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Guided Reading Script-Narrative

Grade Level:______1st__________
Ability Group: LOW___________
Skill/Concept/Strategy Taught:_____Ooh sound (ew, ue, oo, diagraphs)____________________

1. Teacher selects text and skill/strategy prior to lesson.

a. Book selected for guided reading is Nicketty, Nacketty, Noo-Noo-Noo.
Author is Joy Cowley, Illustrator is Tracey Moroney. Based on 1 st grade
struggling readers.
b. Reading skill/ strategy being taught are the ew, ue, and oo vowel
2. Teacher introduces text:

Restates the skill/strategy that will be addressed in guided reading today

Introduces title and author

The book we are going to read today is called Nicketty-Nacketty Noo-NooNoo.

Can anyone tell me what else the cover of the book tells us?

(Possible student answers include: Author is Joy Cowley, Illustrator

is Tracey Moroney, picture on the cover).

Encourages students prior (background) knowledge/experiences with

topic/characters in the story

What is the girl carrying? (A pot) Thats right? Shes carrying a pot on her

Have you seen someone cook with a pot before?

Nickety Nackety Noo Noo Noo has two rhymes in it. Can you think of any
other books or poems that rhyme?

Invites students to make a text to text connection

Do you remember any other books that have a girl with pots and pans?

Do you remember any other books that rhyme that we have talked about?

Provides some information about/from the story (new vocabulary/unfamiliar


Lets look to the back cover. Do you know what that man is on the back
cover? Its called an Ogre. An ogre is a big, scary man. An ogre is
usually the bad guy in the story.

Keep looking at the back cover and read with me:

There once was an ogre

called Gobbler Magoo

who captured a maker

of good, tasty stew.

Nickety-Nackety, Noo-Noo-Noo

Do you all know what a stew is? Its kind of like a thick soup. It is made
with broth and has vegetables and meat in it.

Probes for knowledge of word meaning/topic understanding

Now, lets look back at what we just read. Did anyone notice a rhyme in
what we read on the back cover?

Thats right! Magoo and Stew rhyme.

Provides information about the word meaning/topic

Did anyone notice how Magoo ends with oo, and Stew ends with
ew? Remember that the ooh sound can be made by two oos put
together, an ew, or ue.

Encourages students to interpret illustrations/front cover/back cover/title page of


Defines problem of story/plot of story/etc.

Invites personal response to problem or plot of story

Draw attention to certain aspects of the story (illustrations, bubble

conversations/thoughts, unusual print on the page, etc.), if they offer additional
insight/meaning into story

Explain what these aspects are and how they can help the reader understand the
story more

Introduce important character(s) in story and unusual vocabulary involved with

this character

Focuses attention to begin reading

3. Students read the text.

Students read the text silently or aloud in the small group

If needed, the teacher assist students who may be need help reading

4. Teacher and students discuss and revisit the text.

The teacher asks students questions about what they read/noticed in story

5. Teacher explicitly teaches the reading process skill/strategy using the elements
from the story

6. Teacher extends understanding of students.

Teacher discusses skill/strategy learned or plot, setting, characters, symbolism,


7. **Teacher works with student on word work.

**Teacher may or may not do this step