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Vol. 59 No. 3



Newsjournal Of Kansas and Nebraska Southern Baptists

March 2015

New Hispanic Church Begins

In Downtown Kansas City, KS

Hispanic pastors from Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa gathered Feb. 2-3 at the Baptist Building
in Topeka, Kan., for a strategy meeting. They formed the Hispanic Church Planting Network
with the goal of Hispanic churches serving as church-planting centers.

Week of Prayer for North American Missions s March 1-8

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering National Goal: $60 million


Sunday, April 19th will be the date to celebrate 35 years of ministry for WCC.
Beginning around the first week of March, there will be a new 2-3 minutes
video on the WCC website (www.webstercc.org) for churches to download
and show their members. This is not a fund-raising video, nor a fund-raising
event. This is a special day to help our KNCSB church members see the ministry of WCC whose first purpose statement is To assist churches in making
disciples of Jesus Christ and developing leaders. Contact Terry McIlvain at
tmcilvain@kncsb.org if you would like more information on this special day.

The Avenue of Life Community Center at 500 N. 7th St. in

Kansas City, Kan., is home to a new Hispanic congregation.
Centro Familiar Cristiano began in mid-October 2014. Arturo
Nuez is pastor. He previously was a Hispanic church planter
in southeast Kansas, southwest Missouri, northeast Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas. Here Nuez sings with the
praise team during a Sunday morning worship service. The
new Hispanic congregation shares the Avenue of Life building with two other congregations. (Below) Ministry is a family affair as Arturo serves with his wife and two sons. Kim
Nuez teaches the preschool childrens Sunday School class.
The church celebrated its first baptisms on Sunday, Jan. 25,
when a family of seven was baptized.


SBC Presidents Perspective

(Editors note: Ronnie Floyd is president of the Southern
Baptist Convention and pastor of the multi-campus Cross
Church in northwest Arkansas. This article was published in
Baptist Press.)
When I was elected president of the Southern Baptist
Convention last year on June 10, I realized I was about to
begin a great journey.
I cannot even begin to count the places I have been, the
people I have met and conversations I have had about the
Southern Baptist Convention. I have enjoyed every minute
of serving our Lord and churches over these months. It
has been an amazing and blessed journey. Thank you for
this privilege.
I have heard many things about our Southern Baptist
Convention over these past eight months, some of which
were concerns that cannot be ignored. I want to share
three of these concerns with you. I only list these in numerical order for clarity, not by means of any priority.
Concern #1: We must prioritize evangelism again.
It is hard to know what it means when people talk
about prioritizing evangelism, but this is what I do know:
We do not need to blame our lack of evangelism in our
churches on our associations, our state conventions or the
entities of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Evangelism will only be prioritized again when it
becomes prioritized by each of us personally and our
churches collectively. Listen carefully: We must own the

Great Commission personally. Until this occurs, our

evangelism will continue to
limp along.
I realize that the associations, state conventions and
entities of our convention can
raise the standard as leaders
in evangelism. We need them
to do this and help all of our
churches reach our communities more effectively. Yet,
please know, it is not about
they and us; it should be
Ronnie Floyd
about we.
Concern #2: Our Cooperative Program
While some may think our Cooperative Program is
becoming irrelevant, I just do not see it. As we look toward
the 90th anniversary of the Cooperative Program this year,
unquestionably we need to evaluate it continually.
But here are the facts: We are 5 percent above in giving
through the Cooperative Program through the first four
months of our fiscal year compared to last year. Be encouraged! Another reality is our offerings for international missions and North American missions are showing growth
over a year ago. Be encouraged!
Our gifts through the Cooperative Program are still

funding the missions and ministries of our Southern Baptist Convention. Yes, it needs to improve, and I am committed to seeing this done. I am doing all I can to address
not just the Cooperative Program, but the entire financial
future of the Southern Baptist Convention. Lets pray and
work together toward increasing our financial support of
what God is doing and wants to do through our Southern
Baptist Convention.
Concern #3: Our established churches need to be
We are a convention with many more established
churches than new churches. I am very grateful that as we
raise the flag for church planting, we are also raising
the flag for the great need for many of our established
churches to be revitalized. Personally, I think if a church
is over five years old, it is an established church and will
inevitably deal with the challenges of reinventing itself
and renewing its commitment to its missional vision.
We must pray for a generation who will not just desire
to plant new Gospel churches nationally and internationally, but also a generation of leaders who will lead our
established churches as pastors.
The lessons and concerns are real.
We need to rise up as leaders and churches, learn from
each other, and work through our concerns together. Our
future individually, in our churches and our convention
will depend on our willingness to change and take action
to address these needs strategically and aggressively.

Heres a test: Which metaphor best fits your real perception of your pastor?
A pastor is a like a waiter humbly scurrying from table
to table refilling drinks.
A pastor is like a soldier bravely crawling from foxhole
to foxhole bringing more ammunition.
Ive been in vocational church ministry for a couple of
decades now, and I think I can help you answer this question. Most pastors see themselves as a soldier, and most
church members see him as a waiter. And, that in itself tells
you a lot about the church today. We may know what the
answer should be, but whats most important is the reality:
how does the church really work?
If a church has an inward-focused, membershipcentered, people-satisfying target, then there is trouble,
trouble, trouble in the house. Members will feel like the
pastor is there to serve them, the church is there to enjoy
and the decisions are up for a vote. And, the pastor goes
from table to table asking, What can I get you to drink?
But, if a church has a heart for the lost, a passion for
mission and a spirit of self sacrifice then there is joy,

joy, joy in the house! Members look for a pastor to lead

the charge, the church is a hospital where we serve the
spiritually wounded, and the direction has already been
decided by Jesus. And, the pastor dives into foxhole after
foxhole asking, How much ammo do you need?
Now thats a church.
Remember 1 Timothy 6:1112:
But as for you, O man of God, flee these things. Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness,
gentleness. Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of
the eternal life to which you were called and about which
you made the good confession in the presence of many
You are the church, and change begins with you. Make
a commitment to share your faith this week. Talk to family members about following through in baptism. Reach
out to your pastor, look him in the eye and let him know,
Im in the fight and Ive got your back.
PushS away from the table and jump in the foxhole. Your
church of sheepish lambs will roar like a lion!
Man, I love metaphors.

Presidents Perspective
By Andy Addis

MARCH 2015

KNCSB Convention President

E-mail: andy@crosspointnow.net

I love a good metaphor.

I love them, not only because they are often funny, but
the imagery they create in the imagination often says
more than any combination of words could produce.
In case your high school English class is too many years
ago, let me offer a quick
refresher: A metaphor is a
figure of speech in which a
word or phrase is applied to
an object or action to which
it is not literally applicable.
Often denoted with the use
of like or as.
Here are a couple of
examples: Those kids ran
through here like a tornado.
Or, the army came over the
wall as a flood.
Andy Addis
You know, great imagery!
Just recently at a Grow Group meeting a friend of mine
said, He was all over that like a monkey on a cupcake.
I have NO idea what that means, but I do have an incredible mental picture. Im pretty sure he meant that it was
an exciting opportunity that we should be all over like
white on rice.
I laughed like a hyena. We all sounded like a circus I
told you I liked metaphors.
Recently, I have been thinking about the mental images
we have of the church: bride of Christ, ambassadors of
heaven, bulwarks never failing, etc.
Those metaphors are great for the hymnal, but I wonder how close to reality they reside. Dont mistake my
direction, I know these are all true because the Bible says
so, but I wonder if we are living out these truths in the
real world.

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Association of State Baptist Papers
Baptist Communicators Association

Sharing & Strengthening

Church Leaders from 13 States Converge for

Leadership Summit in Springfield, Illinois

by Meredith Flynn, Eric Reed, and Lisa

Sergent, Illinois Baptist newspaper,
with Kayla Rinker and Nick Rynerson

Listen to me, Midwest, the

Father is seeking worshipers, Frank Page intoned.
Every man, woman, boy
and girl on this globe needs
to hear this message.
The man who calls himself
the SBCs Chief Encouragement Officer rallied local
church leaders to advance
the gospel in a region
where Southern Baptists are
relatively few and often far
between. Im not trying to
build a bigger denomination, the CEO of the Conventions Executive Committee said, Im trying to
encourage you to help bring
worshipers to Christ.
Spiritual awakening and
church revitalization were
main themes of the Midwest

Leadership Summit held

January 20-22.
What we need, more than
a strategy, more than a plan,
is a fresh awakening, Andy
Addis preached in the opening session. We want to see
God do amazing things, we
want to be his hands and
feet, thats why were here!
More than 1,000 pastors
and church leaders from the
Upper Midwest convened
in Springfield, Ill., for the
inspirational equipping
conference held every three
years. Called the North
Central States Rally since
its inception 50 years ago,
the Summit was renamed
this year as it expanded
to include 10 Baptist state
conventions representing 13
states, from West Virginia to
the Dakotas.
The Illinois Baptist State Association hosted the event at
the Springfield Crowne Plaza
Hotel, providing a more central location as the Summits
territory expanded on the
western side. IBSA Executive
Director Nate Adams chaired

the planning committee.

We drove 10 hours to get
here, one conferee from
South Dakota said at the
registration desk, telling
how his association invited
church leaders and brought
them in a van.
It took us two days, a
North Dakota pastor in a
bolo tie responded, but itll
be worth it. The buzz in the
lobby was positive, as returning attenders told newcomers the value of meeting
for leaders who share the
challenges of ministry outside the traditional Southern
Baptist stronghold.
Andy Addis, KNCSB
President and lead pastor of
CrossPoint Church, Hutchenson, KS, a video-driven
multi-site church with 11
campuses across Kansas,
spoke during the opening
session and based his message on Jesus parable of the
barren fig tree (Luke 13:6-9).
He reminded us that God
expects His church to bear
fruit, not hopes; expects, not
wants; expects.

What we did was not amazing strategy, what we did is that we

simplified, Andy Addis said of his church.
(photos by Meredith Flynn, IBSA)

NAMB Midwest VP Gary Frost spoke on returning to the valley

in the summits final session.

Comments from some of our

Convention Attenders

Thank you so much for inviting us to the conference this week. The breakout sessions we attended were fresh and applicable for us. We have
been debriefing and will continue to do so and
then land on some immediate implementation.
We are very grateful for your investment in our
church and convention. Tim Johnson, New Covenant Church, Lincoln, NE

Attenders participate during a worship and praise session. Breakout sessions included topics on revival, spiritual awakening, evangelism and leadership, among others.

MARCH 2015

Is there any way to get a copy of the opening

service message? It was a wonderful sermon and
my pastor is very interested in hearing it. Ethel
Nicoll, First Baptist Church, Riverton, KS

Thank you for taking care of the administrative

details of the Advance Conference. It was a good
conference for me and for our staff. Steve Hicks,
LifeSpring Church, Bellevue, NE


Week of Prayer w March 1-8

Fast Facts about the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

What is the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO)?

The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering gives major support for reaching lost people in the United States
and Canada. It provides nearly half of the North America Misson Boards income. The offering was
named for Annie Armstrong (1850-1938). She led women to unite in mission endeavors that ultimately
led to forming Womans Missionary Union. She was the first national WMU corresponding secretary.
The reason we give to AAEO:
To support the efforts of the North American Mission Boards Send North America strategy as missionaries and church planters push back lostness in the United States and Canada. Send>>North Americas
goal is to see 1,500 churches planted each year for a total of 15,000 new churches by the year 2022.
Amount of Annie Armstrong Easter Offering used to support missionaries and their work:
100 percent
2015 national goal for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering:
$60 million

MARCH 2015

Find resources to promote the offering at http://anniearmstrong.com/

easter offering 2015

Driven By Love
In Salt Lake City
By Jim Burton
HERRIMAN, Utah Youve
looked out the front window of
your home and seen them coming. Two young males wearing
white shirts and black ties are
riding bikes in the neighborhood. When they knock on your
door, what do you do?
North American Mission Board missionary Travis
Kerns would encourage you
to love them. Thats what he
has learned to do. His love for
Mormons grew to the point
that he now lives 35 miles from
downtown Salt Lake City and
serves as city missionary for
NAMBs Send North America:
Salt Lake City.
Kerns has something most
Southern Baptists dont have:
a Ph.D. in applied apologetics
with a focus on Mormonism
from The Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary (SBTS).
During his undergraduate studies in 1996, he had a class on
new religious movements, and
Mormonism was the first they
It took hold of my heart,
Kerns said of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
(LDS). In school, every paper
I wrote was geared toward
When he began teaching
at SBTS in 2007, Kerns started
taking students to Salt Lake
City. On the flight home after
his sixth trip there in 2012,
Kerns said there were fires on
the mountains. As he viewed
the smoke filling the Salt Lake

Valley during the planes ascent,

it became a fresh vision.
What it said to me was that
this city is on fire and burning,
Kerns said. I just lost it, started
crying like a baby.
Kerns grew up in Greenville,
S.C., where his family attended
First Baptist Church of Taylors.
Hes the product of missions
education, having been a Royal
His dad led him to Christ in
their home when he was 9 years
Kerns chose to attend nearby
North Greenville University
where its president, Jimmy Epting, had a big influence on him.
He enrolled as a business major,
but that soon changed.
In my freshman year of
college, something in me just
clicked, and I fell in love with
the New Testament, Jesus and
people in the church, Kerns
Being Southern Baptist in
upstate South Carolina had its
advantages, as there were many
relationships and connections.
That same dynamic is true for
Mormons in Salt Lake City.
Utah is 70 percent LDS,
Kerns said. LDS members run
the state government. The majority of judges, police officers,
firefighters, lawyers, real estate
agents and bankers are LDS.
Almost everyone here is LDS.
When Kerns moved into a
home with his wife, Staci, and
their son, the neighbors already
knew it was the NAMB
The LDS Church does

Travis Kerns, 2015 Send North America Week of Prayer missionary, spent an academic
career, punctuated with practical experience, in preparation for moving to Salt Lake City
to establish Southern Baptist churches within the city. Kerns serves as city missionary for
Send North America: Salt Lake City. The national goal for the 2015 Annie Armstrong Easter
Offering is $60 million. (NAMB photo by John Swain)
be one third of that number, 50
new churches by 2020.
By 2014, there were 18 active
Southern Baptist church plants
through Send North America:
Salt Lake City, with 12 having started within the year.

Seminary studies
on Mormonism led
North American Mission Board missionary Travis Kerns to
invest his life in Salt
Lake City.
Kerns spends much of his time
mentoring the current church
planters while recruiting and assessing future church planters.
Utah County, which Kerns calls
the cultural capital of Mormonism and the home of Brigham
Young University, garners most
of his attention.
The cultural challenges
translate into logistical challenges. Whereas in most major
cities church plants can meet
in public schools, that does not
happen in Utah.
The new churches spend
much money on rent, typically

commercial space. The Annie

Armstrong Easter Offering
(AAEO) and Cooperative Program (CP) help new churches
meet those challenges.
That money goes directly
to our church plants to help
them reach people, Kerns
said. Without CP and AAEO,
there would be no Send North
America: Salt Lake City.
Theres been no shortage
of resources when Ive asked.
Its because of the generosity of
Southern Baptists.
Kerns was close to tenure at
SBTS when he accepted the call
to lead Send North America:
Salt Lake City.
Through his research, Kerns
has built relationships with
many LDS leaders.
In 18 years of doing this,
Ive only seen two people
convert from Mormonism to
Christianity, Kerns said. He
notes that on average it takes
from two to seven years for
most Mormons to convert, the
majority being much closer to
seven years.
Being around leaders of the
LDS church to share my faith
with them drives everything
that I do.
(Jim Burton writes for the
North American Mission Board.)

MARCH 2015

research when real estate transactions are done, Kerns said.

Plus, we didnt show up at the
meeting house on Sunday.
Mormons attend meeting
house (comparable to church)
meetings based upon their
residence. Between Logan and
Provo, Kerns estimates there are
4,164 meeting houses or halls.
Its so Mormon here, many
have never met or heard from
anybody who is not Mormon,
Kerns said.
Southern Baptists are the
largest Protestant denomination
in Utah, but the presence is minimal. Most Protestant churches
run between 50 and 100 people.
The hardest part about any
Christian church (in Utah) is
that the average tenure for pastors is 14 months, Kerns said.
One key to success, he believes,
is to keep showing up.
As city missionary for Send
North America: Salt Lake City,
one of 32 Send North America
cities, Kerns oversees church
plants in the metropolitan area.
The Utah-Idaho Southern Baptist Convention has a
goal that by 2020 they want to
double the number of churches
[in the two-state convention],
Kerns said. That means another 150 churches. We want to


Campers on Mission Show

Gods Love through Service
(This article includes information provided by Sue Marcum.)
The past year was a time of
fruitful service for Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission.
Along with participating in
work projects in various places,
they attended the 2014 COM
National Rally at Glorieta Conference Center in New Mexico.
Rocky Mountain Rendezvous with Jesus was the rally
theme. The theme verse was
taken from I Kings 19:11: Go
out and stand on the mountain
in the presence of the Lord, for
the Lord is about to pass by.
Kansas-Nebraska COM
members were responsible
for helping with registration,
refreshments, parking RVs and
transportation to and from the
dining hall at meal times.
Summer 2014 included
a work project at New Life
Baptist Church, Independence,
Kan. The church is constructing a new facility as money
becomes available.
Here is a list of projects that
were completed:
n Stained and installed
n Hung metal frames for fire
n Hung eight solid-core fire
n Stained doors after they
were hung
n Put on hardware and door
n Caulked around doors

n Put wood trim around

n Installed a new electrical
box in the store room off the
COM members returned
to Alpha Christian Childrens
Home, Perry, Kan., for a work

project in August 2014. The

group completed a wide variety
of maintenance and repair
Weir Baptist Camp, 12 miles
southwest of Pittsburg, Kan.,
was the site of spring and fall
Campers on Mission work
projects in 2014. The September
work project was held in connection with the COM fall rally.
Officers for 2015 were elected
during the fall rally. They are:
n President Don Smith,
South Hutchinson, Kan.
n Vice President Curtis
Kirkley, Hutchinson, Kan.
n Secretary Mary Lafferty,
Lawrence, Kan.

n Project Coordinator
Norm Marcum, Topeka, Kan.
n Treasurer Barbara
Usher, Salina, Kan.
Twenty-eight COM members
worked on projects at Weir Baptist Camp during the two weeks
before and after the fall rally.
They completed a wide
variety of construction and
maintenance projects all around
the camp. Among the many
projects were pouring sidewalks
and building new cabinets and
shelves for the kitchen.
COM members gathered at
the Baptist Building, Topeka,
Kan., for a Christmas party on
Saturday, Dec. 6. They celebrated how God used them in 2014
and looked forward to serving
Him in 2015.
Several COM couples spent
part of the winter serving at
Texas Baptist Encampment,
Palacios, Texas, known as Palacios by the Sea.
Upcoming Campers on Mission events include:
n May 1-3 Spring rally
at Webster Conference Center,
Salina, Kan.
n June 17-19 Campers on
Mission National Rally, Tom
Johnsons Rally Park, Marion,
N.C. (about 25 miles east of
For more information about
Kansas-Nebraska Campers on
Mission, contact Don Smith,
COM president, at Sherry2don@

New Life Baptist Church, Independence, Kan., is on the

regular rotation of Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission
work projects. The church is constructing a new facility as
money becomes available (below). (Photos by Eva Wilson)

Church Seeks Worship Leader

First Baptist Church of Farmington, Missouri, is seeking a full-time associate pastor with an emphasis in worship. Please email inquiries or resumes to fbcfarm@sbcglobal.net, attn. personnel committee, or mail to Personnel Committee, 210 North A Street, Farmington, MO 63640.

MARCH 2015

Church Seeks Worship/Student Leader

First Southern Baptist Church of Hutchinson, Kansas, is requesting prayerful applicants for the following full- or part-time ministry opportunity combination: Corporate Worship Leader/Student Minister. FSB is a healthy and unified body of believers genuinely seeking Gods person(s) to serve and
grow here. Please send your resume (including ministry philosophy and five references) to FSBC,
1201 E 23rd, Hutchinson, KS 67502.

Church Seeks Bi-Vo Pastor

First Baptist Church of Nickerson is now accepting resumes for a Bi-Vocational Pastorate Position.
The candidates should embrace the Baptist Faith and Message and Cooperative programs For
additional Information, please contact Brian @ 620-960-3827. Please send resumes to: First Baptist
Church, P.O. Box 377, Nickerson, KS 67561.

Weir Baptist Camp, 12 miles southwest of Pittsburg, Kan., is

on the regular rotation of Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission work projects. Here Bill Streeter (left) and Curtis Kirkley
work on constructing cabinets during the May 2014 COM work
project at the camp. The group also holds its fall rallies, along
with fall work projects, at Weir Baptist Camp. Kansas-Nebraska Campers on Mission welcomes new members. You do not
need to own an RV rig to participate. For more information,
contact Don Smith, COM president, at Sherry2don@gmail.com.
(Photo by Shirley Streeter)


Spring Tune Up

Gl w

Debbie Eble

God Loves A Cheerful Giver

KNCSB Womens Leadership: Fit 4 Him Consultant

Time to kick your activity level up a notch! Warmer weather means outdoor fun and digging
into all kinds of things like house cleaning, yard and garden work, baseball with the kids and
by Sarah Schmidt
long walks with your family and friends. Be wise and begin this process by scheduling a physical.
KNCSB Womens Leadership Childrens Resource Team Leader
Surprisingly, only 20 percent of Americans get an annual physical, and keeping tabs on your bodys
Give is our theme for GLOW, the annual Mother/Daughter retreat for 1st-6th grade girls. vital functions is very important. With your doctors blessing begin working out at a low intensity, but
T he scripture for this event is 1 Corinthians 9:7, God loves a cheerful giver. Girls and
dont quit! Do something every day to drive your body to increase metabolic rate, build endurance,
their moms will learn how being a cheerful giver can impact their lives and the work of our
and reduce body fat.
missionaries. Our speaker, Amanda, has lived and worked overseas. Robin Pelton will be leading
Here are 5 basic exercises to get you started:
us in worship music. We would love to see you and your daughter, granddaughter, or other girl
1. Standing knee lifts lift both arms overhead then bring elbows down as you lift one knee up
in your life join us Friday, April 10th and Saturday, April 11th at Webster Conference Center.
toward your chest. Alternate knees, and continue at a steady, rhythmic pace for one minute.
Look for registration and promotional information in your church office or online at www.
2. Squats stand with your feet hip-width apart and place your arms at your side. Pretend
there is a chair behind you and almost sit bringing your arms out in front, keeping your back flat and
abdominal muscles pulled in. Continue for one minute.
3. Reverse Lunge Stand tall with hands on hips, step right foot back into a lunge and return to
start, step left foot back and return to start. Keep alternating for one minute. Lift your chest, draw
your abs up and in, and stay balanced throughout.
4. Up and Overs Stand with feet hip width apart, shift your weight onto the right leg as you
reach your left arm up and over your head. Shift over to your left leg and reach your right arm up
and over. Draw your abs up and in and continue for one minute at a steady pace.
Writers cramp intensified! Without the aid of e-mail, a computer, printer or even
5. Windmill Standing with legs wider than hip width apart, arms straight out to the side, bend at
a typewriter, Annie Armstrong wrote and addressed by hand letters to all the state
waist and take right hand down and across toward left foot. Return to center position before taking
central committees and to as many of the 1,206 missionary societies as the states
left hand down and across toward right foot. Alternate sides, stopping briefly at the center each
requested. Hour after hour she wrote until her fingers ached and she had to loosen
their hold on the pen. Her right hand bothered her the rest of her life. And why all
Repeat the whole sequence 23 more times for a great 10-15 minute workout! The key to seeing
that work? To begin the Week of Prayer for Foreign Missions and promote the first
results is doing the moves back to back without any rest. You could do this low intensity workout
Christmas offering for foreign missions.
every day, any time of day to oxygenate your body, boost energy and burn calories.
Spring is a good time for a spiritual tune-up, too. Schedule a check up. Sit quietly with Father God
But Annie did more than write letters. She ministered to immigrants in Baltimore,
ask Him to bring to mind any sin that is hindering your walk with Him. Commit to getting rid of
missionaries heading to foreign fields, Native Americans and African-Americans,
sin and any unhealthy behavior that is getting in the way of serving Christ. If we confess our
those living in Baltimores poorhouse, and missionaries on the frontier. She led the
sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.. 1 John 1:9
project to help build a church in Cuba. In her honor, we collect the Annie Armstrong
Begin working out immediately by displaying these basics, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,
Easter Offering for North American Missions. As her tombstone reads: She hath done goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Galatians 5:22 God freely offers us His love,
what she could. Have we?
His forgiveness and His Word with an expectation that we will obey Him and so share His truth and
Bev Hilton likeness everywhere we go. You are not your own, for you were bought at a price; therefore glorify
KN WMU President God in your body and in your spirit, which are Gods. 1 Corinthians 6:20
Be a light in the darkness this spring by honoring God with your body, mind and spirit.

She Hath Done What She Could:


Gifts Talents Passions

Smelling Coffee Addict

Patti Boswell

KNCSB Womens Leadership: Ministry Wives Consultant

Some of my friends say they LOVE

the smell of coffee, but they dont
drink it. Me? Ive been drinking coffee
since I was old enough to sip out of
Grannys stirring spoon. In this household, we are all about coffee. Its one
addiction I allow myself, in moderation, of course!
But Im not just talking about REAL
coffee today. I want to point you to a
blog called Smelling Coffee, written
by a pastors wife, just like you and
me! www.smellingcoffee.com
Jennifer Walker is the author, and
usually starts out Monday morning
with some funny pictures and sayings
about coffee. But thats not all. Jennifer uses Gods Word, personal family
experience, and humor to encourage other pastors wives.
Check it out! I think youll like her. Even if youre not a coffee lover!

March 2015

CAUTION: before you read on, theres something you must know about me. Im
that girl! Yep, you know the one Im talking aboutthat girl who loves to cook, from
scratch, loves planning the menu: taking into consideration textures and colors of the
food, and believes presentation of the food and table is equal to and supports the taste
of the food. I know! Really?
We all show our love for family and friends in different ways. This is mine! Whats
even more shocking is that the gift of hospitality never shows up in a Spiritual Gift Assessment for me. Thats why its so important to not just discover your spiritual gift and
move on, but also spend time focusing on your abilities, talents and passions.
Now there are different gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different ministries, but the
same Lord. And there are different activities, but the same God activates each gift in each
person. 1 Corinthians 12:4-6 HCSB
God uses all that we give him, to make himself known to all people. If you have the
gift of leadership, then lead. If you have the ability to build a house, then build. If you have the talent of
cooking, then cook. If you have a passion for serving, then serve.
Love should be shown without pretending. Hate evil, and hold on to what is good. Love each other like the
members of your family. Be the best at showing honor to each other. Dont hesitate to be enthusiasticbe on
fire in the Spirit as you serve the Lord! Be happy in your hope, stand your ground when youre in trouble,
and devote yourselves to prayer. Contribute to the needs of Gods people, and welcome strangers into your
home. Bless people who harass youbless and dont curse them. Be happy with those who are happy, and cry
with those who are crying. Consider everyone as equal, and dont think that youre better than anyone else.
Instead, associate with people who have no status. Dont think that youre so smart. Dont pay back anyone for
their evil actions with evil actions, but show respect for what everyone else believes is good. Romans 12 CEB


Webster Update


WCC has been given a new Dining Hall Matching Challenge Grant for 2015,
n The amount is $75,000 NOT $50,000 as in previous years.
n This challenge must be met by June 30, 2015 NOT December 31, 2015.
n If this challenge is met, we should have enough funds & pledges to receive the
$100,000 grant from the Mabee Foundation. (If we fail to meet this challenge, we will
forfeit the $100,000 Mabee Foundation grant and we will need to raise $100,000 more
to finish the project.
Make checks payable to WCC and send all gifts to: WCC at 5410 SW 7th Street in
Topeka, KS 66606.


In the last issue, dates were given for reserving WCC for 2017. Those dates were
incorrect and below are the correct dates. We regret any inconvenience that this may
have caused our constituents.
n Associations began reserving dates for 2017 at WCC beginning February 1st.
n Churches can begin reserving dates for 2017 at WCC beginning March 1st.
n All other organizations can begin reserving dates for 2017 at WCC beginning March
To reserve dates at WCC, call Sarah Jaster, Office Manager,
at 1-877-WCC-RESV (1-877-922-7378).


Some things have changed in Saline County and WCC will be required to totally
rework the sewer system. This will require an approximate $300,000 overall of the
system for the safety and well-being of attendees at the conference center. No one
saw this coming, but it is now a reality that must be dealt with immediately. Pray for
the WCC Staff and WCC Board as they comply with this new ruling and determine
the best way to accomplish this task. More news will be coming soon on this issue.


Ministry leaders are facing challenges previous generations could
not imagine. Our nationally-ranked degree programs are innovative,

MARCH 2015

affordable, and available fully online. Apply today at mbts.edu/apply








April 24-25, 2015--Webster Conference Center

For Leaders in Churches Running
Under 150 in Worship
Keith Strasburger and Gene Jacobs from
Real Life Ministries
Our Focus This Year Will Be on
Building a Disciple-Making Process in the Local Church
On Campus
Registration for those staying at Webster Conference Center is
$40.00 per adult or $60.00 per couple.
This includes one nights lodging, Saturday breakfast and lunch.
Off Campus
If you would prefer to stay off-campus your registration cost is
$15.00 per person. This includes Saturday breakfast & lunch.
Childcare is provided at no cost.
Please mail registration and payment to:
KNCSB, 5410 SW 7th St., Topeka, KS 66606
If you have any questions or information about hotels if you prefer to
stay off campus, contact Jana Gifford (jgifford@kncsb.org)
or call 1/800/984-9092 (Ext. 840).
Registration Deadline: April 10, 2015