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Unknown and human extinction

(Parapsychology and the end of the world)

Alexei Turchin, Russian Transhumanist Movement

To complete the range of topics related to global disasters

and non-traditional areas of science that I began in my articles,
"UFOs as global risk"
and "Risk from extinct civilizations”, it is necessary to embark on
shaky ground of esoteric and try there to catch fish in the
troubled water. (Incidentally, I have not yet covered subject of
conspiracy theories about world government and alternative

Here, I will not attempt to determine the specific mechanisms of

hypothetical parapsychological phenomena, nor attempt to prove
or disprove the fact of their existence.

In religions we have "positive end of the world" - very roughly

speaking, God comes and takes away with him all the good in the
good kingdom. This may be done in simulations - with the transfer
of all who was there, in another simulation.

Global catastrophe is entirely secular event. Religion can

advocate "for the end of the world", but it is unlikely support the
"all-out nuclear war."

Ways to save the world with the help of psychic effects

There are several practically important parapsychological effects

(assume further that they exist objectively, that still need to
prove), and each of them can be used to save the world.

1. Precognition. It is alleged that there extrasensory perception

of the future. Obviously, it is interesting to apply it, if not
impossible, to assess the risks of global catastrophe. In the
traditional religion and esoterics such a tendency exists in the
form of prophecies. However, the prophecies have a fatalistic
nature - it is not clear what to do with them.
More productive would be prediction by intuition. A more precise -
the creation of "telepathic observatory”, where a group of
specially trained people could have foreseen as the most
dangerous trend in global terms, and specific threats in the
current situation (where the terrorists hid)

2. Influence. It is alleged that the simultaneous meditation

millions of people will increase the chances for peace in all the
world. In the solipsistic universe of New Age responsibility is
shifting to each individual. He raises his thoughts and selects one
universe among many. Thus, the original method of influence - is
the choice of one universe from the Multiverse, where the
disaster not happens. In its pure form is nothing else to do, but
just to be as "clean" (but if you be too clean, there would be
nothing important to you, and then a global catastrophe will be
just as beautiful fireworks for you) so that it automatically
chooses the positive universe. In a crude form, this means a
correction of the impending danger by power of prayer (I was told
a few such cases: one woman had a vision that her son would
break skiing. She prayed all night. Then he learned that he really
terrible fall, but was not hurt.) Examples: in the presence of the
Buddha supposedly 50 miles around all became peaceful.
Shaman eliminates drought through the drum (which I myself saw
in Moscow. The summer was very dry. At the end of the summer I
went to a concert of African shaman, causing rain. And, indeed,
whether the same evening, whether to the next downpour flooded
. I interpreted it so that the shaman's drum work only in the
presence of "subject-observer", otherwise in the world in general
there was no drought.)

The second level of influence - is the attainment of enlightenment

and transformation in superbeing, semi-god, establishing your
authority on the Earth and holding a wise policy. It is easy to see
here the analogy with the theory of Friendly artificial intelligence,
and with the age-old fears of the Antichrist.

Add also exist an option of coming into contact with friendly

spirits. Something similar happened in the dreams of Nazi
mystics. But Tibetans didn’t help them. That is: if a superbeing
taking over the world be easy, it would have long done.
Consequently, it or has already occurred, or impossible, or
possible only for I-subject to the solipsistic world. In addition,
regardless of the method used to establish power and its nature,
is always the problem of "friendlyness" - that is the problem of
establishing a system of goals which is people-friendly.

The third level of influence is a direct point-impact, such as

psychokinesis, in some dangerous places (missiles), or, especially,
to influence other people. For example, the suggestion is some
ideas of the rulers, or the impact on the crowd. It also includes a
remote murder. (Groups in the USSR existed, which focused on
the image of Stalin in order to kill him.)

The fourth level of influence is a demonstration of miracles.

Miracles are themselves useless like curved spoons of Uri Geller.
The proof of the reality of the spiritual world, bringing all become
kinder, and less concerned about the struggle for power on Earth.
World peace. Doubtful.

It is clear that each level of influence is weaker than the previous

one and gives less results.

Immediately, we should note that the influence is dangerous and

useless without precognition. That is, the possibility of knowledge
should anticipate the possibility of action. Just as we usually see
farther into space than we can do the steps - and if not, it is
running in the dark.

In addition, the influence is senseless and dangerous without

wisdom - that is, knowledge, why and what is worth doing.

3. Wisdom. Parapsychology also promises access to a special

level of intuition and holistic knowledge, which can make the right
decisions under uncertainty.

4. Healing. You can try to use methods of healing, tried and

tested for the treatment of the human body, for healing the
planet. (Reiki). These methods may be necessary for survival in a
post-apocalyptic world.

5. Entertainment. Esoteric Entertainment aka "enlightenment"

may be superdrug and divert people from the world. But it may
also result in less aggression in the world (although I believe that
the degree of aggression in the world do not constitute a major
global risk.)

Efforts to save the world with the help of parapsychology have

the advantage that they are not majoritarian strategy - that is, do
not require approval by a majority for its performance. But in the
same and their risk as possible the simultaneous realization of
several non-majoritarian strategies and their clash in the phase of
"capture the world."

Perhaps, no matter how unlikely are the chances of success

in this, they are large enough when compared with the risks
posed by scientific and technological progress in the 21 century.
(See my book "The structure of global catastrophe."

In addition, parapsychological approaches promise to give a

complete picture, in contrast to the fragmented and incomplete
picture of the risks posed by logic simulation.

Risks associated with psychic discoveries

In addition to opportunities to prevent global catastrophes,

psychic effects give risks of creating new disasters. In a sense,
everything that I have said in the article about the risks of UFOs is
applicable to parapsychological effects.

Let me remind you that the risks of a UFO came down to a few
basic types of exposure: superhuman intelligence, a new source
of energy, a new form of toxicity, the global spread and
informational impact. If we say that psychic phenomena are
“UFO”, which lives inside the man, then you can combine these

At the same time in my article about UFOs was said that:

a) At some point will be decisive change the situation, which was
called "the clash with the world of UFOs”, and this time is quickly
approaching through the development of technology. This change
will be the official opening of their world, a way to objectively
observe and to influence him, but from their side - awareness of
that our ability and some reaction to it.

b) UFO is not dangerous in themselves, but the fact that they

exist in certain "space" in which human inevitably try to infiltrate
and subjugate it to themselves. In this space he can find new
energy sources, new types of mind, new ways of delivering
hazards anywhere in the earth, and new forms of influence on

Obviously, that also true for parapsychological phenomena. They

are explained or the existence of a certain new physical effects
(field), or even a parallel world in which these fields exist, or
complete reformulation of the world picture.

In addition, in the study of human brain in the future first and

foremost a system of recording dreams and ideas will
immediately answer many questions about what had actually
been seen by people, for example, the regressions in previous
lives. In addition, the creation of a model of the brain and a full
scan of the human brain should also detect the existence of some
outstanding arrangements, if any. All this is possible in the next
20 years.

Creating powerful global video surveillance systems and their

strict authorization must also increase the chances of sustained
surveillance of any anomalous effects.

If a man (and animals) will be found to have some psi effects,

they can be enhanced by using genetic engineering, by selecting
those genes in human brain (?), which are responsible for them.
This will lead to a "magical singularity" - that is, to an exponential
increase in power of "artificial magicians" with potentially
disastrous consequences. See “Magic singularity” on Russian
It is hard to imagine the consequences of the creation and global
distribution of the “poltergeyst weapons”.

An important feature of human intelligence is the ability to

optimize any more or less the observed effect, boosting its
manifestations in the thousands and millions of times. Take, for
example, magnetism and electrical discharges. For ancient man
existed only static electricity and magnetism of iron ore (well,
plus the giant, but distant phenomena as lightning - analog UFO).
And now we have created global electrical system, computers,
light bulbs, electromagnetic guns, radio, television, internet,
engines - cannot list all.

Or compare the effect of fireworks and ballistic missiles. Or the

effect of spontaneous radioactivity of uranium salts in 1898,
exposing photographic film, and the Tsar-bomb explosion in 1961.
Man enhances any principle in the billions of times.

There are several scenarios of global catastrophe associated with

the psychic effects.

1) The materialization of negative thoughts in a solipsistic

world. I was repeatedly accused that by my thoughts about a
global catastrophe I will create them. One can argue that if
solipsism is true, then either accusing me of that does not exist,
or they materialize me along with my theories. Poorly constructed
positive thoughts lead to the wrong results, which were expected
- again the problem of "Friendly AI". For example, should wish
"that all men are happy" - and they all fall into the continuous
stimulation of pleasure centers.

2) War of magicians. If the ability to influence the world have

some limited resource, then is inevitable struggle for it. Moreover,
the struggle for who would become of the world's principal.
Wizards are struggling with each other, causing natural disasters.
Wizards create magic amplification technology. Group
visualization. Magic singularity - Magicians "make a wish" that
they have increased ability to "grant wishes".
3) Telepathic attack. the command is given to all the people at
the same time to commit suicide. (See as an example of
"Inhabited Island").

4) Psychokinetic weapons. Newer cheap and affordable to

manufacture in primitive conditions weapons. Either a new source
of energy and sverhbomba.

5) A logical paradox in the spirit of self-fulfilling prophecy.

Knowledge of the future creates a loop of time, which, like a black
hole that sucks in itself all the alternative probabilistic branches.

6) The destruction of the soul. (Remember the movie "Final

Fantasy"). Discovers that man is a vital thing, and it is something
you can influence technology.

7) God is angry. We are doing something that angers God (Boss

of simulation), and he will disable it or adjust with the help of
natural disasters. Sodom and Gomorrah. Executions of Egyptian.

8) Our world picture is not complete, and therefore we may

face something fundamentally unpredictable.

9) Superdrug. Many esoteric practices lead to a very subtle

pleasures, like "opening of anahata". Opening "hypnotic inductor"
would infinitely enhance these experiences and translate them to
other people. Enlightenment as drug from "Final Circle of
Paradise" of Strugacki.

10) "Probabilistic dragons”. The term of S. Lem. Manage likely

through manipulation of a reduction of the wave function will lead
to backlash, or wave unfortune, during which happen disasters
which before that were considered absolutely incredible.

3.The next option: parapsychological effects do not exist,

but the belief in them exists
1) A vain waste of effort. A significant number of people
believe in New Age or traditional religions, and therefore do not
intend to oppose global catastrophes or choose the wrong tactics.
False predictions in the spirit of 2012 diverted the public's
attention from the real issues and zamusorivayut topic. It was
argued that the "religious" country, the less its national income,
which is an extreme example of Haiti and India. If the power soar
in mysticism, it is particularly fraught (Hitler's mysticism).

2) Religious wars. People no longer value their unprovable

presentation than life itself, and are ready for this to death.
People believe in an afterlife and a good end of the world, and for
this would destroy the world. People do not tolerate alternative
points of view on this issue and want to "save all".

4. Other considerations

It is possible that the psychic faculties of man deliberately locked

so that he could not use them to create global threats. But we
could unlock them.