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Consular Affairs

Certificate of marriage eligibility
Download the form for the intention to marry to be filled here(Word) / here(PDF)
1. The Declaring must provide also the original copies of the following documents for each Member of the future

Handwritten request

Certificate of Celibacy legalized by the Ministry of External Relations in Cameroon

Birth Certificate or Civil Status Registry Certificate (Koseki Tohon)


National Identity Card or Alien Registration Card

In case of divorce, the certificate of the Judgment proving the separation

Non refundable 2000 for stamps

NB: Legalised English or French translation of the above mentioned if it is in any other language then that of English
or French.

No Incomplete file will be accepted.

Any false declaration would lead to the rejection of the file and expose the declaring to criminal charges.

2. After examination of the documents by the consular office, the Embassy will publish marriage banns for a statutory
period of 30 days.
If no objections are raised, the Embassy will issue marriage eligibility documents which are:

certification of the birth certificate

certification of the single status

certificate of eligibility

Additional fiscal stamp fees of 400 will be require for each documents

Issuance of Cameroonian Marriage Certificate

A handwritten request ;

the Marriage Certificate issued by the Japanese Authorities or the Host Country and the translation of the
Marriage Certificate in French or English ;
Birth Certificate of the Spouse (if Cameroonian) ;
A Civil Status registration (koseki thon) of the Spouse (if Japanese or any other nationality) and the
translation of the above mentioned document if it is in any other language then that of English or French ;

A Cameroon National Identity Card or Alien Card ;

The passports ;

Or the driving licence, Insurance Card (if Japanese National or others etc).

Issuance of Birth Certificate of a new born baby

A handwritten request ;

The Cameroonian Marriage Certificate of the parents ;

the Birth Certificate of the baby issue at the Hospital and signed by the Doctor ;

The Translation of the said Birth Certificate in French or English ;

The birth certificate of both parents ;

Legalised translation of the above mentioned document if it is in any other language then that in English or
French ;

The Cameroon National Identity Card if possible or Alien Card of the parents;

The Passports of the parents.

Issuance of Consular Card

Download the form for the application of Consular Card to be filled : Word / PDF

Copy of your passport

Copy of your Birth Certificate

Copy of your Cameroon National Identity Card

Copy of your Alien card if available

2 passport size photos

Legalization of the Cameroonian documents

(birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate, driving license etc)

A handwritten request for the translation or the issuance of the documents needed ;

400 for the fees of each document ;

The passport ;

A Cameroon National Identity Card or alien card ;

The document you want to legalize.

Issuance of the Laissez-Passer

A handwritten request ;

1 complete application form signed to be downloading here ;

6.500 for the fees ;

A Cameroon National Identity Card ;

The Birth certificate or the certified copy with 3 months validity ;

2 photos (passport size).

For people who cannot come to the Embassy, Please send a self addressed return enveloppe:
Within Japan:

Mail delivery service takkyubin. Write down your address on the collect sheet (tchakubarai) ;

Expack 500 (you can find it at any convenience store or post office).

Out of Japan:

Please do provide 2000 for the return mail by EMS or DHL (7000)

If you already have an account number especially for collect (Payer Account Number), dont forget to
mention it on your DHL airway bill.

If you do not have an account number but use DHL services regularly, call DHL of your country to contact
DHL JAPAN to request the collect service