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Ashleigh White

Toby White

Toney White

Arran Walker

Evie White


Arran outfit

Ashleigh white fashion store pictures

Ashleighs pov

My cell phone rings and I answer it. hello I ask. hi is

this Ashleigh White? a girl voice asks. yes I tell her.
when will your office be open? she asks. oh about
9:00 I tell her. ok thanks she says and hangs up. I put
my phone down. I then pay for my coffee and leave.

I get to my office and sit in my office chair. I open my

calendar and write something in it. my phone rings.
hello I say. hi my name is Samantha Johnson and I was
calling to ask about my wedding dress Samantha says.
oh Samantha I was going to call you because I would like
you to come in and look at some of the wedding dress to
see if you like it I tell her. ok we can come by around
2:30 she tells me. ok that would be great I tell her and
write it down in m calendar. ok by she says and hangs
up. I hear a knock on my door. I look up and see Macy. I
wave her in. she opens the door can you come out here
for a minute? she asks. is this about the shipment? I
ask. she nods. I nod and grab my clip board. I get up and
take my pen out of my hair. I walk out with her. ok so we
need the 5 dresses for sure? I ask. she nods and I write it
down. I hear the door open and I walk over. here is your
delivery Ms. White the fed ex guy tells me. I take the box
and sign his sheet thank you I tell him and walk over to
my counter. I open it and find 3 of the prom dresses and 4
tuxedos in it. good I needed these I say to myself. max
will you get me the dress stand please? I ask. He nods
and brings the stand. I put one of the dresses on it. I use
my measuring tape and measure the skirt. good they

got it right this time I say. I put my pen in my mouth and

measure the top of the dress. I write down the length. I
do the same for the other dresses. A customer comes in
and looks around. mark will you put these on the
stands? I ask. he nods and takes the cloths. Macy are
the clothing stands ordered? I ask. she nods. good,
good I tell her. I walk behind the counter and write down
something. The customer comes up to me. can I
schedule a fitting? he asks. sure I am free tomorrow
around 4:30 I tell him looking at my calendar. ok that
will work he says. I write down the time. ok thanks he
says and walks out. a woman walks up and hands me a
dress. that will be $55.77 I tell her. she hands me a
credit card. I swipe it and hand it back to her. I put the
dress in the bag and hand her the recite. The phone
rings. this is Ashleigh how may I help you? I ask. no one
answers. hello? I ask. no one answers. I hang up.
Around lunch break I head out and go to a caf. I order a
salad and a coffee. I eat and use my Wi-Fi to look at dress
orders. I order a couple cute dresses.

Ashleighs beedroom

Toneys bedroom

Tobys bedroom

Evies beedroom

fashion room


Ashleigh pov
I pull up to my apartment. yes I need you to order those
6 dresses that I emailed to you I tell max. I take my keys
out. I hear scratching on the other side of the door rose
stop scratching I tell her. I put the phone back to my ear.
yes we have a meeting tomorrow at 2:30 I tell max.
thanks by I tell him and hang up. I walk inside and pet
rose. My phone rings. yes I ask. you need to get toby I
hear rachelle tell me. shit I mutter. I hang up the phone
and grab my purse and keys. rose want to go for a ride I
call. She runs to me. we head out. I run past a guy
muttering Im late with rose at my heels. I get to my car
and open the back door up, up I tell rose. She hops in
the back and I tear out of the parking lot.

Arran pov
I walk to my apartment door when a chick runs past me
muttering shes late. She has a black lap at her heels. I
watch her walk to a light blue mustang gt I have never
seen and open the back door. up, up she tells her dog.
She climbs in the back. The chick jumps in and tear out of
the parking lot. wow I have never seen her before my
brother Derek says. shes hot he adds when we get
30 min later.

I hear a big thud and a feminine yelp. My brother looks at

me and we go investigate. We open the door and see the
girl from earlier laying on the ground belly to the floor
with her dog on her back. dam youre a fat ass rose she
mutters her British accent strong. She looks in front of her
to a baby boy toby come to big sissy now she tells him.
he looks at her and crawls the other way no toby this
way damn it rose off now she tells the dog. The dog
looks at her and gets a glint in her eyes. the girl pales no
rose please dont the girl begs. The dog lays on her back
now. fuck, toby come back she says. Me and my brother
have a hard time not laughing at the poor lass. She takes
deep breaths and closes her eyes. she opens them
TONEY she screams. The door across from ours open
what can I do for you my darling sister a guy asks. get
toby and get this dog off of me she growls lowly. He
pales shit rose off you know shes scary when shes
pissed he tells the dog. She whines but obeys. He walks
out and pick up the baby. The girl sits up I have a
meeting tomorrow so I need you to watch toby and pick
him up she tells her brother who is holding the boy on
his hip.
why cant evie watch him he whines. stop acting like a
fucking baby toney evie still has to move in darling
brother you know our sister takes her sweet time with
these things she tells him. he pouts I cant believe I
have to take care of 2 2 year olds she mutters. hey we
only have one toney shouts. She glares at him. he pales

and walks inside. She follows. damn we have some nice

British neighbors Derek says. I nod.

2 days later
Ashleighs pov
I dress in clothes and head to my fashion room. I tie my
hair in a knot and have strands of hair framing my face.

Arran pov
I walk over to our British neighbors. I knock on the door. a
girl with black hair opens the door. yes she asks. um I
wanted to say hello Im your neighbor I tell her. ok
come in if you want she tells me so I walk in. and see a
designer room. wow I mutter. yea all my sisters work
she is a fashion designer pro and room dcor pro the girl
tells me. I notice she has a British accent to. so if you
would like I can give you a tour she asks. I nod thanks
I tell her. oh but just so you know all of the rooms in this
house are designed by my sister so yea she tells me. we
walk down a hallway and I hear music blasting from a
closed door. well the owner of this place is behind this
door probably working so lets see she tells me. I nod.

She opens the door and we walk thru purple hanging

crystal strands. I see beads of all kinds hanging on the
wall. I see a table with sewing stuff and a sewing
machine. A white small couch. On one wall there are
drawings of dresses tacked to it. I see dress stands. I look
over and see two prom dresses. One two shades of pink
and the other two shades of blue. The girl I saw in the
hallway is squatting down in front of the pink one sewing
a piece of fabric on the skirt. Shes wearing a blue neck
strap backless top with white jean shorts and black flats.
Her ginger hair is in a knot and has curly strands framing
her face. Evie tape measure please she asks. how I
ask. she knows everything that goes on in this house no
one knows how evie tells me and hands the girl the tape

My sister in high school I coming to visit so Im waiting in
the hallway.
I see the girl from earlier walk out of her house with the
phone to her ear. I see my little sister walk up she gapes
when she sees the girl you Ashleigh white she squeals.
Am I the only one or am I missing something. you know
her? I ask. my sister looks at me disbelieving. oh youre
a guy thats right well shes only the biggest British
fashion designer and model there is she tells me. max
hold on a sec Ashleigh tells the guy on her phone. yes
can I help you Ashleigh asks my sister. well I was
wondering if you could make me a prom dress I was going

to come to your store for a fitting but since youre here

now this works my sister tells her. sure well Im free in
20 minutes so have your brother knock and I can
measure you if its alright with your brother Ashleigh tells
her. Carly looks at me expectantly. yea alright I tell her.
she squeals. thank you Ashleigh she says. Ashleigh just
smiles kindly. alright max order the fabric flowers.
alright thanks by she says and hangs up. she walks
inside. 20 minutes later I take carly and knock on
Ashleighs door. she opens it and motions us in. she leads
us to her fashion room and sits down on her couch. ok
what color do you want Ashleigh asks. purple and
black carly answers. ok any design you prefer?
Ashleigh asks. not really but I dont want sleeves carly
tells her. Ashleigh looks at me questionably. fine with
me I tell her. um are you irish? she suddenly asks. yes
lass we are I tell her amused. mmmm she hums and
writes something down. She measures carly and writes
stuff down. As we leave I know that surly I am falling for
this lass. And it might not be a bad thing.

Ashleigh pov
I walk up the hallway when I see arran. All of a sudden
Im slammed I into the wall and hes kissing me. It takes
me a second to realize whats happening before I kiss
back. He breaks the kiss. I realized I love you he tells
me. good because I do to I tell him and kiss him again.

Arran pov
what do we do now she murmurs. run away with me I
tell her looking into her violet eyes. her eyes widen in

surprise. but where and I have a fashion business to run

she tells me with sadness in her voice. make one in
Ireland. We can buy a house and you can design the
rooms we can get married and have a family there I tell
her. a smile forms on her pink lips. I peck them and put
my head on hers. let me give my siblings the apartment.
After I give them the info I start packing.

Their bedroom

engagement ring

2 months after move

Ashleigh pov