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Drastic changes in the sector of mining, agriculture, transport, manufacturing & technology had been

observed during the 18th & 19th century, and intensive effect of such changes took place upon the
socioeconomic & cultural environment within the region of United Kingdom, afterwards extending towards
North America, Europe & ultimately all over the world. Period of 18th & 19th century is known as period of
Industrial Revolution; in which such radical changes took place. In human history main cause of the turning
point was the Industrial Revolution, more or less all day-to day facets of life were ultimately influenced in
either way.
In 18th century, initiation of Industrial Revolution took place within the region of United Kingdom
with the establishment of first cotton mill in England. The world with the journey of modernization had
started. To retain the secret of industrialization was being desired by the England; however the arrival of
Industrial Revolution took place rapidly in the United States. Among societies, terrible outcomes were
carried in by the Industrial Revolution. The development of industrial units & introduction of assembly
departments among them, modern creations, electricity advancement, & advancement of the railway tracks
are all those factors who contributed towards rapid & well-organized system of producing goods &
materials. Furthermore, Industrial Revolution participated towards the dilemma of urban congestion & child
labour as well apart from others & such participation showed positive consequences as establishment of
child labour & school funding laws. Consequently, peoples living style & economic production; both are
improved by Industrial Revolution.
Remarkable escalations of production strengthened by launch of steam power largely fuelled by coal,
extensive exploitation of powered machinery & water wheels. By keeping in mind the manufacturing
purpose of other industries, more production machines are manufactured with the advancement of all tools
of machinery in the form of metal.
People were seemed to be happy, once technology went ahead to take its configuration, as they
thought that technology advancement would assist them in enhancing the human relations more durable.

Manhood was happy enough with the invention of vehicles that their approach towards far away people
becomes ease. With the passage of time, due to technology advancement human relations started flourishing
stronger & stronger. Afterwards, humans become greedy, lazy & selfish with the higher rate of advancement
in technology. In todays modern world, technology has been loved more than the humans around the
people. In current era, humans become slaves of technology developed by them. It is been observed hard for
the humans to live without technology, even they can live without humans. Extensive advancement in
technology results in weaker & weaker relationship of humans.

Pros & Cons of Technology:

Our daily basis activities, education, jobs & even lives are largely supported by technology.
Convenience & simplicity are its major benefits. Apart from others, economical prices, platform for trade
competition & the enhancement of industrialization are also considered among the advantages of
technology. Steel industry & the carriage of goods have been improved & become advanced after the
innovation of steam engine. The easiest tool to find anything is the usage of internet, which can be exploited
only with the possession of any mobile phone or computer. For the completion of projects, resources are
being found out on the mobile phones & computers having internet facility within. One of the major
advantages of technology is for deaf & dumb people that they are having facility to remain in contact with
everyone they want. For letting such people part of the modern society, specific computers & mobile phones
have been designed for them.
Creation of own world including simulated friends from Twitter, Facebook or Skype is one of the
disadvantages of technology. Creation of such world results in gap between real family & friends. Gap
between human relations have been observed especially due to more usage of messaging facility from
mobile phones rather than meeting with each other. Apart from its benefits for kids as mental practices, it has
kept the kids away from physical practices. Numerous accidents have been occurred among humans as some
got major injuries & some got killed at hazardous machineries operating in factories or death was due to
toxic fumes.

It is being summarized that it is impossible to live without technology in this current era.
Advancement of technology is an on-going process & we are getting largely dependent on technology. In
this modern world, societies are progressing rapidly on daily basis & we are part of such societies. By
extensive use of technology, reduction in brain abilities is major loss. One thing should be kept in mind that
technology is made by humans, so it is obvious that nothing is much powerful than human brains; even not
the technology.