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A student is like a mirror that reflects life itself. They embody rights that are enshrined
and protected by a special agreement and has been ratified by almost every country. When
students choose to accept admission to their favored school,they are expected to uphold and
maintain a high standard of conduct, falling within the limits of school rules and regulations.
Students have the same rights and protections as other citizens in the community, but must
also take responsibility for their actions.
To mention one of the few challenges public high school institutions face,destruction of
facilities are the most common. In the case of Guimbal National High School, the problem lies
on how students carelessly handle and unpleasantly maintains the school property which
happens to be in good condition. How will the future learners relish this institutions gift of
knowledge, if concerns about vandalism and break-ins surround them? Take the SSC building
for example,deteriorating as time passes. These do not require new set of expensive
materials as substitute thus, the only solution is discipline and limitations. That'll be the
biggest contribution of students. An important value to be learned.
- Lianne Hannah Villasis SSC-IV
Every year we have been paying Php 75.00 for our computer fee along with the
miscelleneous fee. It is bothersome for us students and our parents for the fact that we never
had the opportunity to use those said computers. So, the school must eradicate computer fee
just to draw back our annual payment in small amount.
Jaynard Japitana IV-Diamond
Nowadays, students are too lazy to attend their class as a result they come to school late or
worst they escape. On a student's perspective the solution is that the teachers must always
check the attendance of their students,if possible give them simple consequences just to
ensure their student's attendance.

Hyacinth Lei Taronas IV - SSC

It is a big problem for my advisory and the students regarding the water supply. As I
noticed every morning, some of the students sacrifice lining up and being late just to get water
in front of ICT Office. The required solution for this problem is to have an additional
connection of water supply like faucets on the different parts of the school to lessen the delay
of time and work.
Another problem is about the security of the school,that should have security guards.
The purpose of hiring one or more security guards is to control the students who come to
school every weekends for the reason of practice,meetings,and to lessen students who were
having dates inside the school.
Salvacion T. Sangalang
Master Teacher I