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Creator or Imaginary Friend

For centuries at the center of casual and intellectual

discourse alike a question that has permeated the minds
of all is Is there a god?
Religion, which is an intrinsic part of our being, has lost
the value it had back a hundred years ago. With the
scientific revolution, skepticism and rational logic have
been accepted as standard metric to judge anything.
First, lets look at the origin of religion, which is an
organized system of belief in God. Back in the ancient and
medieval days, there were no rational or scientific
explanations for phenomena such as turbulent weather,
crop failure, disease and death. These phenomena were
out of the direct control of humans and caused uncertainty
and fear amongst people. They needed an explanation to
assuage them. Religion at the time being was the perfect
social contract to explain such things and drug the people
with information about high powers and fate handling
everything, in turn alleviating the people from fear. This is
the reason that Karl Marx called religion the opiate of the
But this characteristic of religion yields a lot of power to
the people who are authorities on such religion over the
masses. This can be seen in examples of exploitation by in
the Clergy in the name of Christ during the Dark Ages.
Such a destructive attribute of religion that makes use of
peoples irrationalities to fulfill its ludicrous mandate is
what has turned many intellectual atheist and agonists
against institutionalized religion.
Such differing interpretations of God across various
cultures have also lead to inter religion conflicts along with
oppression within the same religions. The crusades way
back in the 11th century to the communal riots in todays
day and age are examples of such differences acting out.
Also, since religion is expansionary and depends upon the
number of followers, religion was and continues to be an
ideological race, rather that a construct of spiritual
fulfillment, one of its more noble objectives.

But now secondly, we can look through all various

interpretive religions and ponder upon a more
fundamental question: Is there a god? This does not ask
whether Jesus or Allah or Yahweh or Vishnu exists but
whether a higher metaphysical force exists and tangibly
affects the world as we see it. It is easy to deny such
existence by basing everything on scientific rationale but
the proponents of such an existence bring forward a very
interesting case questioning right back to the big bang or
the beginning of the universe. Their explanation is that for
an initial atom to be created, that initiated the universe
so to say, we needed some supra force. But this idea of
creation puts in question a very simple axiom - Matter
cannot be created nor destroyed. So there had to be some
omnipresent variable to bring this into existence. Also
another aspect to this is how did the phenomenon of
motion come up that gave rise to the concept of time? Or
what kick started the time continuum? This force also had
to be some eternal variable to set the first atom into
motion. Stating these two attributes we can say that only
thing that could have started the space-time continuum is
this variable that goes against the axioms of the
continuum. Hence, the attributes omnipresent and eternal
are some things we even hear in common songs of praise.
Also, this variable, which is assumed to be priori the
space-time continuum could not have been something like
a flux capacitor as that is something governed by the laws
of physics and physics is defined by the continuum, not
physics defining the continuum. So we just call this
variable 'God'.

So eventually, we can still find some reason to the

existence of something higher that explains the
unexplainable, but if we still want to hang on to
problematic institutions that form themselves perfectly to
their idiosyncratic fit, is a question to be answered.

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