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You Dont Know It Yet, But Youre About To Transform

I'm so blessed you decided to read this free report. That's because
the secrets within these few pages will change your life. That's a
Just to be clear though, you won't transform just by reading this.
You need to apply what you learn. So let me ask
Are you willing to let go of your comfort zone, the familiar, in
order to step into the life of your dreams?
Are you open to receive more joy, more abundance, more peace?
Is NOW the time to drop all resistance and objections and take the
tiny little steps into your new reality?
Are you willing to do what it takes to live your Highest Dreams?
In order to succeed your desire for success should be greater
than your fear of failure Bill Cosby
Because you've taken the time to read this, I suspect the answer
to all these questions is

And if I am correct then I have phenomenal news for you
Within the pages of this free report are the 6 SECRETS that
happy, successful people implement every day to create the life of
their dreams.
These are 6 SECRETS which will brighten your life RIGHT
NOW. They'll dissolve all your invisible barriers and relieve your
daily struggles. You'll step into a lie so wonderful that each day

becomes a celebration of how miraculous your life truly is.

None of these secrets are difficult. They don't require any special training
or skill. Each of them, in fact, is nothing other than a CHOICE that
separates those that leap out of bed in the morning from those that

What led up to the creation of this FREE report? Why am

I sharing this with you today?
14 years ago I made the choice to transform my life. Until then, my life was
a mess. My days were filled with panic, anxiety and illness.
It seemed like I jumped from one crisis to another. Worst of all, I felt
helpless to do anything about it.
One day I realized I couldn'tgo on like this. There was no reason why my
life couldn't be filled with joy, success, health and abundance.
I made the conscious choice to do whatever it took to create a new
What I learned completely transformed my life. Today I eagerly wake up in
the morning to a new day filled with blessings and miracles. I go through
the day with a big smile on my face. My body is filled with endless, vibrant
energy. Anything is possible.
Most important of all, I live my passion. My greatest joy, my passion, is to
be of service to everyone and anyone that is also ready to make the choice
to step into something far greater than their limited mind can imagine.
Right now, with this free report, I want to reveal to you the same 6
secrets that allowed me to completely transform my life.

The Journey That's Brought You This Report

Over the past few months I have been immersed in a life-changing
product. I've been traveling the world seeking to interview the GREATEST
thinkers, teachers and gurus. At first, I did this for myself, but then, over
time, my mission evolved.
As I recorded these conversations with these amazing people, it hit me
that, without exception, all of these amazing men and woman made 6 key
choices which unlocked incredible success for them.
As I sat and breathed in this epiphany, I realized those in my life who spent
their days endlessly suffering were making the exact OPPOSITE CHOICES.
It's like you have this on/off switch in your mind.
When you're "on," you're on the path to success and happiness.
When you're "off," you're on the path to suffering.
The best part is that you can ALWAYS flip your switch from "off" to "on."
Even if it's been off for 70 years, you can flip that switch. You just need to
use these 6 secrets.
How cool is that?
Once I discovered these 6 secrets I had to get them out to as many people
as possible. Right now, I'm going to share them with YOU. If you learn them
and if you apply them into your life, you absolutely WILL transform. You
have no other choice :-)
The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Mark Twain

Secret #1
Success Guaranteed
If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put
yourself into a condition conducive to your goal. Norman Vincent Peal
If you've been at all involved with Self Improvement, you've probably
heard all about the power of belief and how "thoughts are things" with the
power to shape our reality.
Based upon my experience, this is VERY true.
There is one particular thought process successful people share that is quite
visibly absent from those who are still complaining that all the
visualizations in the world have not brought them the fancy house or the
big car or the love of their life.
It's the deep knowing that Success is Guaranteed.
When you absolutely, without a doubt, understand that you cannot
fail, then the obstacles on your path will only strengthen you, refocus you,
and create for you a new path to life that's even more expansive and joy
filled than you imagined.
When you look at everything that occurs as a gift, then everything
becomes just that, a blessed gift.
Let me give you some specific examples .
Jeffrey Gignac was diagnosed at a young age with a learning disability. His
brain worked differently and for many years he couldn't read and had a
very difficult time in school.

But Jeffrey and his parents didn't give up. They knew if they believed in
Jeffrey's success, they could find a way to overcome his disability. They kept
experimenting, over and over again, until they finally discovered an
incredible learning process that allowed Jeff to thrive.
The experience set up a life time love of the brain in Jeff and today he's an
NLP Master Practitioner, a Master Hypnotist, and an expert on Brain
function and Brain Wave Entrainment techniques. His work has improved
the lives of 10,000s of people world-wide (including mine )
Because he grew up on public assistance, Keith Matthew made the CHOICE,
early on, that he would never want for money.
He was going to be rich. He knew it, success guaranteed.
He entered college to study accounting because he knew accountants were
wealthy people and he was going to be wealthy.
He didn't enjoy the coursework, but he pushed through and did
OK. And then
Disaster Struck
There was a mix up with the university, and he was informed that he did
not have the correct courses to graduate
Did he wallow? Did he kick and scream and complain? Did he immerse
himself in self-pity?
He sat back and looked for the gift
He discovered, with some research that with just a little bit of effort he
could switch from accounting to General Business
He recognized his true passion was business. Accounting was what

he thought he needed but what he really wanted was to be an

He said yes to the gift and today he is a highly successful internet marketer,
loving life and the new opportunities that are presented to him every day.
And then there's me
14 years ago I gave up my fight against the panic disorder that controlled
my life.
I started to ask for the message, for the gift.
I stepped into every day determined to live a different kind of existence and
I didn't let anything get in my way.
I made up my mind. There was no choice but to succeed
And today.
Well today I woke up with a smile on my face Today I counted my
blessings and I set about making a difference in the world.
Today I have a career that I wouldn't have even known
existed without for the gift of the Panic Disorder.
Today I look at everything that's even a little bit uncomfortable as a gift
to be unwrapped, as another message that will open up for me a life even
more wonderful than the one I'm living today.
Let me ask you something.
Is there something (or things) in your life that you're complaining about?
Is there some aspect of your life (money, relationship, health) that is a huge
thorn in your side?
What if, right now, you decided it was a GIFT instead of a hardship

Breathe into the concept for a while. Smile into knowing that your life
will never be the same. Take steps with the clear understanding that
Success is Guaranteed.
And watch your life transform beyond your wildest imagination
If you fell down yesterday, stand up today H.G. Wells

Secret #2
Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which
unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes
scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind
Thich Nhat Hanh
Take a moment, please, and watch your breath
Watch it as it moves into your body. Pay attention to where it goes
and notice if it feels at all different as it leaves your body.
Go ahead, take 30 to 60 seconds now and watch. I will wait for you.
Welcome back
How did that feel? If you took the time to do the exercise you will
have noticed that you now feel a bit more centered and "in your
If you continue to do it for even a few more minutes you will watch
your thoughts begin to quiet and your shoulders drop. You will
become more focused and think clearer.
Before every interview, we took a few seconds just to breathe.
Because it's so easy for our minds to get pulled by a dozen things at
We are essentially everywhere but what's in front of us now.
The truth is we can never focus on more than one thing at a time

it's not possible. So what is really happening is that our minds are
hopping from one thought to another, never landing on one idea
long enough to fully take it in. We feel overwhelmed and scattered.
A few moments of focused breathing brings you back to the here
and now, effortlessly. It quiets the mind and energizes the body. It
puts you in the perfect mental and physical condition to make an
impact and get things done.
I am passionate about the breath. I have studied it, worked with it
consciously, and Bill White and I even spent an hour discussing
different ways to use it in one of the conversations.
What I wasn't really aware of, until now, is what an integral part
breath plays in every successful person's experience.
As I re-listened to the recordings I was struck by how many of us
made comments like.
I took a step back, took a breath and re-evaluated the situation
I then considered my clients, the people that come to me for relief
of physical, emotional or mental pain.
Almost without exception the first thing I do is ask them if they are
The answer is inevitably no. (well, they are breathing enough to
keep their physical system functioning, but )
So we take a few moments to relax into a breath and they begin to
open up and allow healing to take place.
It is often as easy as that.
When I studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I learned that
not only does the mental/emotional state affect our physiology, but

that our physiology has a direct effect on our mental/emotional state.

In other words
If we are in a scattered state of mental and emotional overwhelm
our body tenses and our breath becomes shallow.
If we then consciously and purposely relax and deepen our breath
our emotional and mental state must quiet and open and relax.
You cannot be breathing deeply and quietly and still feel overwhelmed. It's
just not possible.
Don't let the simplicity of what I'm sharing fool you.
Make the decision, now, to use this one simple technique to bring
you into the mental/emotional/physical state that will support the
manifestation of your dreams.
Take a step back and take breath breaks throughout your day,
ESPECIALLY whenever you feel even a little bit out of control.
If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live
in the breath. Amit Ray

Secret # 3
If it is Hard than You Are Doing it Wrong
You Are Doing the Wrong Thing
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb
a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid Albert
Perhaps the biggest difference between those who succeed and
those who do not is this.
Those who succeed love what they do. They get up every morning
excited to get to work, passionate about what they are creating and
could not imagine being anywhere else.
Is that you?
In many ways I am blessed. 14 years ago I often spent hours a day
paralyzed by fear and anxiety. My back was against a wall. I had to
make a change.
In those days I worked as a quality engineer in a manufacturing
plant. I was acceptable (not great) at my job, and I was miserable.
I dragged myself out of bed, and was often ill. I lived for weekends
and vacation.
Today I often tell people that Monday mornings are my favorite
time of the week. I love what I do. It energizes and inspires me.
I could not imagine ever wanting to retire. Why would I?
And I'm not the only one.
Every person with whom I recorded a conversation with is passionate and
in love with how they spend their days.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be
truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way
to do great work is to love what you do. If you
haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. Steve Jobs
If you listen to the conversations, you'll hear it in every person's voice.
Dr Katie Garnett is over 80 years old and would never consider
retiring her passion for learning, and implementing, the magic
contained within Epigenetics and the Quantum Physics. Why would
she? She loves it all, and her love is helping her help others change
the very coding within their DNA Structure.
Sami Saunders is just 20 and she forgoes parties and hanging out
for the opportunity to clean the sidewalks of inner cities and hang
out and just talk to lonely people in Senior Citizen Centers. And she
tells us that she gets so much more from every one of these
encounters than what she gives.
Melissa Wadsworth loses herself in her art and her writing. Keith
Matthews plays with numbers and sales copy and how to reach
millions of people worldwide with the products he knows will
transform their lives.
In each case the specifics are different, but the passion is the same.
And the message is very clear.
To be successful you MUST invest your time in what you love, in what
lights you up.
Anything else is like judging a fish by its inability to climb a tree

Secret #4
I don't care how much power, brilliance or energy you have, if you
don't harness it and focus it on a specific target, and hold it there
you're never going to accomplish as much as your ability warrants.
Zig Ziglar
More than once during the sessions with these masters, I sat back
humbled and amazed.
Even though we were all in different states, living different lives, with
different passions, it was becoming more and more obvious that we each
lived within some very fundamental guidelines that pretty much
guaranteed our success.
I absolutely swear I did not tell anyone what to say. Not a single call was
scripted (which will be really obvious to anyone who listens) and nothing
was edited (also obvious )
One of the biggest Ah hahs for me was the concept of full immersion
whenever any of us was ready to take on a new belief structure, or succeed
with a new project or letting go of a block that had been limiting us.
Dr. Katie Garnett has been studying Epigenetics and Quantum Physics and
how thoughts become things just about as long as those terms have been
I have listened to our conversation a number of times because it in many
ways it reveals the root to the why of just about anything.

In the call she takes me through a process called The One Command that
allows anyone to powerfully install a new program (i.e. belief) into a
persons DNA. Its an AMAZING process that feels terrific.
Then she casually goes on to state that every thought we think or word we
speak programs our DNA and the chemical make-up of our bodies.
Every single one
Which essentially means that taking 5 or 10 or even 15 minutes a day to do
something wonderful for yourself, like The One Command, is pretty
meaningless if you spend the other 1,425 minutes thinking and speaking
words that counteract the command.
The solution is to immerse yourself in the new thought 24 hours a day until
it becomes your habitual thought pattern... Until it's what the mind is
thinking when you AREN'T paying attention.
It's what I did with the idea that Success is Guaranteed. I immersed
myself in the thought, I doodled it, I spoke it every chance I got until I found
that it became my default response to whatever was going on in my life.
Jeff Gignac spoke about the addictive nature of the chemicals that make up
emotions, good and bad. People actually become addicted to lower
vibrational emotions like anxiety and depression and fear.
The solution is to immerse yourself in activities that bring you into higher
vibrational states. Consciously, on purpose, do whatever it takes to stay in
peace and joy and passion. Do that and before you know it the body will
take on a new addiction, one that has the Mind-Body searching for more
and more reasons to feel good, to feel successful.
Once you're there, life will just keep getting better and better.
What we can or cannot do, what we consider possible or impossible, is
rarely a function of our true capability. It is more likely a function of
our beliefs about who we are. Tony Robbins

Secret # 5
The Company You Keep
You are the average of the five people you spend the most time
with. Jim Rohn
Just yesterday I was listening to my daughter complain about her High
School Chemistry Class. She has a 100% average in the class and is by far,
other than the teacher, the most adept chemist in the room.
She hates it
She's so sorry she made the decision not to take the advanced class when
she filled out her schedule last year.
She plans to never make that mistake again.
As I was listening to her I thought about a conversation I had earlier in the
week with a very successful man from whom I have learned a great deal
over the past few years. He said something that really stuck with me...
I always want to be the dumbest person in the room
I am going to get a bit transparent here for a moment.
I fought this Secret for years. Long after I intellectually got how important it
was to invest your time with people who taught and inspired you I did not
take the steps to make it happen.
Instead I continued to play it safe.
If I only knew then what I know now it is possible you could have been
reading this report six years ago
You see, I somehow thought the people who were successful where I

was struggling were somehow different or better than I was. I felt

intimidated by the idea of hanging out with those people who seemed so
much better than me.
Guess what I learned?
I discovered they were human too
I also really figured out the meaning behind the Einstein Quote I used
earlier in this report:
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it
will live its whole life believing it is stupid Albert Einstein
Once I got that I understood that I, like you, would have something to
contribute to the lives of those I desired to rub elbows with.
So I began to reach out to those I wanted to learn from, those wonderful
people whose genius was different than mine.
I offered myself and my passion. It was more than enough. I was received
with gratitude and friendship and an openness that humbles and inspires
me. Little by little, I built my network.
Now I have access to everything I require to make my dreams a reality.
The only question now is how big can I dream?
So many of the friends who allowed me to record our conversations
mentioned the same thing
Anik Singal talks about growing up surrounded by people he loved
who knew how to be successful. He grew up expecting and intending
nothing less for himself
Dr. Katie Garnett travelled the world to study with the Experts in the
fields of Epigenetics and Quantum Physics.

Sami Saunders talks about the young Leaders she now calls her
friends and how they motivate and inspire each other to reach for
greater heights
More transparency
I am experiencing some difficulty ending this chapter.
I have rewritten it a number of times. I have written a few paragraphs,
walked away, and then come back, deleted and started again.
I have written again, and then went to sleep only to awaken knowing
it still isn't quite what I want to share.
The issue is that we all have people in our lives, people we love who we
would never consider letting go, who are in many ways stuck in some
level of negativity.
Am I right? I know I Am
Here is the thing. You don't have to. You do not have to make the
decision to not see them anymore. Don't let them go.
Just focus on attracting and bringing into your life those people who will
inspire and motivate and teach you. The people who have made achieving
what you want in your life look easy.
Make that your focus. The rest will take care of itself (I promise)
There are so many people put there who will tell you that you can't.
What you've got to do is turn around and say Watch me. Layne

Secret #6
When I first started seeing the patterns coming out of the conversations
the fundamental choices everyone was using to create the life of their
dreams, there was one in particular that humbled me and opened my heart
and left me feeling so blessed and grateful to be alive
I know the importance of giving back, it is the cornerstone of my day to
day existence. It is what lights my fire and creates the passion that makes
my life so wonderful.
What I didn't expect was that it was also the cornerstone in the lives of
the people who I was talking to.
Time and time again when we were coming close to the end of our
conversation and I asked
Is there anything else you want to add
The answer was
Volunteer or Give Back or get in Involved with Random Acts of Kindness.
The paragraphs below are taken directly from the pdf that accompanies
Ultimate Mind Mastery. It is the summary of the conversation I had with
Sami Saunders, and it speaks beautifully as to why Selfless Service is

Being of Service
with Sami Rae Saunders
There are chills of excitement running up and down my spine with the
knowing that you are, with this conversation, meeting one of my heroes
My niece Sami learned at a very early age (she is only 20 now, a Sophomore
in College) the magic that comes from investing time giving back to others.
Especially those that cannot pay you back.
She learned how spending time in service to others literally shuts the little
limited mind up.
She experienced, over and over, how even a few hours helping someone
else heals the body (yes, physical symptoms disappear)
She talks about how the people she has met, the leadership skills she has
learned, the snow ball type effects even a little act of kindness can
Yes, when you are involved in some type of service to others you will be
making a difference in their lives, and that is a very good thing
But when you are giving of yourself, even for a little while, the positive
effects that occur in your own space is beyond the little minds ability to
It's transformational
And here's an interesting thing.
I knew about the power of service, it was one of the first topics I wanted
to cover in this program
What I didn't know was the priority successful people, almost without
exception, place on random acts of kindness, both small and large.

Pay attention to how often it comes up in all the conversations.

It literally floored me. It is one of the threads that runs through this
entire program.
It really does shut the little mind up
It absolutely brings you into a vibrational space to create the world of
your dreams.
And it doesn't have to take much time.

Some Ideas to Get You Started.

Call someone you know is lonely, just to say hi
Smile at people you pass, watch them smile back
Hold open doors, help a neighbor with their groceries, shovel a walk
Send a friend a card
Pay for a stranger's toll, or their food in a restaurant or drive-thru
Visit a nursing home, spend time with people who get no visitors
Volunteer at a shelter

Final Thoughts
Years ago, when I was first beginning my studies that eventually led to
my ordination as a Spiritualist Minister, I took a Nature Sign Walk.
I had been taught that one way to receive clarity was to step outside, ask
a question, and then walk and watch
So I set my intention to gain clarity on my life's path and I began my walk.
After about 15 minutes I felt pulled to go and explore the top of a tree
On the top of the stump were some dead twigs and a bit of some dried up
As I looked further I noticed a Lady Bug with no spots and he was having a
difficult time.
He had encountered a twig blocking his path and he could not figure out
how to get across it. He kept turning around and walking away and
coming back and stopping again and again.
Then, as if from nowhere, another Lady Bug, with 3 spots, appeared.
This Lady Bug walked right up to the twig, climbed up the one side and
down the other and continued on its way.
No Spot was very excited.
He mimicked 3 spot exactly and climbed up and over.
And then he turned around and did it again and again
A Lady Bug with many spots caught his attention.

This Lady Bug was climbing up the brush. He was having a great time
climbing higher and higher and higher.
No Spot was super excited.
He went over the twig one more time and then made his way quickly to
the brush.
And he climbed and climbed and you could tell he was having a great time.
And then
He spread his wings and let go
He started to fly
No Spot took in everything his teachers had taught him, he practiced and
he made it his own.
And then he took it one step further.
He surpassed his teachers and he soared.
And this, my friends, is my prayer and intention for each of you
May you take all that you can from this report and from anything and
everything that the teachers who cross your path can offer you.
May you make it your own.

May you SOAR