes to the realization of
relationships between people .Also learning is essential for the success of teams or
groups and it utilizes knowledge and aptitudes needed to improve the teams
All in all, leadership and learning should never be considered separate. Each of us
must always be willing to learn and to lead as strive towards academic,
professional and personal excellence in our colleges and schools.

Alte idei pentru ca paragraful ala cu firstly.. ma depaseste:

Learning is indispensable to leadership because you need to stay on top of things to be a good leader.
That means you are constantly learning about what is going on so you can make good decisions.

A leader who is ill-informed in comparison to his following soon loses face with
them, and must give way to someone who is better informed, better-read, has
better intelligence. Leadership really demands ongoing education of the leader.
A great leader never stops learning, whether it is from their people, their
experiences, or themselves.
All the leaders that you and I admire have made conscious decisions to
- learn the skills,
- develop the qualities and
- practice the actions
that have made them recognised and followed by others.

4) Give your opinion on the following statement: Everyone believes in his

youth that the world really began with him,and that all merely exist for
his sake.Use relevant arguments and examples to support your ideas.
Some people think that teenage years are the happiest moments of most people's
lives. I think being young means still having a lot of time to dream.
Firstly,as we go through this period, everything changesphysically, mentally,
socially, and most of all, emotionally. As we go through life, we encounter changes.
Changes that will make our character stand above all. What you do now will lay the
foundation for your state in the future. For a short period of our adolescence, we
must try to make this become exciting, enjoyable, and memorable times in our life.
We are young, full of energy, we feel like we are invincible, totally carefree and
were becoming more independent. We also have thousands of questions as we
enter this new stage of life. This is the time when we actually need the guidance
and the support of our parents and older people.
However, teenagers are often criticized for having bad habits like taking drugs and
alcohol. In my opinion most teenagers are aware of the consequences of such bad
habits and very few of them get addicted to drugs and alcohol. Some people claim
that teenagers are cruel and aggressive . Teenagers always accompany us in life in
the form of memories such as: favorite cartoons (Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo,

Frenklin, Clifford) or a picture discarded in a drawer, a song, a toy forgotten in a

corner of the room, this is the most important stage of life because it is when we
shape our personality and we gain the necessary knowledge to live in society.In this
period, we often find the most enjoyable moments that we lived: the first day of
school,the schoolbooks, the teacher, the first day of high-school, first bad mark, the
first love and the list could continue. All of these introduce us in an universe that
remains forever in our hearts. For example, teenagers are not always aware that
youth is the period that prepares for life, that offers us memorable moments, that
forms us a level of expectancies from the future.
In conclusion, I think young generations have the happiest time of the life because
they dont need to worry about the daily problems , having time for dreaming.