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Lets stop racism, stop influencing majority

against minority, civilized world disdains


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Mangala Samaraweera who came to Sri Lanka following a successful visit to the UK,
USA, UN and India reinstating the fallen reputation of Sri Lanka during the Rajapaksa
regime briefed his visit in the parliament today the 20th
Mangala Samaraweera who deplored the pro Eelam statement of the ex president
who said that he confirmed the voting rights of the people in the North East, if not he
would have won the recent presidential election. Samaraweera questioned does it
imply that the former president can win only in a country where there is Ealam.
The recent elections have taught a good lesson that it is further not possible to
promote racism. The former president and the opposition have to learn the signs given
by the people. We cannot allow a space to promote extremism because the civilized
world condemns it. It is enough what we suffered so far, so it is the time to discard the
Singhala , Tamil and Muslim extremism.
Hon. Speaker,
Due to the undemocratic conduct, chaotic foreign policy and the inability to comply
international accountability by the Rajapaksa regime there was a space opened for the
international community to interfere into our domestic affairs. Further on May 2009
Mahinda Rajapaksa complied with the UN secretary General to investigate war crimes
according to the international standards.
We, in the opposition during the time repeatedly highlighted, if there are any war
crimes, it is necessary to investigate those within a domestic court of law. We further

emphasized we have the necessary legal provisions to prosecute if anybody

We have never changed from that position till now.
We still confirm our position that we should conduct a domestic investigation the
allegations to see for any human rights abuses committed. The manifesto we
produced during the presidential election Lets join for a change, a new country within
100 days explains the instant relief works we implement within the 100 days. We have
stated the following in clause 93.
When Sri Lanka is not a signatory for the Roman Charter which established the
international War Crime Tribunal, we would confirm justice through an independent
domestic court of law if we find any allegations of war crimes
Grateful for the smart diplomacy of our prime minister at a time when Sri Lanka has
not signed for the Roman charter of international war tribunal, we have stated that we
would enforce justice through a domestic independent court of law if there are any
allegations proved.
The reason we campaign for a domestic mechanism is not to fulfill the promise we
gave to the international but to confirm the mandate we got from the last election. We
are always accountable only to our people but not to the international community.
However by exercising this we would like to bring many advantageous to the people of
this country by creating a friendly rapport with the international community.
Now our judiciary has become independent and rich to conduct such an investigation.
We have efficient judges now. We removed the illegal chief justice and able to appoint
a qualified, suitable and a respectable judge for the judiciary. The Sri Lankan judiciary
which was fallen to a kangaroo court has once again gained local and international
reputation and confidence. We are ready to take any international technical assistance
to establish a domestic independent judiciary for the cause. Not only with the United
Nations but we are ready to deal with other international Human Rights organizations.
We have already started discussions about a starting a mechanism essential to
investigate the human rights abuses. We need a little more time to complete. If the
former government would have given importance to such an investigation in the
presence of the international community this problem wouldnt have reached so far.
We cannot deal with this situation without the international community. We cannot lead
an isolative journey. We need to embrace policies Instead of abstaining. We should be
in a position to deal with the international community. We have advantageous when
we deal with the international community. There is an advanced world outside Sri
Lanka. As a government we believe and we need the assistance of that developed
countries to develop our country. Our foreign policy is not based on ideology but it is
decided upon the necessity of the people of this country. It is such a simple one.

By exercising a credible domestic inquiry, we would be able to regain the lost

recognition and the respect. There are offenders in all country armies. There are no
100% infallible people in the world. If a crime is committed there is neither shame nor
fear in investigating, which is not a betrayal. We have historical examples of such
murder inquiries of Premawathi Manamperi and Krishanthi Kumaraswamy. This is not
something new to our country. When we identify the people who have given
instructions to abuse the reputation of the army we can able to reinstate the reputation
of the three armed forces and the police.
The former regime for the desire of one single family betrayed the reputation and the
respect of the entire armed forces. Due to that the world had a regressive view of our
armed forces. During the last days of the Rajapaksa regime the members of our
armed forces became like slaves selling vegetables, sweeping roads and workers in
tourist hotels. We are trying to reestablish the fallen reputation of our army.
We have started discussions to enroll our officers and soldiers once again to the UN
peace keeping force. We are starting to give an international recognition to our
national heroes who were constructing the pavements, remove grasses and sold
vegetables. By exercising this, members of our armed forces can go to any part of
the world and prove their skills.
By reinstating the lost credibility the determination of our government is to create a
New Sri Lanka with a virtuous society where Singhalese, Tamils, Muslims community
and Buddhists, Hindu, Christian and Islam religions can coexist with honorable Sri
Lankan identity.
Maithripala Sirisena has become the president not from the votes of one community
but with the votes of all the community. After many decades now we can proudly say
there is a president for all Sri Lankans.
Under this context I got a shock when I read a story told by our ex president.
On the 17th during a trade union meeting in Tangalle Town council the ex president
said that he reinstated the voting rights of the people in the North East, if not he would
have won this election.
From the above statement the ex president implies that he can win in a country where
there is Eelam. From the above statement everybody can understand who that real
pro Eelam activist is.
We can take this opportunity to start reconciliation by defeating the pro Eelam activists
who cover their nudity with the fake Sinhala patriotism which is aiming to jeopardize
the country. The people of this country taught that there is no space for people
promoting racism and sectarian. The former president and the opposition have to
carefully understand this. We would never allow space for extremism. The civilized
world rejects those. It is enough what we suffered. We have to deny the Sinhala as
well as the Muslim and Tamil racism as well.

Especially as Sri Lankans we can make a positive contribution towards the future and
the development of our country. Now we have got wonderful opportunity for that. I
believe we are at an important situation to create a true Sri Lankan identity that we
could fail to create from our independence. After many decades we have got a
president who represents all the community in our country. Therefore we should be
able to take the maximum profit from this opportunity.
From the revolutionary definition occurred on January 8th we are ready march
forwards with all the community in Sri Lanka by strengthening what we achieved with
good governance, fair play and tolerance where we would be able to create a civilized
country which respects democracy.
Finally under the standing order 22/2 I would like to answer the following questions to
the Hon. Opposition leader.
1.I would like to submit the letter I sent to the UN Human Rights Commissioner
with the Sinhala and Tamil translation.
2.In the 100 days program there is a statement in the 93rd clause. Despite the fact
that Sri Lanka is not a signatory to the roman charter, justice would be adjudicated
under a domestic independent court of law if there are allegations found proved
against human rights abuses. That means the objective of the government for creating
a domestic mechanism is to oblige e promise given to the people of this country but to
fulfill any promises given to the international community.
3.The letter has been produced to the forum.
4.By reinstating a credible independent and a domestic mechanism we believe that we
can eradicate the mistrust of some individuals and parties. We would like to inform all
parties to keep trust in our government.
5.President Maithripala as promised would take certain actions according to the
election manifesto he gave during the last presidential election. In the meantime the
president would reinforce democratic institutions, stabilize the freedom of expression,
uphold the rule of law, exercise good governance, consolidate the national human
rights commission and would act according to the matters stated in the letter to the UN
Human Rights Commissioner.
Thank You.
Hon. Mangala Samaraweera.
Translated by Ali asghar
Posted by Thavam