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Michael Buonpane

Class of 2008
Salutatorian Speech
Good afternoon Mr. Kramer, administration, faculty, Mr. Steiner, parents, and
fellow members of the Class of 2008 to Notre Dame High Schools fifty-first
commencement ceremony.
Four years ago our class met for the first time in our Gym/church/auditorium on
our first day of freshman year. Back then, who would have thought that we would
mature into the strong and intelligent individuals that we all are today. It seems as
though it was only yesterday that we first wandered through the halls of Notre Dame
attempting to locate our first classes and attending Mr. Fentons American Cultures class
where we were quick to learn his two rules: sit down and learn.
Now we find ourselves at a crossroads; the big step from high school to college or
the real world. For many of us, these past four years have proved invaluable in shaping
us into independent and responsible young men and women. Our time at ND has been
equated to a roller coaster ride. The past four years have had their share of ups and
downs and moments where we felt pulled to one side toward childhood and then
suddenly thrown in the other direction toward adulthood. Fortunately, we were blessed
with many inspiring teachers who guided us along our journey.
The Class of 2008 is certainly special and unique. For instance, we have a lot of
twins: Amanda and me, Brenton and Ryan Russell, Noel and Christina Stoddard, Kevin
and Tim Cochran, Katie and Kellie McGlynn that means about six percent of our
classmates are twins. As a whole, our class is very involved and very spirited. Seniors
participated in almost every activity offered at ND and are the loudest and craziest people

at pep rallies and sporting events. The Class of 08 has produced strong leaders, like
Alyssa Kraus and Cait Trovato, star athletes, like Tyler White and Brett Megee, and
talented musicians like Ari Powell and Dan Ackerman. Four years ago, we were not so
involved and not as boisterous as we now are; however, we certainly have come a long
way. A few months ago at our senior sleepover we gathered together and spent the night
and early morning playing cards, watching movies, talking, and bonding. On that night
many of us realized just how close our class has grown and how many memories we have
shared. ND has become a second home to many of us and a place we will assuredly miss.
It is inspiring how our classmates continually support and inspire each other. Hopefully
our class will stay close friends as we march toward our separate futures and remember
our home and family here at NDHS.
Perhaps the most important lesson we as a class have learned is that we must
never give up. Although times may be difficult, we cannot let adversity discourage us
from success and attainment of our goals. For example, there were years when we were
not victorious on the football field. However, we did not let this drag us down; instead,
our football team worked harder than ever to improve for the upcoming season and our
students rallied even more school spirit and support behind them. Walt Disney once said,
Around here, however, we dont look backwards for very long. We keep moving
forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because were curious and
curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Good luck Class of 2008! Remember to
always keep your dreams alive and keep moving forward! Thank you and God bless.