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Islamic Finance is a financial system or banking activity that

using the term of Shariah in any activities through this system.
Shariah Principle is a law that is consistent with Al Quran and Al
Sunnah. Malaysia has played a significant role in the Islamic
world, at both the political and business level. Our leadership
position in the Organization of Islamic Conference and other
various international organizations have given Malaysia a
platform to share some of our developmental experiences with
member countries who applying Islamic finance.

Thesis Statement

There many step and achievement that Malaysian applies to

increase the role and priority in Islamic finance.

Background Info

During the Islamic Golden age, the caliphate rules the country
with the knowledge of Al Quran and al Sunnah, by that early
forms of proto-capitalism and free market were present in at
8th-12th centuries, which some refer to as "Islamic
capitalism". Many of these early capitalist concepts were
adopted and further advanced in medieval Europe from the 13th
century onwards. Presently, there are a total of 12 Islamic
banks and 7 conventional banks with 7 Islamic windows in
Malaysia, offering Islamic banking services that are governed by
Bank Negara Malaysia.

Question to be

1. When is the Islamic Golden Era?

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Topic Sentence

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The first Islamic financial institution established was the Pilgrim

Fund Board or Lembaga Tabung Haji, founded in 1969. Its
objective is to mobilize savings of Muslims intending to perform
the Haji. With the pool of savings being invested in, the investor
will make it funds to perform haji . The Tabung Haji model has
been adopted elsewhere around the world. The institutionalizing
of Tabung Haji as a Shariah compliant organization paved the
way for a more structured institutional development in Islamic
banking and finance. In 1983, we introduced the Islamic
Banking Act and established Malaysia's first full-fledged Islamic
bank. For Islamic insurance, the Takaful Act of 1984 was


1. What is the goal Tabung Haji been established?

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Over the past decade, Malaysia ICM (Islamic Capital Market) has
many products and services ranging from equities, unit trust
funds, structured products, derivatives, index, fund
management and stock broking services. At present, there are
89 Islamic unit trusts, about 85% of the listed stocks are Shariah
compliant and 46% of the corporate bond market is Islamic
bonds. It is fair to say that Malaysia now has the most
comprehensive Islamic capital market in the world.
1. What is Islamic unit trust?

The International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance

(INCEIF), the Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia
(IBFIM), the International Centre for Leadership in Finance (ICLIF)
and institutions of higher learning, amongst others, is centres of
research and study of all relevant areas of Islamic banking,
finance and economics. The presence of Islamic scholars and
the contribution of progressive academicians have assisted us in
our efforts to place Malaysia as a respected of Islamic finance
knowledge. Islamic Finance course has been introduced in
University syllabus. Malaysia will also be positioned as a centre
for education and training excellence in Islamic finance.
1. What is the University that offer Islamic finance course?

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Islamic financial centre (MIFC) announced initiatives and tax

incentives serve as a catalyst in promoting financial services in
international Islamic currencies to be carried out from anywhere
in Malaysia. This will make Malaysia a preferred choice in
fulfilling the business and financial needs of the institutions.
The MIFC which is treated as a national agenda by the
Government was launched the middle of a strong domestic
Islamic banking and financial and a well established and
comprehensive legal framework. The initiative would offer
opportunities for foreign institutions to operate anywhere in the
country and enjoy a multitude of fiscal and operational benefits.

1. What is tax initiatives ?


Malaysia would further enhance its position as the leader in

Islamic finance. The environment is conducive. The country
offers social, political and economic stability. Islamic Financial
System is an ultimate financial system were according to the
law of shariah that being teach to men for being a successful
caliphate in this world. I hope Malaysia will continue improve in
Islamic Finance system.