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HashedIn Technologies is a consulting firm, specializing in cloud, web and mobil

ity platforms. We strive to provide our clients best ROI by diagnosing problems,
crafting solutions, deploying under harsh constraints & seeing it through the f
inish line. We work with Enterprises & Start-ups in the US & APAC.
HashedIn is a team of senior Software architects based in Bangalore, India. The
company was founded in 2010. HashedIn enjoys 40 years of cumulative experience o
f its 4 founders who are from the most reputed institutes like IITs and had work
ed at Trilogy, one of the most high profile featured companies. The core team ha
s executed large scale web applications for Automotive, e-Commerce, BFSI and Hea
HashedIn Office Photowall
HashedIn has a start up like environment with a grandeur vision. We aim to provi
de a platform for Learning and Development to team members. Besides learning, th
e senior members are passionate about providing mentorship to inculcate entrepre
neurial spirit.
HashedIn provides its members freedom to experiment & immense flexibility, be it
working hours, type of work, place etc. Self driven approach and a fast paced e
nvironment is a cornerstone of our work culture
Our Leadership Team
Anshuman Singh @ HashedIn
Anshuman Singh
Chief Technology Officer
Anshuman leads the Web development practice at Hashedin. After graduating from I
IT BHU in 2005, Anshuman worked for Trilogy Software. He designed several module
s on the Dealer Connection suite of products for Ford and Lincoln automobile dea
Anshuman is a hacker; he learnt programming on an IBM-286 in 1992, and has been
programming since then. He plays chess at the state and national level. He is a
movie buff, designer in the making, and a voracious reader.
He can be reached at anshuman@hashedin.com.
Himanshu Varshney @ HashedIn
Himanshu Varshney
VP, Delivery & Operations
Himanshu wears multiple hats from Delivery
ubles up as the project manager on various
was Director, Automotive Business Unit at
lopment of several web properties for Ford

to Operations at HashedIn. He also do

projects. Prior to Hashedin, Himanshu
Versata Software. He managed the deve
Motor Company.

Himanshu is an old fashioned game addict. From Bridge to Pictionary to Ticket To

you can t beat him at it. In his free time, he is either playing games or taking
his pets for a walk.
He can be reached at himanshu@hashedin.com.
Sripathi Krishnan @ HashedIn
Sripathi Krishnan

Director, Engineering
Sripathi leads the Web Performance and Cloud Migration practices at Hashedin. Pr
ior to Hashedin, Sripathi spent 7+ years at Trilogy Software. He led the develop
ment of a high-performing REST API for automobile web applications.
Sripathi loves cooking and enjoys good food. He is a cyclist, runs a half-marath
on every year, and talks incessantly.
He can be reached at sripathi@hashedin.com.
Sandeep Singh @ HashedIn
Sandeep Singh
Technical Delivery Owner
A gifted creative, Sandeep is the product development engine at HashedIn. He has
had a most varied career working at various times on predictive analysis of aut
omative retail sales, retail web applications for Chrysler and Ford, a new gener
ation platform services for Ford Direct and managing a Global SWAT team of devel
opers. When not working, he can be found watching news and opining on politics a
nd current affairs.
He can be reached at sandeep@hashedin.com.
Vinod Podar @ HashedIn
Vinod Podar
EVP Business Development
A results-oriented professional with a successful track record in US, APAC & Ind
ia. A Customer driven leader with a real passion to solve customer problems and
a change agent with broad based competencies in business development & global pr
ogram management.
Extensive experience in Retail eCommerce, Consumer Goods, BFSI, Automotive & Tra
When not working, Vinod can be found playing sports, card games and spending tim
e with his family.
He can be reached at vinod@hashedin.com.