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1. Who were the Raikas? Write any three features of their lifestyle.
2. How did the British introduce Waste Land Rules? How did they affect the
3. The seasonal movement of nomads develop many values in them. How?
4. Explain any five ways in which the pastoralists were affected by the
Forest Act.
5. Give reasons to explain why the Maasai community lost their grazing
1. Mahatma Gandhis dream of clothing the nation in Khadi appeal only to
some sections of Indians. Explain the statement with three facts.
2. The search a national dress was the symbol of the culture identity of the
nation. Explain the statement with context to Indias national movement.
3. Mention any three features of Swadeshi Movement.
4. How were the European dress codes different from the Indian dress
5. Explain how clothes were used by Gandhiji as a powerful weapon to
protest against the British rule.
1. The monsoon is considered a unifying bond in India . What moral
values you could inculate from this statement.
2. Indian Monsoon is said to be a unifying bond for the people of the
country. Suppose the monsoon is disturbed for a prolonged period of
time. What do you think, how will it affect the country?
3. You have visited a place as a leader of your school team. The principal
has asked you to make a report on the climate of the place. To conclude
about the climate which factors would you take into consideration?
4. How do monsoon act as a unifying bond for India? Explain
5. State any three factors which help us understand the mechanism of
1. Indias natural vegetation has undergone many changes in the recent
past. Explain any three factors responsible for it.

2. Eco-system is very important for the living beings. How can you
contribute to conserve it? Express your views.
3. Explain any three measures taken by the government to protect the flora
and fauna of the country.
4. How does relief and climate affect the flora and fauna in India? Explain
with examples.
5. Why are forests very important to human beings and environment?
1. What are the major objectives of the Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana?
2. Number of poor in China has come down from 606 million in 1981 to less
than 200 million in 2011. What values India need to learn from China?
3. Explain colonial rule and income inequalities as causes of poverty.
4. Explain any five causes for the widespread poverty in India?
5. What steps have been taken by the Indian government top reduce
1. Explain the role of co-operatives in providing food and related items in
different parts of the country.
2. How is food security ensured in India?
3. How do fair price shops help in food distributions in India?
4. Describe the steps taken by Government to provide food security to the
5. What are the limitations of the Public Distribution System?
1. On an outline map of India, label the following:
*Areas of Evergreen Forests
*Areas of Dry Deciduous Forests
*Two national parks each in Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western
parts of the country.