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Fisa de lucru Agapie Denisa Elena, SSL I

How can parents have a better relationship with their children?

In my opinion, the relationship between children and their parents is crucial; on one side,
it is important for their proper growth, because it is essential for a child to grow up in an
environment which provides him safety, love, joy and so many other features whose absence
would be felt. On the other side, it is important for their further education and this for at least two
major reasons; first, is abot what romanian people call seven years at home, namely the period
of time when a child learns how to behave and talk property; secondly, it determines the
academic education that comes after because its a parents duty to tell his child how important is
this aspect for him and to guide him through the obstacles and problems that can appear in every
Even if nowadays this relationship seems to be so old-fashioned, it is not! I firmly
consider that this conception must be changed. And if we think about how this connection can be
improved, we must approach this problem from two points of view. Parents should realize that
time passes and peoples habits, fashion, music, teenagers topics change; they should accept that
we evolve, because all the circumstances require this. From this point of view I can say that Im
a lucky teenager, because my parents are conscious that we dont live in 80 and they understand
almost everything about me. And this aspect helps our relationship. Of course, its not only the
parents fault in this decrease of familiar understanding. Children should communicate more with
their parents and show them they can trust them; this is the best method to have a good teenager
life: gain your parents confidence and you will see the results.
Why are some people happier than others?
Well, first I must say that happiness is relative and I think this statement answers the
question. Peoples biggest mistake is that they dont realize the fact that we dont need any goods
in order to be happy; is not the car you have which makes your heart beat faster and your
stomach feel unconfortable. Indeed, it provides your well-being, but doesnt make you happy at

all. Lets just compare a very important moment in our lifes, for example spending holidays with
our families, with the moment when we buy a new car. It would be dissaponting to hear that the
second one makes us happy, because you cant replace that magic moment when you arrive
home from a long time youve been away and your family is waiting for you with all the love
with anything.
Thats why some people are happier than others; some of us knows how to live the life
and how to appreciate the really important things and not the ephemeral ones. Some of us knows
that this things cant be bought, but just gained and kept. Some of us knows that without all these
things, everything we buy becomes just a spending of money, that doesnt provide us any
feelings. Some of us are humans, not robots.
What useful things can you learn with this major?
From my point of view, the study of philosophy is very important, because it helps each
of us understand that real life doesnt depend only on immediate reality, but on what exists
beyond it too, on that something that has to be explored!
As rational beings, its our moral duty to be preocupated by a lot of questions whose
answers we know well never find, but at least we get out from the confort zone, understanding
that our existence is just something relative, because nothing in this world can explain every
aspect of this life.
And if we take into consideration the meaning of philosophy, which is love for the
knowledge, we will understand that this two aspects, love and knowledge are those who make
us different from animals, so we must prove this fact. In fact, this science learns us how to think
and at what not to think about; this way, we will be hardly manipulated.
What do you hope to do after graduation?
Well, after graduation I really want to find a job, because I firmly consider that this is the
moment when a person should find his own way and gain money; this is the moment when we
should start maintain us and not receive everything from our parents. Of course, I will study
further, but Im sure I can do this two things in parallel. My only problem is that I dont know
what I want to do, where do I want to work, but I know that I have to search and find something
that would suit me; and, for the moment, I think this is a good start. I have one single ideea in my

mind and that is my dream to become Image Consultant for a public person, because I like
fashion and all that it implies; but I have a lot to work for this.
For the moment, I dont know for sure how my future will look like, but a thing is clear:
it will be fabulous!
Write a short text entitled "My Weekly Schedule"
Since Ive started the University, my weekly schedule is a little bit more complicated than
in highschool. And this is not because I have a lot of classes, but everything moves faster and
really different in Bucharest.
Im going to describe what do I do everyday, how does a week look for me. So, on
Monday I go to English class from 8 AM and then I return home in order to read what I was
given to read for the classes from Wednesday and Friday. This is what I usually do on Tuesday,
because then I dont have any class. So, the first two days are for me a sort of ritual before the
storm. Im kidding, obvious. Wednesday I have two classes and its really difficult to keep
focused at the second one because its too late for me to be concentrated until the end. On
Thursday I have a class and the rest of this day is consecrated for Friday, because I finish what I
have to read for this day which provides me two courses. Besides the activity for classes I have a
lot to do for the Association of Students, because I am a member of the Fundraising department
and all the projects depends on me. In week-ends I have two choises: to go home or to stay. I
usually prefer to stay, because I have a lot of trainings and courses scheduled in this two days
and I really dont want to skip them.
Well, this is a regular week for me.
Write a short text on the period in history you are most interested.
The period in history that excites me the most is the Antiquity. I read about this period of
time a lot and Im always fascinated by the movies that approach this theme. In special, Ancient
Greece and Egypt are my favourites. I can say Im in love with the costumes that are worn by
them (and I refer here to the way that the rich ones and the kings and queens were dressed up),
because they were reflecting nobility, quality and so on. I also appreciate Ancient Greece for the

philosophers that existed then and bequeathed us such great theories and thought, because, to be
fair, modernity is built on their writes and if they arent, then there must be some references to
Obvious, when we refer to this period in history we think about the seventh wonders that
are know by everybody. And because I said that Im fascinated by Egypt, I feel responsible to
say that Im amazed by the pyramids and the way they were constructed. Im so sad Ive never
been there, but one of my aims is to travel there and see the pyramids on my own, not from some
pictures found on the Internet or at the television.
In the end I would like to say that Antiquity is a veritable oasis of mistery and maybe
thats why Im so fascinated by it.
Write a short dialogue between two people having opposing views - use the vocabulary at
the end of the unit.
Hey, Meredith! What do you think about volunteering? Would you spend your time
doing certain things without being payed, just for the sake of helping the others?
Well, in my opininion, this is a veritable waste of time. Why would you do something
that doesnt provide you anything?
It seems to me that you are misunderstanding the meaning of this kind of activity. I
really consider that volunteering shows your real personality, your values and principles. I cant
believe I heard that from you; I really thought you like to help people not for money, but for that
feeling that comes up after. You feel proud of yourself because you did something for someone,
you made him happy somehow. We are all human beings, not some tigers in the woods, so we
need each other.
And do you think that if you help someone, that person will be forever grateful? I dont
think so. Volunteering is just a way of showing off; its like: hey, look, I volunteer, so Im really
cool, because this way I can show people how sensitive I am and how much I respect the others.
Please! There are a lot of people that do this sort of things just because they are asked to do it,
not because they search hours for an activity of this kind.
And if someone comes to you and ask you to help his association with a car in order to
send some products to poor families for Christmas, what would you tell him?

I would talk with some friends and we would donate some money to help this group to
rent a car for sending the gifts. But I would not do anything for myself.
I cant believe you have just said that! I considered you a person who wants to help
Dont misunderstand me! I want to help people, but not by sacrificing my time. Thats
just not me! Everybody has his own principles and beliefs, so you cant judge me!
Allright, I wont continue this conversation because its obvious we dont have the same