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Opening Remarks by

Ms. Sandra Nicoll, Country Director

ADB-Lao Resident Mission
Knowledge Sharing Workshop for the S-CDTA 8139: Strengthening the
National Commission for Advancement of Women Network in the
Ministry of Public Works and Transport
8:30, 20 February 2015, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Your Excellency Vilaykham Phosalath, Vice Minister of Public Works and

Distinguished representatives from line ministries and development
Ladies and Gentlemen;
Good morning!
It is my pleasure to join you at this knowledge sharing workshop under the

technical assistance on Strengthening the National Commission for

Advancement of Women Network in the Ministry of Public Works and
Transport. On behalf of the Asian Development Bank, I would like to warmly
welcome you all to this workshop.

The ADBs Medium Term Strategy Framework, Strategy 2020, recognizes

that promoting gender equity is an important driver of change for inclusive and
sustainable growth, and poverty reduction. This has been confirmed in the
midterm review of the strategy. Narrowing gender disparities and empowering
women to access public services, rural and urban infrastructure, and
economic opportunities, will ultimately enhance development results and

This small-scale Capacity Development Technical Assistance (TA) was

designed to strengthen the capacity of the Committee for Advancement of
Women in the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to implement the
National Strategy for Advancement of Women (2011-2015), by better
integrating gender into planning, monitoring and evaluation of public works.

I am pleased to learn that the implementation of this TA has been

successful and the Ministry is now in the process of integrating gender into its
five year sector development plan. Under the leadership and guidance of the
Minister and Vice Ministers, and with strong support from the members of the
Committee for Advancement of Women, the Division for the Advancement of
Women, and consultant team, MPWT has produced and disseminated
nationwide the first-ever strategy for the advancement of women in the public
works and transport sector; prepared guidelines for integrating gender into







mechanisms to support the advancement of women.

This successful outcome reflects the hard work, dedication and

commitments of the Ministry to promote gender equity. I believe that the
documents and lessons we will share with you all today will serve as important
references to help guide us toward the objective of a more gender inclusive
public works and transport sector.

ADB takes great pride in our long-standing partnership with the Ministry
and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, especially your
Excellency Vilaykham Phosalath, for your excellent cooperation and support
during TA implementation.

I wish todays workshop fruitful discussions and a successful outcome.

Thank you.