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Ship unloader:
a. Main Trolleys: Main trolleys of both the Ship Unloaders frequently
cracking and frequent repairs requires.
Remedy: To avoid frequent cracks in the structure, it is essential to Trolley
rails to change or rectify. Note: Spare rails are available at site but, these are
also bend and irregular.
b. Trolley Rail Clamps: In both of the Ship Unloaders Trolley Rail Clamps
are missing and which makes the rails loose.
Remedy: Trolley rail clamps needs to be install and also Spares Clamps
c. Vibro-feeder: Vibrofeeders of both the Ship Unloaders frequently cracks
are emerging and frequent repairs requires.
Remedy: Vibrofeeder complete mounting need to be replaced.
d. SUL 01: Vibrofeeder gearbox mounting bolts frequently damaging.
Remedy: Vibrofeeder complete mounting need to be replaced.
e. HW & CW Gear Box and Rope Drum Assembly not Available in Spare. Need
for Spare.
f. Grab O Links are requires in Spares
g. SUL 2 Grab scoop pipe cracked: Scoop pipe to be replace.
h. Storm Anchor: For both the SUL Storm anchor touching to the berth due
to jetty rails going down from the level.
i. PLC Cabinets/Electrical House: In both of the SUL electrical housing
A/Cs are not functioning and Spares AC units are not available. Spare AC
Units require.
j. Lift: For both SUL Lift calling not working: Lift Calling card to be replace.
k. HMI: in SUL 01, HMI Unit not working: Past 3 years HMI Unit not working
in SUL-1, Spare required.
l. Operator Cabin: In both of SUL operator cabin A/C required, no spares
and not working past 3 years.
m. Spare grab needed, as there is no Spare grab available.
n. SUL 01: Hydraulic lines to be replace, no spare available
2. Silo 01:
a. Clamping & Cushioning Hydraulic Hose clamps required. As at present
hoses are lying to the floor level. As the hoses are metallic, it is very
difficult to repair during leakages.
b. Silo gate cylinder required to replaced damage and for Spare.
c. Conveyor gear box Oil seals need.
d. SCR Bucket wheel & Boom conveyors Fluid coupling required as not
available in Spares
3. Silo 02:
a. Silo-2 Operator cabin A/C not working. A/C Spare unit require.
4. Conveyors:
a. Conveyor gear box and Scoop coupling assemblies need in Spare.
b. Pulley lagging Sheet not available: Diamond & Plain Lagging Sheet need
for pulleys.
c. For All Conveyor gearbox Gear oil need to be replace.
d. Carrying & Impact idlers requires in Spares.
e. Conveyor Scrappers requires : Scrappers Teeth has to be replace
f. Chute Liner Plates are worn out and need to be replace: 16mm MS - Liner
plates required
g. Hydraulic pipe line to be replaced.
5. Stacker & Stacker Reclaimers:

a. Hydraulic Lines to be replace, Spares are not available.

b. Slewing stacker LBS Fuse need. Past 3 months LBS fuse not available, No
spare. Presently Copper wire fixed instead of fuse.