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An umbrella term for all careful, systematic, and self-conscious discussion and analysis of
communication phenomena, a definition offered by University of Minnesota communication
Ernest Bormann.
Judee Burgoon, she suggested that a theory is nothing more than a a set of systematic,
informed hunches about the way things work
Theories always involve an element of speculation, or conjecture. A theory is not just one
inspired thought or an isolated idea.

A Set of Hunches:

If a theory is a set of hunches, it means we arent yet sure we have the answer. Theories
always involve an element of speculation, or conjecture. By referring to a plural set of
hunches rather than a single hunch, Burgoon makes it clear that a theory is not just one
inspired thought or an isolated idea.

Informed Hunches:
Its not enough simply to think carefully about an idea; a theorists hunches should be
informed. At the very least, a communication theorist should be familiar with alternative
explanations and interpretations of the type of communication they are studying.
Pepperdine University communication professor Fred Casmirs description of theory parallels
Burgoons call for multiple informed hunches:

Theories are sometimes defined as guessesbut significantly as educated guesses. Theories are not
merely based on vague impressions nor are they accidental by-products of life. Theories tend to result
when their creators have prepared themselves to discover something in their environment, which
triggers the process of theory construction.

Hunches That Are Systematic:

A theory not only lays out multiple ideas, but also specifies the relationships among them. In
common parlance, it connects the dots. The links among the informed hunches are clearly
drawn so that a whole pattern emerges. A theory would then tie together all ideas into a
unified whole
What is communication?

Communication is the relational process of creating and interpreting messages that elicit a response.



Creation of Messages:
Interpretation of Messages
A Relational Process+
Messages That Elicit a Response

One of the most prominent cultural values of that we can perceive from the mythology is
that; there is huge difference between the teacher and student relationship in western
country and the same in Japan. I found that the students in Japanese movies are very
obedient and they obey each and every instruction from their teacher. A student completely
surrenders himself and follows each and every instruction from the teacher. It is also to be
noted that the relation is far warmer and personal than what is depicted in western movies.
Another obvious inference from Japanese mythology movies is the victory of good over
Satan. Most of the mythological characters are written in way such that the people get
inspired to be good and help others. Another important learning is about the importance of
hard work and being honest. Similar to the movies from other countries, Japanese
mythological movies also depict that people should keep on doing hard work without

thinking about the reward. Japanese mythological movies also exhibit family value, ethics
and virtue. The characters in mythological movies show they are very fun loving and
religious people.