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Level 3 / 4 Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art, Design & Media

Pathway Stage Transformation Brief
Student Name: Brandon Knights
Pathway Group: Graphic Design
Project Ideas:

Transformation from 2D into 3D To promote myself as a Graphic Designer in the fishing

Typography, poster design, still life sculptures
Exploring futurism poster design and sculptured 3Dtypography forms to promote myself in the fishing industry
as a graphic designer. Observing scenes of the fishing industry through primary drawing exercises and lensbased activities ,combined together to form basic poster designs / backgrounds. Incorporation of typography
will transform background into end products. Processes of type include hand drawn, stencils, calligraphy, oil
pastel along with having 2D box templates and transpiring into 3D forms. Also experimentation of type turning
flat 2D photographs of architecture such as churches and cathedrals, focusing on pattern and unique features to
deconstruct and re arrange into type characters. The end series of posters will backdrop 3D typography
sculptures made from wood, cerement and ceramics that will be suspended in front of the posters as backdrop.
Research locations will include carp fishing lakes (hinder clay, broom pits), rivers (Norfolk broads),
historical/religious locations (Norwich cathedral and surrounding churches), harbours and docks (Walberswick,
Southworld and Lowestoft harbour).
Documenting through expressive drawings, contour line, layering of sketches and mixed media will develop my
project capturing vigorous marks that reflect the sea its self by listening to waves as they crash against.
Editing will be revolved around saturating compositions by changing contrasts and levels to intensify work,
adding a dramatic atmosphere or a plain minimalism style such as AG Fronzoni. The transformations will
include deconstruction and cropping different geometric shapes + line directly into compositions. Building up
layers of texture, shape and colour as I work with negative space with inspiration from Laszlo Moholy Nagy.
Typography will combine and harmonises the visual aesthetics giving visual communication of details about
myself with addition of fishing quotes, location references and annotations. Minimal styles with focal points
will add depth of field, progressing this into 3D typography. Looking at kinetic sculpture art and 3D typography,
I plan to build on my knowledge of still life arrangements along with the 3D work in general.
My task is to find the graphic designer inside me by exploring outside my comfort zone and pushing self-belief
boundaries. 3D work has been an overlooked weakness of mine, for this project the outcome of a still life is
beyond my comfort zone.

DBS 2015

Pathway Stage Transformation Brief

Primary / Artist Research :
Graphic Designers
Geometric shapes ,backgrounds with type, compositional values
Ag Fronzi
David trench
David Carson- the end print book
Ralph Emerson
David Sossi (Daniele De Batte)
Artiva Design
Artists -Cut paper, collage, layering 3D potential ideas
Build textures and layers to composition
Kurt Schwitter
Isidro Ferrer New generation of design series book
Simplicity , textures, minimal , focal points , saturated and slight distortion
Aaron Siskind
Lewis Baltz
Dennis Witmer
Berenice Abbott
Observations and methods to record
Mixed media drawings, photography, basic raw materials such as graphite and
charcoal, creation of watercolour and chalk pastel backgrounds, digital edits of
typography, stencils paint/inks, collage, transferring from 2D to 3D type,
Anticipated Project Outcomes :
A series of 2D posters created from the harmonising photography, typography, mixed
media backgrounds together, printed A3 ----- implementing these into
A 3D still life sculpture scene- suspended sculpture typography, digital backgrounds
created, additional typography and shape.
Dramatic photo-shoot series of posters created from these scenes.

Explore myself as a graphic designer by working out of comfort zone through 3D processes

DBS 2015

Week beginning


12th January

Brief issued
Ideas generated - Pathway discussion of ideas

19th January

Outline and Time plan to be submitted by 10.30am.

Primary observation, drawings and document my findings, photoshoots around Lowestoft harbor Oulton Broad local locations
(Lowestoft area)

26th January

Travel week generate the following:

(continue observation photography, create backgrounds gaining
inspiration of landscape and architecture scenes)
creation of collages
A list of 40 responses to your chosen location
An extensive mind map of your developing project ideas
At least 20 observational drawings using a range of media
A series of photographs related to your chosen focus
Experimentation with materials and samples
First-hand research into a wide variety of artists work.
Annotations which explain your creative development
Trips to Coverhithe beach, Walberswick, Carlton marshes, fishing
lakes, museums,

2nd & 3rd February

Unit 4,6 & 7 Pre-Assessment Reviews

Unit 5 Pecha Kucha Assessments
Designing and creating 3D type on 2 D surfaces, adding
typography to compositions, accumulating my work and gaining
new observations to be used in future edits. 3D typography

9th & 10th February

Unit 4,6 & 7 Pre-Assessment Reviews

Unit 5 Pecha Kucha Assessments
Using 3D type in backgrounds- forming sculptures (research),
templates, experiment with scale

24th February

Statement of Intent Workshop

Creation of final piece-arrangement of still life , typography 3D,
digitally edited backgrounds, layering of collage, dramatic photoshoot

2nd March

Assessment Set up
Assessment of Units 4, 6 & 7
Typed Evaluation of 500 words.

DBS 2015

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DBS 2015