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KnoahSoft Harmony Suite & Cisco Unified Communications Integration

Most Comprehensive Call Recording & WorkForce Optimization Solution for Cisco Platform

Whether you are a large enterprise with thousands
of seats, or a small to medium sized business with
branch and at-home workers, KnoahSofts Harmony call
recording & Workforce optimization solution offers Cisco
IP Telephony customers a comprehensive, yet affordable
and tightly integrated set of web-based modules for
Recording, Quality Evaluation, Surveying, Coaching,
Training, Performance Management, Speech Analytics
and Workforce optimization solution.
Harmony is built for IP Telephony (IPT) from the
ground up and can seamlessly integrate into any Cisco
IPT environment. Harmonys Cisco integration is precertified, offering an easy to install and dependable call
Harmony seamlessly scales from single site environments
to distributed, multi-site enterprises.

The Harmony-Cisco recording architecture can support

up to 750 (G729)/ 450 (G711/G722) concurrent calls on a
standalone recording server and 1000s of users in a multiserver environments. Users can also set up customized
business recording rules to accommodate shift-based,
ANI-based, call type-based, or agent-based recording.

Active Recording with BiB & TAPI/JTAPI
Active Recording with Cisco MediaSense
Passive Recording (SPAN Based)
SCCP and SIP Support

How Harmony works with Cisco

CTI Integration

Harmonys flexible recording architecture supports

enterprise and small- to medium-sized deployments with
various recording settings, such as continuous, random,
and on-demand. Moreover, Harmonys integration with
Cisco is full-featured and supports Cisco environments
such as:

Screen captures

UCC Enterprise 7.x or above

UCC Express 5.x or above
UCM 5.x and or above

Post Call Survey using Cisco IP IVR or CVP

On-demand Recording
Recording of Analog Phones (using Cisco VG200
Series Analog Gateways)
Single Number Reach based on Cisco Mobility
Secure RTP (SRTP) Support

Call Manager Express

VM Ware ESXI / UCS / SRE Module Support

CTI OS and CAD desktops

ACD Reporting

Cisco Dialer Support

G711 a-law/u-law, G722 and G.729 audio codecs

Harmony is the acknowledged leader in providing Call Recording & Work Force Optimization solutions for contact centers,
banking environments and other settings. Its advanced VoIP recording technology is supported by the industry leading
technology, unmatched support capabilities, market-leading expertise in implementing mission critical solutions, and a
proven ability to provide advanced value-added applications.

Active Recording with BiB & TAPI/JTAPI Signaling

In this mode the Cisco Unified Communications Manager
will be using Ciscos Telephony Application Interface
(TAPI). Telephony device state events are received from
the Cisco TAPI TSP and audio is redirected to devices
built-in-bridge to the KnoahSoft Harmony call recording
application via a SIP Trunk.

Active Recording with Cisco MediaSense

KnoahSoft Harmony tightly integrates with the Cisco
MediaSense platform providing a comprehensive
agent quality and performance management solution
on top of the Cisco MediaSense platform. With this
integration, call recording and storage management
is accomplished by Cisco MediaSense where as
Harmony provides the web-based interface for call
playback, silent monitoring of live calls, agent quality,
performance management, coaching, e-learning and
speech analytics. Additionally, Harmony provides
Screen capture capabilities, and web-based dashboards
and reports.

SPAN Based Passive Recording with SCCP,

In this configuration, Harmony uses packet sniffing of
the switch ports to monitor and record the Cisco voice
network traffic. The Harmony Recorder works in a passive
mode and records calls purely based on the packets that
it receives from SPAN/RSPAN switch ports. Harmony
is capable of processing Cisco SCCP or SIP signaling
protocols from the SPAN or use the TAPI / JTAPI interface
to get the appropriate signaling needed to record and
store calls based on phone extensions.

CTI Integration for Contact Centers

For Unified Contact Center Enterprise/Express
customers who use the Cisco CTI OS desktop, Harmony
has an integration to receive the call signaling and call
information events with business data from the CTI OS
Servers. The RTP packets are received via SPAN from the
network switches while all call signaling data and events
such as phone extensions, skillgroup details, transfer
details, tracking calls from cradle to grave, and business
data/call variables come from the CTIOS Adapter.

These call signaling events are combined with the RTP

data streams to create the recorded call. In addition
mission-critical ACD metrics such as Abandoned Calls,
Abandoned calls %, Speed of Answer, Average Talk time,
Wrap-up info, Hold info etc can be pulled in.

Post Call Survey with Cisco IP IVR / CVP

Harmony Survey module integrates with Cisco IP IVR
or CVP to provide deep insight into the customer and
performance data. By gathering information that might
otherwise be overlooked or lost, Harmony Survey can
provide insight into the effectiveness of your people,
products, and processes, helping you take action quickly.
With Harmony Survey you can effectively engage
customers immediately after their interactions with your
agents via your IVR with short, context-based, dynamic
surveys that are delivered based on business rules you
define. By targeting specific surveys to customers based
on post call customer interactions, Harmony Survey can
deliver response rates far greater than those obtained
through traditional, one-size-fits-all questionnaires and
scoring patterns such as Yes, No, N/A or Scale of 1 to n or
Voice feedback. As a result, you can move beyond mere
random sampling to capture meaningful data even
with large numbers of customers and multiple sites.

The KnoahSoft Outlook

Knoahsoft offers workforce optimization solutions
that give contact centers enterprise-level interaction
recording; quality, performance and workforce
management; and analytics functionality at an affordable
price. The Harmony suite is a secure web-based platform
that is seamlessly integrated from end to end to give users
the ultimate in flexibility, scalability and ease of use. With
the invaluable insight into multi-channel interactions
gleaned from Harmony, users can increase productivity,
enhance customer satisfaction, improve workflow and
ensure compliance. Learn more at knoahsoft.com.
KnoahSoft solutions are hard at work in world-class
organizations using Cisco such as Corinthian Colleges
Inc., Thomas Cook, ThinkDirect Marketing Group, Reliance
Industries Limited, FirstSource, SBI General Insurance,
Sutherland, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, ING Vysya,
iYogi, Abudhabi Police, Etihad Airways, and many more.

Learn more about how KnoahSoft can help you with your VoIP call recording, quality and performance
management needs at knoahsoft.com.
USA: (+1) 702-722-5000 | email: sales@knoahsoft.com
India: (+91) 40-44309777 | website: knoahsoft.com
UAE: (+971) 50 672 5607 | 701 N. Green Valley Parkway, Suite 200
Henderson, NV 89074

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