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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour - A Journey of Enlightenment of

Lord Buddha
Buddhism began with the life of Lord Siddhartha Gautama a prince from the Kingdom
Shakya situated in the foothills of the Himalayas in the beautiful Nepal. Brought up in luxury,
the prince deserted his home and walked out as a religious beggar, in search for the
meaning of existence. The famous stories presuppose the Jain tradition, as Prince Gautama
was for a time a master of intense austerity, at one point almost undernourished himself to
death. He then decided, however, that self-torture debilitate his mind while failing to
advance him for enlightenment and therefore he turned to renunciation and concentrated
on different meditation techniques. In the end, under a holy tree in the forests of Gaya
spotted in state Bihar which is a part of Buddhist Pilgrimage tour packages he finally
resolved to stir on no farther until he have solved all the mysteries of existence. Breaking all
the barriers, he at last achieved the knowledge and he later expressed them as Four Noble
Truths, Refuge in Three Jewels, the Noble Eightfold Path, the Five Precepts and Three Marks
of Conditioned Existence. Gautama was now turned as Buddha and he spent his remaining
life travelling to northeast India and converting huge numbers of disciples. Buddha
achieved the final parinirvana at the age of eighty.

Buddhism is a set of philosophy or principles based on the teachings of great Lord Buddha,
who took birth in 563 BCE. Basically, Buddhism evangelizes the path of spiritual
development. With its realistic principles, Buddhism today is counted among one of the
major religion of the countries in Central Asia where you can get deeper to the thoughts and
principles of Buddhism with Buddhist pilgrimage tour. Few other countries include Tibet, Sri

Lanka, China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. According to doctrine of the Buddhist, there
is only one way to grab the destination of reality which is one should purify as well as train
their mind as well as the heart and act as per the laws stated in Karma to purify their soul.
Today Buddhism is considered more as a religion than a thought, completely focused on
moral discipline or 'sila' 'samadhi' or meditation and wisdom rather than the idol-worship.
Well according to the principles any person can attain enlightenment just by following
certain principles such as Eightfold Path, Five Perceptions and Four Noble Truths.

The Buddha attained his enlightenment at very young age of 29 in the town of Bodhgaya of
India. After settling under the tree, the Buddha made resolve not to move until the time he
had achieved enlightenment. The commemorative monuments which are the parts of
Buddhism in India include Bharhut, Sanchi, Nagarjunakonda and Amaravati where great
Buddhist stupas and sites remain. India also includes some of the famous Buddhist Temples
which are the important part of incredible Buddhist pilgrimage tour taking you to temples
like Ajanta, Ellora, Karli and Kanheri located in western India.