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My Business Plan

The Alicom Design offers a comprehensive range of services like UI / UX Design,

Front End development, graphic design, web design and logos. Alicom will grow its
customer base by providing clients with creative, best designs that add more value
than competing firms. Create pixel-perfect mocks and code for new features across
web and mobile.
1.1 Vision Statement
UI/UX design, rapid prototyping, and front-end development for rich Internet
applications and mobile devices.
1.2 Mission Statement
To provide the customer with creative and practical graphic design work because
of our solid experience to create simple, usable and beautiful designs.
For the first two years I will work from my home office. After that time, I plan to
move to an office outside of my home. I should be established enough at that point to
do so. This business will begin in January 2015 and operated by Ali Asghar

Business Goals
2.1 Objectives

To make a minimum of 8,000 in first year.

To increase my second year's income to 12,000.
To strategize to hit that revenue goal provide exceed customer's expectations.
To develop Start-up Company that will grow to profitability within year two.

2.2 Keys to Success

Keys to success will include:
1) Competitive pricing.
2) Professionalism and Creativity.
3) Satisfy our customers so they will return.
2.3 Future Expansion
Alicom Design expansion target is to increase service by following:
1. Android Application Development
2. Maintenance and Support
3. Independent QA and Testing
4. Web Application Development
5. Java / J2EE Development
Alicom Design is committed to growth, bringing our services to more areas of the
country with new offices.

Customer Summary
Being a UI, Front-End developer Im able to work with anyone in the world. I love
working with others who are passionate about what they do: start-ups, businesses of
any size, software companies, or any individual looking for a passionate designer.

Business Service
The pricing of the projects typically estimated as a project-based cost. The project cost
will be estimated by the approximate number of hours needed to complete the project.
15 an hour will be charge.

Market Analysis
The Alicom Design will be targeting small- to medium-sized companies, designer

Customer Strategy
Client Acquisition
1. The Alicom Design will utilize portfolio, social networks, and personal
connections to find potential clients
2. Send attractive mail.
3. Ask for feedback
4. Join associations or meet ups clients will be a part of strategy.
Client Retention
Company will maintain the quality of services in order to increase the loyalty of its
customers by solving their problem using social connections like Facebook, twitter.
Talk to valuable customers.

Time Plan on at least an 6 hours per day per social network, at least at the start.
Resources - Visual social networks like Pinterest and Dribble. Social networks like
Google+, twitter, Facebook.
Audience Will focus on design community to communicate in order to introduce
company profile.

Start-up Expenses
1000 Euros for Webhosting, Buying Adobe Suite Case, Papers etc
Monthly Expenses
100 to 200 in startup of business.