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ariesoGEO User training

ariesoGEO User: Entry-level training for Radio Planners and Optimizers

This two-day course provides network engineers with the knowledge and skills they need to start using ariesoGEO
effectively within days.

Designed for those with existing radio planning and optimization experience
Detailed cellular knowledge in particularly in radio planning and optimization
Refresher cellular training is provided as part of this programme and is delivered online in an e-learning format
through the Arieso Learning Portal (additional detail below).


Understand how ariesoGEO works, what the data is for and how it can be used
Become fluent in the user interface and core functions
Gain hands-on experience using live data to investigate network coverage and interference


Online registration and pre-learning

8 x 1.5 hour sessions delivered over 2 days by an Arieso Certified Trainer
Scenario-based and real-data exercises, operating live on your network or via remote desktop
Access to post-learning support, forums, seminars and user resources via the online Arieso Learning Portal

Section 1: ariesoGEO Capabilities

Overview of GEO and ACP platforms

What information do Radio Planners and
Optimisers need?
How does ariesoGEO capture data and what is
available to the user?
How does ariesoGEO analyse and display data?
How can ariesoGEO analyse handset model
penetration and performance?

Section 2: Platform Architecture and Operation

Architecture of the ariesoGEO platform

Local support available to users
Introduction to the ariesoGEO user interface

Demonstration of ariesoGEO core functions

Practical exercise: Learning how to use the

Section 3: Network RF Performance

A discussion of common RF issues affecting 3G and

4G networks
Analysis of coverage and interference from live
Use of filtering the polygon function
Practical exercise: using live data to investigate


Section 4: Cell Footprint Analysis

A description of 3G handover parameters

Analysis of worst-performing cells and scrambling
code collision detection
Practical exercise: investigating holes in coverage
and identifying under- and over-shooting cells

Section 5: Analysing Dropped Voice Calls

Explanation of solution capabilities, built-in

templates and completion codes
Inter-RAT Handovers
Spider diagrams and control
Layer 3 Drill down
Practical exercise: using live data to investigate
dropped voice calls

Section 6: Analysing Data Performance

RSCP, Ec/Io, Active Set Size and inter-frequency

Example of coverage, Ec/Io and Active Set Size
shown on a map
Busy Hour Analysis
Data KPIs
Practical exercise: using live data to investigate
data performance

Section 7: Subscriber and Device Group


Overview of Subscriber Lists

Importing Lists
Practical exercise: examining device and subscriber

Section 8: Creating Reports and Templates

Measurement report data available from 3G

handsets and networks

Demonstration of scheduled report and web

Practical exercise: Creating web reports

About the Arieso Learning Portal

All those attending the ariesoGEO User training will have access to our online Arieso Learning Portal. This invaluable
portal will provide relevant pre-learning prior to the course, then as engineers begin to use ariesoGEO post-training,
their learning experience will continue through access to electronic course materials, online assessments, webinars
and forums in a global ariesoGEO user community.

Gaining ariesoGEO User Certified Status

The ariesoGEO User training forms a vital part of the process to gaining certified status. The assessment process has
been designed to test operational abilities in using the ariesoGEO solution. The assessment is structured as:
A series of online questions completed through the Arieso Learning Portal
A one hour assessment where Users will be asked to complete two 30 minute tasks to demonstrate their
knowledge and operational ability of the ariesoGEO solution at a User level

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