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Blessed Relics Associated


Saiyyidinaa Rasoolul- Laah

Meeting with the Custodian of the Blessed Relics of the

Beloved Holy Prophet


Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi's meeting with honorable

Dr. Shaiekh Ahmad Bin Al Imaam Muhammad Al

This meeting with Shaiekh Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al Khazraji took place

on August 31,

2014, in his house in Al-Bateen Abu Dhabi. UAE


Shaiekh Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al Khazraji



(I, Shaiekh Ateeq ur Rahmaan wrote

this according to a recording which
was made during the meeting, so
please excuse me if there is any
mistake in spelling or any word is

Some of the Key Arabic Words used in this conversation are

given as below: -


Blessed Relics associated with Saiyyidinaa

Rasoolul- Laah


Ziyaarah (Visitation)
Sanad (Certificate)
Zafeerah (Long Hair)
Khusla (Long hair )
Jubbah (long gown)
Burdah (Mantle)
Al-Ghaaliyah (perfumed used by Rasoolul Laah )
Bakhoor (dry perfume powder)
Aadilah (benefits of Blessed relics)
Barakah (Blessing)

Nisbah (Associated Link)

Zikr (remembrance)
Sulah Hudaiebiyah

Shaiekh Ahmed bin Muhammad Al Khazraji, is a descendant

from Khazraj tribe of Ansaar of Madinah KSA and have a
healthy collection of many ' Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah
(Sacred Hairs and other Blessed Relics of Prophet Muhammad
( ) with authentic certificates.


His father Muhammad Al Khazraji had served as Minister of Endowments and Islaamic Affairs,
Minister of Justice and the Head of The Committee of Heritage and culture in the U.A.E. He was the
First Judge in Abu Dhabi since 1958 descending his father Sheikh Ahmed Which was the judge for 48
years in Dubai descending his father which was the judge for 50 years. Fitting to their unparalleled
privilege, Government of U.A.E has published stamps as a respect to his family. Currently, Shaiekh Al
Khazraji has been appointed as Chief of Al-Ansaar fraternity worldwide by appointed solely by Al
Ansaar Tribe.

n August 31, 2014 evening, a three-member delegation (me, Shaiekh Ateeq ur Rahmaan

and Mr. Haaroon) led by Dr.Allaamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

from Pakistan met with Shaiekh Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al Khazraji in
his house at Al-Bateen, Abu Dhabi. Shaiekh Al Khazraji welcomed the guests warmly.
During the meeting, Dr. Okarvi had a detailed conversation with Shaiekh Al-Khazraji about the
treasury of 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah he possesses, how it reached to his family and its


Earlier one day, the eldest son of Shaiekh Al-Khazraji, Muhammad arranged a visitation of the 'Aasaar-ulNabaviyyah' for the delegation. Dr. Okarvi vehemently thanked Shaiekh Al-Khazraji for giving them an opportunity to
visit the 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah' and prayed to Allaah Kareem for better rewards to Al Khazraj family .

Shaiekh Al-Khazraji informed him that visitations of the 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah' are arranged in Abu Dhabi every year
during the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal. Thousands of people avail the opportunity of visitation to get Barakah from the

Dr. Kaukab Noorani Okarvi then presented him few of his

popular books translated in English, especially Islaam's First Eid
( Prophet Muhammad's Birthday celebrated as Eid),
Azaan and Durood Shareef ( Reading Durood
wa Salaam before and after the Azaan) and
Sawaab-ul-Ibaadaat (cascading the rewards to
deceased persons). There are total 28 books written by Dr.
Kaukab Noorani Okarvi on various important Islaamic teachings
and practices. There are almost equal numbers of books
written by his respected father
Khateeb e Azam Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Shafee
Okarvi (Rahmatul Laahi 'Alaiehi) (1929-1984) on Islaamic belief
and practices, some among his masterpieces are Zikr e Jameel,
Shaam e Karbalaa, Raah e Aqeedat, Imaam e Paak aur Yazeed
Paleed, Az Zikr ul Haseen. These have been published in
millions of copies since last 60 years, including some with
English translation. Shaiekh Al Khazraji took deep interest in the
books, accredited its topics as well-chosen and desired to have
more copies for distribution amongst his friends and followers

Dr. Okarvi also briefly explained his Vision & Mission to

Shaiekh Al Khazraji. His life mission is to manifest the true
values of deen-e-Islaam with utmost love and respect of
the beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (May peace and
blessings of Allaah be upon him). He is known to have
zero-tolerance vision against any disrespect towards the
Holy Prophet Muhammad ( ) .

Shaiekh Al-Khazraji deeply admired the philosophy and

approach of Dr. Okarvi and requested to join him during
his foreign tours organized for visitation of 'Aasaar-ulNabaviyyah' in various parts of the world. (Dr. Okarvi
accepted the invitation offer and said that whatever
services he can provide, it will be an honor.)
Dr. Okarvi told Shaiekh Al Khazraji that purpose of his visit
was primarily to pay a visitation of these 'Aasaar-ulNabaviyyah' and secondly to hear from him in-person
about the authenticity of these 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah'.

Dr. Okarvi said Prophet Ibraaheem ('Alaiehis Salaam) who once asked to his Creator- Allaah Says in Quraan:

Wa 'Iz Qaala 'Ibraaheemu Rabbi 'Arinee Kaiefa Tuyil Mautaa Qaala 'Awalam Tu'min Qaala Bala Wa LaakilLiyama'inna Qalbee
[Baqarah 2:260] And when Ibraaheem said, "My Lord! Show me how You will give life to the dead"; He said, "Are you not
certain (of it)?" Ibraaheem said, "Surely yes, why not? But because I wish to put my heart at ease";

So by following prophets example, he wanted to ask few questions for his satisfaction,
According to a saying,

Al Lazee Ikraamu Maa Nusiba bihi

Whatever is associated, attached or belongs to the holy Prophet () , we should respect it
wholeheartedly. We should respect the connection in consideration of the references attached to these
relics unless it is proved otherwise.


e knew that the visitation of these 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah' is an unmatched blessing. According to Imaam Ibn-

e-Seereen, it is better than the world and anything in this world (Khairun-min-ud-dunya-wa-maa-feehaa

) therefore, having confidence on the authenticity of these 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah' will certainly increase the level
of our respect during visitation.
Dr. Okarvi added that before I reached you, I purposely went to Madinat-ur-Rasool ( ) three days ago and
requested the Prophet Muhammad ) that I have planned to make visitation of the 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah
with Shaiekh Al Khazraji. Please make it easy for me if these are genuinely associated to you ( ) .

Below is the summary of the Questions and Answers session

of Dr. Okarvi with Shaiekh Al Khazraji.

Dr. Okarvi: In view of the importance and sacredness of these

relics, have you recorded all the detail in the form of a book?
How and when it reached to your family?
Shaiekh Al Khazraji: Yes, we do understand the importance
of this information and accordingly a comprehensive book
is being composed along with full detail of references and
asnaad. In the book each and every 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah
has been discussed separately along with complete chain
of command ( sanad). It describes the hierarchy up to 5
degree evidence reaching to
Saiyyid Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani (May Allaah be
pleased with him). The book describes in detail how to
preserve these 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah'? And what kind of
modus operandi we adopt to maintain its originality?

Dr. Okarvi: I would appreciate if you can explain it to me from 1st degree (1st person) how it cascaded
and reached down to your family. Was it Hazrat Anas (May Allaah be pleased with him) ?

Shaiekh Al Khazraji: No. These 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah wasnt owned this house. It was with Al-Ansaar and
Ahl-e-Baiet family. In 2006, my father Mohamed Al Khazraji passed away and during 2007 & 2008, so
many people of Al-Ansaar and so many from Ahl-e-Baiet family dreamed Prophet Muhammad(
) and got instruction from him to transfer all 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah they have in possession and gave
it to me (Shaiekh Al-Khazraji) in-person. So we received more than 40 items of 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah
during 2007-08, in 2009 we received nothing in whole year, and then in 2010 we got more ishaarah that
more 'Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah we will receive in the coming years. So in 2010, we actually received more
relics than in phase 1 during 2007-08.

I tell you that during 2010, a VIP personality hailing from a very rich & famous family from GCC
country sent delegations to talk about Aasaar; where we keep? How we keep? And all other
questions related to it. After their satisfaction, they disclosed that this person (who sent them to
meet me) has more than 300 Aasaar with him, all sealed by Caliphate Usmaaniyah.
These Aasaar had been concealed secretly under the earth in a sophisticated and safe manner.
Even the brother of that personality was not aware of these sacred items. So he negotiated with us
to start moving all these Aasaar to us. They are still under negotiations to hand over the Aasaar to
us In order to maintain them and show them out to the public for the benefit of all Muslims.

This was beginning of 2010, then after 2 or 3 months, more people came to us. This year in 2010
we got more Aasaar directly from 4th or 5th family from Al Ansaar chain from Ansaar and these
were in big numbers.

Dr. Okarvi: Can I ask these people who got Ishaarah or by order of Prophet Muhammad (May
peace and blessing of Allaah be upon him) to handover the Aasaar to you along with all authenticity
or it was just as gifts?
Shaiekh Al Khazraji: Yes, we received these Aasaar along with full authenticity and track record some
reaching to Saiyyidinaa Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani. There is no 100% chain of command available
reaching to Prophet Muhammad ( ) in some cases but it is verified up to
Taabieen and Sahaabah. Some we have even direct from Prophet Muhammad(
)like Zafeerah (long hair). This is from HajjatulWada'a i.e. according to
Saheeh Bukhaari Hazrat Talhah ( May Allaah be pleased with him) took the right side of hair
and handed over to Umm-e-Sulaiem. It remained with her family till it is transferred to
Saiyyidinaa Hazrat Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani and similarly it had been remained in the custody of their
family and cascaded to their grandchildren till they got Ishaarah to handover it to my son
Ahmad Al Khazraji.

Dr. Okarvi: It means that these Aasaar were not with your parents / grandparents since long?
Shaiekh Al Khazraji: Yes, these were not in my family. You can say that it is from Ansaar tribe which is our
connected family. It is mentioned in the book I referred you earlier. It is now in the final stage of printing.
Then Shaiekh Al-Khazraji showed the contents of the Al-Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah book to Dr.
Okarvi in detail. It is being published initially in Arabic and later on shall be translated in various languages
including, French, English and Urdu.

Dr. Okarvi: There are number of books printed and available in the market on the subject of
Aasaar. We can use these references but the authenticity of all these Aasaar you possesses is more
important than other aspects. He explained that why he emphasized on this element is because if
anybody says even a lighter word against it, we cannot tolerate it and our blood starts violent.
Personally, every time I shall visit these Aasaar I will see it with my wet eyes but to reply to others
on television/ social media, I need to have evidence of authenticity. To be honest with you before
coming to you I went to Madinat ur -Rasool and prayed to Prophet Muhammad (May peace and
Allaah blessing be upon him) requesting that if it is belonging to you (Prophet Muhammad) then
please help me to pay the visitation and to meet Al-Khazraji.

Shaiekh Khazraji: This is the book titled as


Al-Aasaar-ulNabaviyyah fil khazaana tul Khazrajiyyah '. This

book shall be printed on A3 size paper. The proof
reading of this book is done personally by me. The
preamble of the book is comprises of
Muqaddamaat written by various dignified
personalities worldwide. Some of the names
included are; Mufti Maulana Al-Fateh Al Kataani
Al Hassani Al Hashimi Mufti Al Maalikiyyah in
Syria- The son of Maulana Makki AL Kataani the
head of the Muslim League during his period
and the grandson of Imaam Al Muhaddis -Ja'far
Al-Kataani who was a Mufti of Al-Maaliki in the
Syria, Al Saiyyid Ali Bin Abdur Rahmaan Al
Haashimi Advisor of president of UAE,
Samaahat Al Shaiekh Scholar Ali Jumaa
Previous Mufti of Egypt, Samaahat Al Shaiekh
Ahmad AL Khalili Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman
and several renowned Scholars from Other

Dr. Okarvi: Why not to add the names of those Scholars or distinguished delegates from across the
world, who have paid a visitation of these Aasaar? It will also help to validate the authenticity of these
Shaiekh Khazraji: Yes, though the list of these personalities is very lengthy. However, we can add the
some of them.
The next Chapter-2 of the book is about the 40 Hadith sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad
() .
The Chapter -3 of the book talks about the Aadilah regarding the benefits of keeping the
Aasaar-ush-shareefah. Full references have been given from Quraan, Hadees, Saying of the
companions of Prophet Muhammad - Sahaabah ( ) , Ijmaa ul Muslimeen .
Then there is detail about the benefits of Aasaar.

The Chapter -4 of the book has two sub sections. Section-1 describes the various blessed relics
associated with the Prophet Muhammad () . We have categorized them into five groups (I
did this division according to my own perception and not referenced from any book);
Cat-1:- The Aasaar associated with physical and bodily parts of the Prophet Muhammad ()
like Hair, Teeth, nails , araq (blessed body sweat) , areeq, etc.
Cat-2:- The Aasaar associated with physical connection of the Prophet Muhammad ( ) body
like Amaamah, Burdah, Shirt, ring, izaar, etc.
Cat-3:- The Aasaar occasionally carried by Prophet Muhammad ( ) but not on daily basis
like stick, ring, suyoof, Mekhsara.
Cat-4:- The Aasaar which has physical touch, connection with Prophet Muhammad ( ) like
minmbar (dias used for sermon) and letter written to various kings of the time etc.
Cat-5:- The Aasaar associated with places (his companion houses) where Prophet Muhammad
( ) visited or prayed or stayed.

The Section 2 of Chapter 4 describes the Khasas-ulAasaar how we know the

Aasaar? Which mean how we can establish the authenticity of Aasaar if having no certificate?
Many guidelines have been given in this section to prove the authenticity of the sacred items
belonging to Prophet Muhammad () . For example, it is unique and miraculous fact
that only Prophet Muhammad ( ) hair can grow. Black hair will grow black; white
will grow white and black hair grows faster than white. No one else hair, even Hazrat Abuu Bakr
Siddeeque ( ) or any other companion of Prophet Muhammad ( ) hair will
not grow. So based on this we can differentiate between the true blessed hairs attributed to
Prophet Muhammad () . Similarly Prophet Muhammad ( ) hair shall
have no shadow and it will never burn on Fire. However, one has to be experienced and
competent to apply these tests when required. One thing is very sure that anything belonging to
Prophet Muhammad ( ) shall not go waste.

I tell you an incident related to this. A Shaiekh from Ahle-Baiet family of Prophet
Muhammad () , now living in Madinah visited me eight months ago. I gave him
'itr with very little Araq Shareefah. He kept with him. 10 days after that, one Shaami Ulama
also visited me. He had some Aasaar with him. That guy whom I gave 'itr mixed with Araq
Shareefah told this Aalim but he was suspicious about the authenticity of Araq Shareefah. On
the same night he saw Prophet Muhammad ( ) in his dream and he asked him
about the Araq Shareefah. Prophet Muhammad ( ) replied that yes,
this is my Araq, and only my araq will remain over time.

This is beyond doubt fact that Holy hair belonging to Prophet Muhammad (
) miraculously grows by itself and that the fragrance / Araq embedded in it is still
remaining even after more than 1400 years time lapse.
Interestingly enough he has noticed new hairs being added up in his collection whenever
he is in service of Al Aasaar. . Curious to know, he has shown only the new hairs to fire to
test. No, it has surpassed the test ensuring that it was derived from the original hair of
Prophet Muhammad () . He also noticed some hairs moving by itself upon
kept in Majlis uz Zikr ( ) and some glowing in dark as well.

Adding to my point on Khasaais-ul-Aasaar; I share with you another

personal experience. A very small piece of holy hair, I gave it to one of the Shaiekh from
Bahrain on April 15, 2009 and in June 11, 2009 within a span of 2 months, it miraculously
grown to double of its original size. I asked the Shaiekh to gather Shahaadah from
Ulamaa of Bahrain to sign. (and he showed me this shahaadah)
Dr. Okarvi: Who is writing the Al-Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah book?
Shaiekh Khazraji: That is me.

Dr. Okarvi: Do you have other references on similar books on blessed relics published in
India and Pakistan?
Shaiekh Khazraji: Not really all but one which I mentioned in this Al-Aasaar-ulNabaviyyah and that is by Shaah Abdur Raheem Muhaddis Dehlvi the father of
Shaah Waliyul laah.
Dr. Okarvi: I have also wrote a book on title, Mazaaraat o
Taburrkaat aur un kay Fuyuuzaat I can provide some names of the relevant books on
blessed relics if you wish.
Shaiekh Khazraji: That will be appreciated.
Dr. Okarvi: Many people also have Far'a ( more hair growth from the original hair)

Shaiekh Khazraji: Yes, This is true and we saw it with our own eyes and it has happened many
Dr. Okarvi: Those people who told you that Holy Prophet ordered them to bring the Aasaar to you.
How did you confirm that they have really seen the Prophet Muhammad ( ) in dream?
Is there any kind of shahaadah you witnessed with them?
Shaiekh Khazraji: Firstly, the Aasaar were given to me by more than one person, they were from
different countries and not known to each other as well. Secondly, they gave me these Aasaar
without any exchange of worldly things. In-fact, they all were in search of me since long.
Dr. Okarvi: So it is not yourself who got indication?
Shaiekh Khazraji: No, we do received the indications as well that we will receive the Aasaar but not
in the manner from whom will get these Aasaar.
Dr. Okarvi: Shaiekh! Since last 5-6 years, there would have been thousands of visitors. Have you come
across any visitor who tried to confirm this?

Shaiekh Khazraji: Yes, it always happened. When I went to Sudan along with these Aasaar-ulNabaviyyah, it was peak summer with 48 deg C temperature and the entire Capital Palace fall under
dense cloud all three days as long as these Aasaar were there.
Another incident, in Sheeshaan ( Chechnya) visit when President of Chechnya requested us to
wash Zafeerah shareef in his palace for barakah. The palace roofs were all glass made. The sunlight
was as bright as you are outside in the sun. While we were fully involved in setting the washing
apparatus and concentrating on the process, we had paid no attention to the environment. It took us
1 hours to complete the process from opening the box of Zafeerah shareef till we returned it back in
the designated box. The Security guard outside the palace came to us with a video showing that how
they saw a thick and big cloud came and covered the palace. This video is also available on youtube

During my Russia Visit, last year on 4th & 5th September 2013; their Minister of Interior
said on TV that normally we have criminal / killed cases on daily basis in the country but
since Shaiekh Ahmad Al-Khazraji is here with blessed relics; even we dont have reported
any small dispute case in the country.
Dr. Okarvi: Some people in open exhibition may come for visitation without due respect.
Have you come across any visitor who came with bad intention in a bid to confirm this? I
mean to say that something wrong must be happened to him and there must be somebody
witness of the incident?

Shaiekh Khazraji: We dont know the intentions of the people coming in, but we didnt see
anyone in harm of the relics because the prophet is merciful. The person will not gain Baraka
because he didnt come with that intention. About the non believers of Aasaar I dont bother
my self with them, I use my time instead in service and maintenance of the Aasaar as well as
with the visitors. I dont waste my time convincing others. I tell you Shaiekh, there are always
such sick minded people around us. If today Hazrat Abuu Bakr Siddeeque ( ) give
shahaadah to them that these blessed hair belongs to Prophet Muhammad () ,
such sick minded people would not believe in it due to the ignorance of such people.
So far I have never allowed the non-believers to make visitation of blessed relics but I am sure
the non-believer with unbiased approach shall embrace the Islaam the sooner he will visit it.

Dr. Okarvi: You are absolutely right. So please move to the next Chapters of the book.
Shaiekh Khazraji: Before we finish this section, there are certain other miraculous aspects
associated with blessed hair of Prophet Muhammad ( ) in respect of colour and
shades. It is amazing that the black colored hair of Prophet Muhammad ( ) will
grow pure black , white in pure white and hinnaa colour in hinnaa .
Also, it is learnt that black hair grows faster than white. Black hair usually takes 20-30 years
while white hair takes 70-80 years to grow double.

Black hair is termed as Jamaal and white hair as Jalaal. After this, the new Chapter is
about the Zikr, when hair move and glow light when someone Zikr Laa Ilaaha Illal
Laahu. Someone from Lebanon has the picture depicting that when he turned out the light and
make Zikr in front of blessed hair; it light up and glow. These are khasaais ul

In the next Chapter of the book, there are miraculous stories happened to us in connection with the
blessed hair. The first one is about a renowned Scholar and Chief of Head Quarter (Abu Dhabi). He was
admitted in a Hospital & bleeding continuously. All medical efforts to stop his bleeding failed. The local
government has arranged an aero-plane to shift him to Europe. I was also with him and para-medical
staff failed to understand why he is bleeding? After a while, when I entered his room, I hear him to make
wasiyyah to his children. I become sad as he was close friend of my father and I cannot bear losing him
his life. So I immediately came home and returned back to him with Aasaar Shareef (blessed hair) from
Prophet Muhammad () . When he saw me, he said, My Son you came, it is good. Please
make du'aa for me.

I said, No, I have brought Shifaa for you and handed over the blessed hair to him.
Shaiekh! In the next moments I saw him talking to Aasaar Shareef (blessed hair) as he is like a friend of
Prophet Muhammad () . He continued talking to Aasaar Shareef for 20 minutes until his
bleeding stopped. I regret that I could not have recorder to record his conversation. The medical staff
failed to understand what the reason of bleeding was and how it is stopped? He stayed one month going
here and there.

Another miraculous incident took place with a guy from Lebanon. He was working with me taking
pictures of the blessed Relics for printing the book Al-Aasaar-ulNabaviyyah fil khazaana tul Khazrajiyyah '. One day, he received a phone call from back home that
his mother went in coma and is in a critical condition. He asked me to give him the blessed water
(washed on blessed hair) for his aging mother.
He went back to his country and saw his mother in coma. He wanted to give blessed water to his
mother to drink but the Doctor did not allowed him to do so in a fear that it can be detrimental to
her health if it goes to her lungs instead of stomach.
The guy told me that he soaked a fabric with blessed water and wiped her mother face and chest.
The moment fabric soaked with blessed water touched her heart, the heart monitor which is
designed to display heart beat waves, suddenly changed to display Arabic word ( ) Allaah Allaah.
It was astonishing as the monitor was not designed to display like it. It was beyond belief. So the
nursing staff and all the medical staff of Christian Hospital gather around the monitor which was
continuously displaying ( ) ALLAAH ALLAAH in Arabic language.

The hospital staff in disbelief put the monitor off and switched it On again but after
one minute of normal operation it start displaying again ( ) ALLAAH ALLAAH. So they
called the technician company who said they will come tomorrow to fix the malfunction
in the monitor.
Next morning, the technician company staff re-starts the monitor again but same
behavior was appeared in the display. The Technician replaced the monitor but
miraculously, they witnessed the same miracle again with all the machines. This miracle
last for three days till she passed away. During these days, it was witnessed by all the
hospital doctors, paramedical staff, all sick persons in the hospital and visitors outside
the hospital. (Subhaanal Laah ) . We also have the monitor pictures.

So the point is that non-believer may recognize the blessings of Prophet Muhammad
( ) like the Christian staff of that hospital in Lebanon but those so called
sick-minded believers will never.

According to the Al-Imaam Al-Juwaieni he is one of the Al-Azhar and wrote

in one of his book Al-Fataawaa in four (4) volumes where he called these people as
Aa'daa Allaahi wa Rasoolihi wal Muslimeen. As they place limitation to Allaah,
his Rasool and Muslimeen.
Further in the contents of the book, it is described in detail
How to keep the Aasaar Shareef like what are the pre-requisite?
What are the manners?
What apparatus we need etc?
How to deal with hairs while fixing it?
How we can know the direction? How to fix it?
Where to put it?
How to put it by direction?
How to make the wax for hairs?


It gives stage by stage guidance to all the steps including the

minute detail where deemed it necessary. For example, while
handling black hair, we use white fabric and vice versa for white
hair. Similarly to check the direction of hair is very important as the
hair grows only when it is put in the right direction. It is learnt that
the hair will not grow if fixed upside down. To check the direction
of hair, we hold the hair, hands in olive oil, and see gently how the
smoothness goes? If the smoothness is upside, it is right direction
to fix and grow. The hair is required to fix it in a specially prepared

The objective of all this detail is to transfer the knowledge to other Muslims. It is
very important as we know and we believe that there are so many people who have
the barakah (blessed relics). During his life Prophet Muhammad ( ) on
different occasion like Hudaiebiyah, Hajjat-Ul-Wada'a, etc
distributed to more than 28,000 sahaabah. Prophet Muhammad ()
distributed his hair to large majority of Sahaabah. So point is that how these hairs can
disappear when it is growing and does not burn as well.

Dr. Okarvi: Some people have put these barakah in their graves. In Pakistan, people who
have the blessed hair, they put it in Abeer with Sandle wood powder. Why the
blessed hair placed in Istanbul's Topkapi Palace have not grown over the time?

Shaiekh Khazraji: People who bury the Aasaar with them have secured them selves to the
Jannah like sahaabah and taabi'een but they have prohibited most people from seeing it for
Baraka. According to my research, these hairs are placed in the artificial (synthetic) wax, and
most of them are upside down. The Management of Topkapi Palace has approached me and
we are now-a-days in negotiation. In Shaa Allaah I will travel there and do the
needful. I plan to stay there for 2 weeks and shall impart necessary training to their

Dr. Okarvi: Are you giving training to your children as well?

Shaiekh Khazraji: Yes, off course. I do. It is very important.

Dr. Okarvi: How we can test the genuineness of blessed hair to verify the claim? Some
people qualify it by No-shadow test by putting it in water and flashing a torch light to it.
What you say to it?
Shaiekh Khazraji: I would say; it is not a correct method. There is chance that one can see
the shadow of water or shadow of Bakhoor (perfume) if blessed hair is not properly
washed. May be our hand is not cleaned enough. May be it has some salts on it.
According to my research and experiences, it should be three stage tests to qualify the
genuineness of blessed hair of Prophet Muhammad () .

Stage -1: No-Shadow Test.

For this test the hair has to be washed first with zamzam water from down to up, then
wash again with normal water as zamzam water has additional ingredient like sodium,
potassium which may remain over the hair if not washed with normal water. Then dry the
hair gently and smoothly with soft cotton. If claimed hair does not qualify this test, go for
stage 2 test. There is very likely that our hands are not free of contamination or wax and the
shadow may be because of it.
Stage -2: Moving on Zikr Test.

Make Zikr in front of hair, it will move if it is real. Now if the hair does not show movement in
Zikr. Go to stage-3 test.
Stage -3: Burn-fail Test.
If Stage 1 & 2 tests are not qualified, burn fail test is sure test to qualify its genuineness or

Dr. Okarvi: No doubt, it is great work. But how can one dare to do such a test, I mean
wouldn't the soul shiver with fear before doing this test?
Shaiekh Khazraji: To substantiate the burn-fail test, I tell you that Turkiyah Khalifah
Usmaaniyah Zarkali has embedded the blessed hair in molten state crystal. This is especially
designed crystal where blessed hair has been encapsulated in it to ensure safety. We know to
liquidate the crystal we need to heat it up to 800 deg C but the blessed hairs did not burn in
this elevated temperature.
Dr. Okarvi: Maa shaa Allaah, you are like a living encyclopedia, Shaiekh! From the
time, you got these Aasaar; did you dream Prophet Muhammad (?)

Shaiekh Khazraji: Yes, Al Hamdu Lil Laah, I saw him more than five times. One time
Prophet Muhammad ( ) was standing up in front of the treasury where we kept
the Aasaar Shareef. He was looking towards Qiblah and behind him there was large sized
table covered with white fabric. The table could be approx. 3 meter wide and has infinite
length. I cant see the end. The table begins with Al Aasaar we have. These Aasaar were placed
open i.e. without cover. Besides these Aasaar there were hundreds of thousands books on the
table. Prophet Muhammad ( ) raised his blessed hands and said,
" Haazihee Aasaaree" and the moment he indicates towards these Aasaar, a light came
out from each of these Aasaar like glittering stars.

Dr. Okarvi: What changes have come in your life after you got the Aasaar associated with Prophet
Muhammad (?)
Shaiekh Khazraji: There are many. First change, I was appointed as Prince of Ansaar fraternity
worldwide. There were eight (8) candidates for the slot. All were more educated than me, some
even more rich from the same tribe, AL ANSAAR . We are taking care of Ansaar community
since my father time. Besides this, I have been selected as Chief of Ansaar fraternity by the tribe.
Dr. Okarvi: What changes have you come across inside within you? I mean spiritual feeling? What
habits you lost? As I believe this is not an ordinary thing. You are the richest person in the world by
having these Aasaar?
Shaiekh Khazraji: Yes, Al Hamdu Lil Laah, spiritually I have felt very blessed changes. I dont
want to say on it.

Coming back to our core subject, we have Al Hamdu Lil Laah, large numbers of Aasaar including two
Zafeerah Shareef. So we take extra ordinary care in keeping and preserving these Aasaar from any kind
of damage or threat. We dont keep the Aasaar open to touch or accessible in normal condition.

I tell you an incident of my friend from Geneva. He had one blessed hair. On Laielat-ul-Qadr,
his friends insisted him to bring the blessed hair for barakah to the peoples gathered there. He
brought it and placed it for general visitation. It was without cover, so as people can see it and feel
fragrance oozing out from blessed hair. The visitation starts with people one after one till last person
came and he saw it and swallowed it.
Therefore, by the lesson learnt from this incident, we have two types of encapsulation for the blessed
hair. Some hairs just for seeing it through magnifying glass; others placed in a specially designed jar
with a hole to give vent to the blessed fragrance coming out of it. It is portable and placed in a heavy
metal box prepared with 2 kg silver metal. It will not damage if accidently fell down. All hair are fixed
and placed in such a fashion that it can move on Zikr and grow with time.

Moving forward in the next section of the book Al-Aasaar-ulNabaviyyah fil khazaana tul Khazrajiyyah ', we have described how to prepare the wax suitable for
growing of hair. This is not an ordinary wax, purchased from super market; rather it is naturally
derived from honey cone occurred in the natural deserts. The wax is collected/ separated from
honey cone carefully, and then put it in warm water, put in it Blue Anmbar ( 3-times costly
than gold metal), add in it Kastoori ( Musk), and then stage-by-stage change it to be a misk,
add then very old and rarely available pink colour Indian Kaafoor ( Camphor); or yellow one at
least but not the white one. After then it is cut in slices and added with kaafoor powder, free of
stone and mix it with misk. Then add Anmbar again. This wax can last for 11 to 14 years.

There is no need to put any perfume on blessed hairs as the original fragrance impregnated in the
blessed hair is still present in it since 1400 years. As we knew the Angels visit the hair, so we make
the blessed hairs environment clean & friendly to the angels visit.
( Maa Shaa Allaah! Nice idea Dr. Kaukab Okarvi said).

Dr. Okarvi: Did your family belong to this land (UAE) or migrated from
somewhere else?
Shaiekh Khazraji: No, we descended from Madinah (Saudi Arabia) during the regime of First
Caliph Saiyyidinaa Abuu Bakr ( ) and settled in Fujairah (one of the UAE emirates)
from the time of Huroob AL Rida. The towns called Dibba Al-Bayah were War places at that
time as Saiyyidinaa Abuu Bakr ( ) who sent troops under command of Hazrat
Ikramah bin Abuu Sufyaan ( ) to fight with Non-Believers. To fight those peoples,
14 of our family members were amongst the Muslim army. (Al Rida War) One of my
grandfathers went to Al-Ain, and they stayed here to check everything is proper and
everybody is Muslim. We then migrated to Madinah KSA. After then on request of Caliph
Haaroon Rasheed, they migrated to Iraq and remained settled therein till the regime of
Caliph Maamoon Rasheed. Then after, they came back again to this land (UAE).

Dr. Okarvi: Are you attached with spiritual name with any Shaiekh? I mean

Qaadiri Shaazli, Rifaa'ee Suufi chain?

Shaiekh Khazraji: Yes, we are connected to Qaadiri Shaazli Suufi chain. Besides this we have our
own Silsilah. I tell you an incident. One after Fajr prayer in Dubai Masjid, I was reading
my Auraad which is very lengthy and masjid full of 200 peoples gradually became empty.
Suddenly one old guy from Dubai see my son, he stand up beside me and said. Are you relative
of Shaiekh Ahmad Al-Khazraji (my grandfather), I recognized you because you are reading the
same word of Auraad.

So moving forward in the next section of the book Al-Aasaar-ulNabaviyyah fil khazaana tul Khazrajiyyah ', it is mentioned about the details of the Aasaar Shareef,
presently we have with us. It is notable that we dont keep Aasaar with ownership of other people. We
keep only what we have or what we have been given as a gift. Some of the listed Aasaar associated
with Prophet Muhammad
( ) we have, are:Okarvi.com

. Zafeerah Shareef - 2 Nos. (one is 103-

cm measured; one from

Hudaiebiyah & other from
Hajjat-ul-Wada'a which was 15 cm long
2. Khusla Shareef 2 Nos.
3. Al-Majama (blessed hair from different
parts of the body, other than head with
our experience we can differentiate the
hairs which one is from head and which one
from beard, if mixed)
4. Nausiyah (the hair Hazrat Khaalid Bin
Waleed () , used to keep in his cap
/ turban.
5. Golden shade Hairs 2 Nos.

This is very unique. Though there is no riwaayat of golden hair, but it is our considered opinion that

since black hair when changes to white hair, it transform to various color in six stages e.g. black dark
brown light brown golden dark grey light grey and finally white) so the gold hair was cut at time
when it was transforming to golden color. Miraculously, it remain as gold and grow as gold. (
Subhaanal Laah).
6. Five small hairs from Mastaj- this is also with Sanad; one from right hand and other four from beard.
7. Jubbah

8. Burdah 2 Nos. with different sanad; about the burdah, some of the Nasul-Mubarakeen asked
Rasoolul Laah ) Is that Burdah you wore? Rasoolul Laah( ) said
Naam. This is of Aswad (black) color.

9. Al-Kubraa Shareef
10. Soak part of Qamees, made of cotton
(unfortunately, it is not kept well).
11. Blessed hair from Saiyyidinaa Abuu Bakr () ,

12. Blessed hair from Saiyyidinaa 'Umar Faarooq () ,

13. Blessed hair from Saiyyidinaa 'Usmaan ( )
14. Blessed hair from Saiyyidinaa Ali ibne Taalib ( )


( o a question of Dr. Okarvi that all the four caliphate had not distributed their hair,
Shaiekh Al-Khazraji replied that so many people have their hair. It may be true that the
caliphates have not distributed it, but for example a person who shaved this, may had
preserved these.)
15. Blessed hair from Saiyyidinaa Imaam Hasan Ibne Ali131 ) ( Nos.
16. Blessed hair from Saiyyidinaa Imam Hussain Ibne Ali 64 ) ( Nos.
17. Another Blessed hair from Saiyyidinaa Imaam Husaien Ibne Ali 01 ) ( Nos.
with different sanad.
18. Blessed hair from Saiyyidinaa Imaam Zaien-ul 'Aabideen ( )


The Ring of Saiyyidinaa 'Usmaan ( ) . In-fact the Ring of Prophet Muhammad

( ) was used by Saiyyidinaa Abuu Bakr () , & Saiyyidinaa 'Umar Faarooq (

) , but since Saiyyidinaa 'Usmaan () , have very thin finger, so initially he used the same
Khatam in Zilla (small finger) and then after four months he made another ring according to his finger
Here, I tell you how we make sure the authenticity of the some of the Aasaar which have no direct
sanad. Since this ring was not associated from Rasoolul Laah () . We sent the
ring of Saiyyidinaa 'Usmaan ( ) to one of the metal testing Laboratory in London to verify
how old this metal is? it is notable that this ring was made in 7 hijri. After metallographic analysis of
the Ring (detail analysis by definition of all the metals), the Laboratory report also revealed that this
metal does not exist since 900 years back. So we got the confirmation.

20. Mak hal ( kohl containers) covered in kook ( wood) case for eyes use the
blessed relic of Saiyyidah Faatimah Zahrah (Radiyal Laahu 'Anhaa)
21. Blessed Relic (small part of Ni'aal/ shoes from Saiyyidah Faatimah (we got it from
Ahl-e-Baiet family) it has remaining some leather on it.
22. Hair from Saiyyidinaa Ali Ibne Taalib ()
23. A soak from Saiyyidinaa Ali Ibne Taalib (( ) with different sanad)
24. War Hat from Saiyyidinaa Ali Ibne Taalib (() He put this and then Amaamah)
25. Burdah of Saiyyidinaa Ja'far As Saadiq ()
26. Burdah of Saiyyidinaa Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani ()

Dr. Okarvi: According to my knowledge all the four caliphs have never
distributed their hair to anybody. At least I have not read this.
Shaiekh Khazraji: No, we have these blessed hairs with sanad ( Certificates).
May be they have given or somebody very close to them have taken it.
Dr. Okarvi: How you make the ghusl shareef (wash for barakah) of blessed
Shaiekh Khazraji: Now this is detail of first ceremony when we washed the hair
(Zafeerah) to get barakah (blessed water) from the hair. We wash it on 23rd
Ramadaan every year. We dont wash the hair directly. Instead a cloth is wrapped
over the hair. We open the water slowly while fully covering the Zafeerah Shareef
and collect the used water. After the gusl we bring it hair politely and as I told
you wash it with normal water and if there is bakhoor shadow we wash it with
olive soap. Then after one by one of hair we make it mishal carefully. This usually
takes 1 week to complete.
(Dr. Okarvi recorded that since Shaiekh Al-Khazraji has been entrusted with honor to
keep the Aasaar-ul-Nabaviyyah Allaah has given him the sense also to deal with the
Aasaar with necessary care.)

Following this, there is detail in the book how to change the wax; new / old. It is mixed with AlGhaaliyah; the mix of four perfumes used by Prophet Muhammad ( ) he call it AlGhaaliyah. The washing of small zafeerah event is not fixed, we wash (if I am here in Emirates) on 27th
Rajab this we do privately with 100 to 200 people only. But the washing of big Zafeerah is fixed on
23rd night of Ramadaan every year.
Then there is detail how to make the water after gusl when it finished for the people, how to make the
perfume Al-Ghaaliyah. This perfume Al-Ghaaliyah is made from four perfumes which Rasoolul Laah
( ) used. when I sent it very little to some people in Madinah, they confirmed that this is
100% similar smell coming from Rasoolul Laah ') s room. So they enquired that do you
have it in Ru'yaa (dream)? How to do it? I said no, I do it myself. It is not fair if I said, it is from
Ruyaa. Though This is Wafaq Amar ul 'Azeem that mean coming witheven though I wrote
the ingredients in the book.

Now this is a picture of a very famous business man Abdul Samad Qureshi. Once I was travelling with
him from Dubai to Jeddah. Before landing, I put some perfume Al-Ghaaliyah on his hand. He was so
excited that he asked me from where and how I get it. Then he asked me, you made it yourself? I said
yes. Lets make a business deal to prepare it. He asked me and I declined. Though I have the permission
from Rasoolul Laah ) to sell, even to sell the washed water but we distribute it free with
niyyah (Sadaqah tur Rasoolul Laah ) . If I sell it I have been guided where to spend this
money. The Rasoolul Laah ) give me three definition how to spend but we give it free.

The ingredients of Al-Ghaaliyah perfume are very expensive. Each kilogram will cost us 200,000
Dirham. The ingredient like Oud and Ward are very expensive.
So instead of distributing the Al-Ghaaliyah, I usually advised the people like the mothers of Ruling Kings
to bring their own perfume during annual visitation event and we put holy hair ( Araq
Shareef) inside the perfume for barakah.

Dr. Okarvi: When this book will be published?

Shaiekh Khazraji: In shaa Allaah very soon. Actually, we are expecting more Aasaar. Last week, we
received two more and one after Eid. So we will add the same in the book.
Dr. Okarvi: In how many languages you intend to publish this book? I would say that you have to translate
it in English & Urdu besides Arabic.
Shaiekh Khazraji: In Shaa Allaah, we will do it in so many languages including English, French,
Spanish, Russian etc,
Dr. Okarvi: I think, you should give preference to languages which is spoken more among the Muslims
around the world.
Shaiekh Khazraji: In Shaa Allaah, we will do it.

Now I tell you story how we got Aasaar Al-Kubraa Shareef

I went to attend Annual Conference in Calicut (Kerala India) with Shaiekh Abuu Bakr and after
that I need to go to another conference on Hadees scheduled some days later in Banaaras
(Varanasi-India). So I went to see my Shaiekh Muhammad Hafeth in Hyderabad. There were few
scholars from Al-Azhar accompanying me. A visitor staying there went to see Shaiekh and found
him sleeping. At 7 O clock, he came to my room. I was just wake up Al hamdu Lil Laah. He said, he
has just dreamed Prophet Muhammad ( ) and he said, Give the Al-Kubraa to
Ahmad Al-Khazraji. I was delighted but curious about what is Al-Kubraa Shareef. Since there is
time lag of 1:30 hour between UAE & India, I waited up to 7 a.m. to make a phone call and asked
him what Al-Kubraa is? I enquired the same from other scholars in Egypt to search in the books of
Seerah and Hadees.

I received a call back from Egypt from Shaiekh that though they could not find any reference about the
Al-Kubraa Shareef, however I should not make worries on it as Prophet Muhammad ()
ordered that Amartul Ahmad Bil Kubraa that it will come to you. So be relaxed.
I came back to the hotel in India . I was told by my secretary that after few days I am scheduled to fly to
another country to see my friend. Same night, I felt something missing in my India tour. Was it I didnt
visit to Mumbai because it never happens to come back from India unless you visit the Mumbai ? I asked
Secretary to cancel my previous schedule and book me for Mumbai as soon as possible. He managed it
hard as he was not getting the direct flight to it. Anyway, by 5 'o clock in the evening we were in the
Hotel of Mumbai , India. We called certain friends and planned to have a dinner tonight. Meanwhile, I
recalled a Shaiekh and decided to visit him. Once someone used me as Waastah to get
something and he got it what he needed whereas earlier he failed to get the same even after many
times visit. I thought lets go to him to offer salaam. It took us a while to locate him he was in the
Hospital and just left. So we cancelled the dinner and decided to visit him tonight.

The moment, I entered his room in his house, he exclaimed , Khazraji! Khazraji! As Salaamu
Alaiekum, then (in his own language) he said, Kaiefa Haaluka? Kaisaa Hai? Shaiekh!
Theek Hai? Then he tried to stand up. I said, Shaiekh! Please be seated, and dont bother yourself
but he said, No come with me. He brings me to a small room and fall the curtain down. he opened
door of the room of size 2m x 1 m size only. He said, Come! Come! and there were two chairs
inside; one big one and other small plastic chair. He asked me to sit on big comfortable chair. I was
reluctant but he insisted me to sit on big chair and he sat on other in front of me. We sat for 2
minutes and then he stands up again and went to a big Box which was locked. He opened the lock
and there was another box in it locked. He opened it and found another box inside. So keep on
opening boxes, lock after lock, and then gave Zulf shareef of Prophet Muhammad (
). He then said to me that he was searching me since last 4 months. He then told me that this zulf
shareef was with us for more than 8 hundred years since the time of Saiyyidinaa Hazrat Abdul Qaadir
Jeelaani ( ) along with authentic proof and sanad.

He told me that he got direct order from Prophet Muhammad ()

to hand over the zulf to Ahmad Al-Khazraji and that is why I was in search of
you. I was worried how to reach you. After this, when he gave the Aasaar shareef
to me he seems to be very relaxed.

Then he asked me, Shaiekh! Dont you need Al-Kubraa Shareef?; the
Jubbah Shareef which the Prophet Muhammad ( ) wore
during Israa-wal-Mi'raaj?

The story of Al-Kubraa Shareef originates from Turkey. Al-Kubraa Shareef was
possessed by Sultaan Haiedar Ali of Mysore (Hyderabad) and then
came to his eldest son Fateh Ali Tipu Sultaan who was a ruler of
kingdom of Mysore. Tipu Sultaan fought against the English bravely to stop
them for invasion of Mysore.


In 1799, when English finally took over his country by killing the Tipu Sultaan, this Al-Kubraa Shareef
was taken by some of his closed relative from the Masjid. This remained with their family and they
continued to arrange visitation of this Al-Kubraa Shareef for about 150 years, every year during
Rabi-ul-Aawwal. During this period, the family grew bigger & bigger, then generation by
generation they guide, until their grandson become poor and they stopped visitation or because the
Indian population grew bigger and they were not able to handle the arrangements. So during the last
80 years, nobody has touched this Al-Kubraa Shareef, it is closed and locked.
Lately, only two week ago they decided (This was the same time when we reached Kerala and was
informed about Al-Kubraa) that they will hand over this Al-Kubraa shareef who will build an Islaamic
Complex; a masjid and Quraan School in exchange of it we give him that amaanah.

Dr. Okarvi: Maa Shaa Allaah, so this was automatically arranged for you.
Shaiekh Khazraji: In Shaa Allaah, very soon. We are waiting for some more Aasaar to come and
include in the book. Last week we got two more. In Shaa Allaah we are expecting more in near
Dr. Okarvi: What is your future plan to keep these Aasaar in secured form?
Shaiekh Khazraji: We are working on it and lot of design work has already been completed.
Actually, we plan to build a huge monument to be constructed on the specification of Central Bank.
The heavily concrete structure building shall be purpose built and the Aasaar shall be placed third
floor down the earth. The Aasaar shall be placed in the highly guarded metal boxes of size 30 x 80
m x 5 m fixed condition. Because of heavy weight (metal boxes and reinforced concrete rebars) we
have to decide it to build the hall down the earth.
Dr. Okarvi gave some suggestions, and advised which the honorable Shaiekh listened and

Dr. Okarvi: Shaiekh I am very thankful to you for this thoughtful discussion and your patience to
listen us. Since you are printing a book along with all the detail and asnaad, it will help us to build
confidence on it. I personally appreciate your efforts, and the details that you shared with me.
Because this is my first meeting with you, I have asked only the basic questions, and I have asked
less and listened more. And I enjoyed. Al Hamdu lil Laah I have true love for the holy Prophet
(Sallal Laahu 'Alaiehi Wa Sallam) and his belongings. For me anything associated or attached with
him is of great value. It is my wish that there should be no element of doubt with any of the Aasaar
Shareefah you possess. So just to remove any cloud of doubt a few more questions can be asked,
which may be rigid. I expect you will not get hurt and give us the opportunity to ask.



Shaiekh Khazraji: In Shaa Allaah, for the person to learn, we are always available to reply.

After the specific conversation was over, Shaiekh requested Dr. Okarvi and his delegates to have
dinner with him. Shaiekhs humbleness and respectful behavior deserves true appreciation. He was
genuinely very courteous to give complete information and knowledge about the Aasaar-ulNabaviyyah. He also gifted Dr. Okarvi the ghusl water of the blessed Hair of the beloved holy
Prophet ( ) ,and the piece of the blessed cloth with which the Blessed Hair were
The Shaiekh also gifted few of his books to Dr. Okarvi. Dr. Okarvi was very pleased to know that
Shaiekh Khazraji printed numerous valuable books. He really praised his friendship with knowledge.

Honorable Shaiekh arranges gathering of Na'at shareef, Zikr and

speeches by various Ulamaa. Shaiekh wanted to invite Dr. Okarvi to give lecture, but
because Dr. Okarvi had to leave thats why he promised next time In shaa Allaah he will
attend the gathering.
At the end, he gave a warm send off to his guests. He came all the way to the exit gate of
his house and stood there till our car left the area.








Presented by Maulana Okarvi Academy [Al-Aalami]-2015