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Installing Alfresco on Red Hat Linux

The installation wizard for Red Hat Linux installs the basic software and components that you
require for running Alfresco. This installation wizard does not include JDK or an embedded
These instructions are for working on a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in an X11
Before you install Alfresco, ensure that you have the following software installed on your system:
MySQL database
1. Execute the downloaded file.

2. At the Language Selection prompt, select English, and click OK.

3. When prompted to confirm installation, click Yes.
The Installation wizard launches.
4. In the Welcome window, click Next.
The Browse for Folder window displays, prompting you to locate your JDK installation.
5. Browse to your JDK installation, and then click OK.
6. In the Setup Type window, select Typical.
The Typical option selects all the components required for the Alfresco full installation.
The Typical option does not install the Records Management or Quickr Connector
Support components. To install these components, select Custom. Ensure that the
required component is selected.
7. In the Choose Destination Location window, click Next to accept the default location for
Alfresco or choose another location.
8. In the Start Copying Files window, review the settings and click Next.
The installation starts. If you chose all the components, a prompt notifies you when the
components are being installed.
9. In the Alfresco Administrator Account window, type a password. Repeat the password,
and then click Next.
This sets the password for the Administrator user account (admin).

In the Database Configuration window, enter the server name, port number, database
details, and the root password


Click Next.


Click Next.


In the OpenOffice Location window, browse to your OpenOffice location and click OK.
If you do not want to use OpenOffice for your document conversions, select the Alfresco
installation folder as the location.


Click Next.
The installation wizard writes the server name and host to the configuration file called


In the InstallJammer Wizard Complete window, click Finish.

The installation is complete.


Start the Alfresco server by browsing to /opt/alfresco and running alfresco.sh

The default shell is sh. You can edit the alfresco.sh file to change to your preferred
shell. A command prompt opens with a message indicating that the server has started.


Start Alfresco Share by browsing to:



Start Alfresco Explorer by browsing to:



Log on using the user name and password that you entered in the Alfresco
Administrator Account window.