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This CONTRACT OF LEASE made and entered into by and
ARIS R. ALCANTARA, married, of legal age, Filipino,
with residence and postal address at Blk 1 Lot 93 Emerald
St., Phase 1 Lynville Subdivision, Brgy. Bagumbayan, Santa
Cruz, Laguna, hereinafter referred to as the LESSOR,
- and
(Name)________________ ., of legal age, married,
_______________________________, hereinafter referred to as
That the LESSOR hereby lease unto the LESSEE, and the
latter hereby accepts in lease from the former, the premises
known as Rm. 201, Triple A Center situated at A. Mabini St.,
Poblacion III, Santa Cruz, Laguna, under the following terms
and conditions:
1. The monthly rental shall be _____Amount in word____
PESOS (P_____.00) Philippine Currency, to be paid
by the LESSEE at the office of the LESSOR on or
before the __________ day of each and every month.
It is expressly agreed and understood that the
payment of the rental herein stipulated shall be
made without the necessity of express demand and
without delay on any ground whatsoever.
2. The term of this lease is ONE (1) YEAR commencing
on _________, 2014 and expiring on _________, 2015.
3. The LESSEE hereby expressly agrees and warrants
that the leased premises shall be used by him
Firm_____; and the said LESSEE is hereby strictly
prohibited from using said premises for any other
purpose or business without the prior consent of
4. The LESSEE shall not directly or indirectly
sublease, assign, transfer, convey, mortgage or in
any way encumber his right of lease over the leased
circumstances whatsoever; any contract that may be
in violation of this clause shall be null and void.

It is expressly understood and agreed by the

parties that the personal character of the LESSEE
as herein below represented and the nature of the
consideration and inducement for the granting of
this lease by the LESSOR; consequently, any
violation, direct or indirect, of any of the
unequivocally terminate this contract of lease from
the time such violation occurs.
5. After this lease has terminated for any reason
whatsoever, if the LESSEE continues the occupation
of the premises with the consent of the LESSOR,
said extension shall be understood as running from
month to month only, under the same terms and
conditions herein stipulated, and may be terminated
by either by means of a written notice served upon
the other party at least thirty (30) days in
advance prior to the date of such termination.
6. The LESSEE hereby expressly acknowledges that the
condition and agrees to keep the same in good and
tenantable condition.
Any provision of law,
present or future, or any stipulation in this
agreement to the contrary notwithstanding, the
LESSEE hereby agrees and binds himself to undertake
at his exclusive expense, all repairs, necessary or
otherwise, such as may be required to maintain the
same in good state of repair.
It is expressly
agreed and understood, however, that the LESSEE
shall not start or proceed with any repair, work
nor in any case introduce improvements or make any
alterations in the leased premises without the
prior written consent and approval of the LESSOR.
and the parties agree that all the improvements or
alterations of whatsoever nature such as may be
made thereon shall, upon completion thereof, form
integral parts of the leased premises and shall not
be removed there from but shall belong to and
become the exclusive property of the LESSOR,
without any right on the part of the LESSEE to the
reimbursement of the cost of value thereof.
7. The LESSEE shall pay for and defray at his
exclusive, expense, the consumption of water,
electric light, telephone or other utility services
in the leased premises; all repairs in the utility
service system therein shall be made by the LESSOR
but for the exclusive account of the LESSEE.

8. The LESSEE shall not paint, make alterations or

changes in the electrical or plumbing installations
within the leased premises, without the prior
consent of the LESSOR.
9. The LESSEE shall not claim any loss or damage on
account of necessary work that the LESSOR may order
to be done in the building, and which in any way
may interrupt his use of the premises leased.
10. The LESSEE shall comply with any and all laws,
ordinances, regulations or orders of the National
or City Government authorities arising from or
regarding the use, occupation and sanitation of the
leased premises. Failure to comply with said laws
ordinances, regulations or orders shall be at the
exclusive risk and expense of said LESSEE.
11. The LESSEE shall not bring into or store in the
leased premises, any inflammable or explosive goods
or materials nor any article which may expose the
leased premises to fire or increase the fire hazard
of the building or increase the rate of insurance
of the building, or any other article which the
LESSOR may prohibit; the LESSOR shall not do or
cause to be done any act or thing which will
likewise increase the fire hazard or fire insurance
of the building. The LESSEE shall not use the
corridors and patios of the building except as a
passageway to go in and out of the leased premises.
12. The LESSEE shall comply with all sanitary rules and
safety regulations which may be promulgated from
time to time by the LESSOR and shall keep and
maintain the leased premises in clean and sanitary
condition and dispose of all rubbish only thru the
means and places indicated by the LESSOR for the
13. The LESSEE expressly agrees to strictly abide by
all the regulations which may be given by the
LESSOR from time to time for the tenants of the
building in general.
14. For the better security of the tenants of the
building, no packages of any kind will be allowed
to be carried out of the building without having
previously secured a pass from the LESSOR or its
duly authorized representatives.
15. The LESSOR or its duly authorized representatives
shall have the right to inspect the leased premises
at any reasonable hour of the day.

16. The LESSEE shall not put up, paint

signboard in or outside the leased
any portion of the property of the
the previous written consent of the

or inscribe any
premises nor in
LESSOR, without

17. The LESSEE shall be responsible at all times for

all acts done by his agents or employees and other
persons entering the leased premises insofar as the
enforcement of the provisions of this contract is
concerned. Any damage or injury to the leased
premises due to the fault of the LESSEE, his
agents, employees and/or servants or other third
persons who may have gained access to the leased
premises shall be repaired promptly by the LESSEE
at his exclusive expense. The LESSOR, however,
shall not be responsible for any loss or damage
which the LESSEE may sustain in the premises, due
to any cause whatsoever.
18. The LESSEE shall not permit or give consent to any
other person or entity to advertise as if said
person or entity uses, holds office or is otherwise
established at the premises leased or any part
thereof; and only the name and nomenclature as
written in this Contract of Lease shall be placed
in the Building Directory and advertised at the top
of the main door of the premises leased after a
previous written approval of the LESSOR. No sign or
advertisement may be placed in the leased premises
other than at the place hereinbefore indicated.
19. The LESSEE shall not make or permit any disturbing
noise within the leased premises caused by himself
or by persons under his control, nor permit
anything to be done by himself or such other
persons which will interfere with the rights,
comfort or convenience of the other tenants. The
LESSEE shall not play or suffer to be played in the
leased premises any musical instrument, phonograph,
radio, or loudspeaker, or install any machinery or
device which may cause or tend to cause any noise
which may be heard outside the leased premises.
20. The LESSEE shall not use the leased premises for
dwelling or sleeping purposes.
21. The LESSEE shall not erect or cause to be erected,
any openings in the leased premises to be used as
counter to transact business with the general
public from the outside of the leased premises.

22. No shades, awnings, blinds or window guards shall

be installed or used in the premises without the
prior written consent of the LESSOR.
23. The LESSOR reserves the right to prescribe or limit
the weight of any heavy, safe, equipment or other
heavy articles which may be placed in the leased
premises. No machinery, equipment or articles of
any kind which exceeds 500 kilos, dead weight,
shall be allowed inside the leased premises. The
LESSOR shall have the right to designate the
position or location for such heavy objects, within
the leased premises for reason of security.
24. No machinery, office furniture and other equipment
may be brought into the building during office
hours and without the prior written approval of the
25. The LESSEE warrants that he will not place any
advertisement in the leased premises which is
indecent, immoral, objectionable or offensive to
public morals or good taste. The LESSOR has the
right to prohibit, remove or order the removal or
destruction of any such objectionable signs or
material which may be found in the leased premises
without any liability for reimbursement of cost or
value thereof.
26. The LESSOR shall not be liable for the presence of
bugs, vermin, ants, anay or insects. If any, in the
leased premises. The LESSOR shall not be liable for
the failure of water supply and/or electric
27. No swing doors shall be allowed at the entrance of
the leased premises.
28. The LESSOR shall not be responsible for any
articles delivered or left to any of its employees.
29. If the rental herein stipulated, or any part
thereof, at any time, shall be in arrears or
unpaid, or if the tenant shall at any time fall or
neglect to perform or comply with any of the
covenants, conditions, agreement or restrictions
stipulated, or if the tenant shall become bankrupt
or insolvent or shall compound with his creditors,
then and in any such above cases, this lease
Contract shall become automatically terminated and
cancelled and the said premises shall be vacated

peacefully by the LESSEE for the LESSOR premises

shall be vacated peacefully by the LESSEE for the
LESSOR to hold and enjoy henceforth as if these
presents have not been made, and it shall be lawful
for the LESSOR or any person or persons duly
authorized in his behalf, without any formal notice
or demand, to enter into and upon said leased
premises, or any part thereof without enter into
and upon said leased premises, or any part thereof
without prejudice on the part of the LESSOR to
exercise any or all rights from the contract of
lease and those given by law. And upon such
cancellation of the contract the LESSEE hereby
grants to the LESSOR the legal right to enter, and
take possession of the leased premises as though
the term of this Lease Contract has expired.
30. The LESSEE, at the expiration of the term of the
lease of cancellation of this lease as herein
provided, will promptly deliver the said premises
to the LESSOR in as good and tenantable condition,
in all respects, as the same now are, reasonable
wear and tear excepted, devoid of all occupants,
furniture, articles and effects of any kind,
provided, however, that non-compliance on the part
of the LESSEE to pay rent therefore at the same
rate of rental as herein provided, plus 50%
additional sum as penalty, until the LESSEE shall
have complied with the terms hereof. This same
penalty shall likewise be imposed in case the
LESSEE shall refuse to leave the leased premises
after his right of lease has expired or terminated
for any reasons whatsoever.
31. Deposit in the leased premises of a note to vacate
the premises shall constitute due and sufficient
notice to the LESSEE as provided by law. Upon the
expiration of the term of this lease or earlier
termination thereof as above provided, the LESSEE
hereby expressly authorizes in advance the LESSOR
to enter the leased premises, remove all personal
property that may be found in the leased premises
and deposit the same in a bodega, and LESSEE
further agrees to pay all costs for transfer and
storage in the event that the said LESSOR chooses
to exercise this action in lieu of the right given
in favor of the LESSOR under paragraph 30 of this
32. If said premises be not surrendered at the end of
the term, the LESSEE shall be responsible to the
LESSOR for all damages which the LESSOR shall
suffer by the reason thereof and will indemnify the

LESSOR against all claims made by any succeeding

tenant against the LESSOR resulting from delay by
the LESSOR in delivering possession of the premises
to such succeeding tenant, insofar as such delay is
occasioned by failure of the LESSEE to surrender
the premises.
33. The LESSEE hereby expressly recognizes the absolute
right of the LESSOR to sell the leased premises,
and in the event of sale, this contract of lease
shall be deemed ipso facto cancelled and the right
of said LESSEE to occupy the premises considered
automatically terminated.
34. In the event there are two (2) or more lessees
under this agreement, the obligations of the LESSEE
herein stipulated shall deemed joint and several,
and the signature of any one of the LESSEES to any
letter or document pertaining to this lease shall
be binding upon each and every one of the LESSEES
with the same force and effect as if each and all
of them signed such letter or document.
35. The failure of the LESSOR to insist upon a strict
performance of any of the terms, conditions and
relinquishment or waiver of any right or remedy
that said LESSOR may have, nor shall it be
construed as waiver of any subsequent breach or
default of the terms, conditions and covenants
herein contained, which shall be deemed in full
force and effect. No waiver by the LESSOR shall be
deemed to have been made unless expressed in
writing and signed by the LESSOR.
36. This lease agreement supersedes and renders void
any and all agreements and undertakings, oral
and/or written, previously entered between the
parties covering the property herein leased, and
this agreement may not hereafter be modified or
altered except by instrument in writing duly signed
by the parties hereto.
37. Upon the signing of this agreement, the LESSEE
shall pay by way of deposit unto the LESSOR the sum
of _______________________ PESOS (P/_______) to be
applied in payment of rentals in arrears and other
expenses or charges that the LESSEE may owe in
favor of the LESSOR. In addition, LESSEE shall pay
ONE (1) MONTH advance rental payment in favor of

38. Should the LESSOR be compelled to seek judicial

relief against the LESSEE, the latter shall, in
addition to the damages mentioned in the preceding
paragraph, pay the LESSOR an amount equivalent to
20% of the amount claimed in the complaint as
attorneys fee (with minimum of P50,000.00) aside
from the costs of the litigation and other expenses
which the law may entitle the LESSOR to recover
from the LESSEE. The LESSEE agrees that any legal
action arising from this transaction shall be
brought exclusively before the courts of competent
jurisdiction in Santa Cruz, Laguna for this purpose
any other proper venue.
Provisions of penal character in the other sections
of this contract shall be considered as cumulative
to the relief granted by this section.
39. In case the Leased Premises shall be closed,
deserted or vacated for a continuous period of
fifteen (15) days before the expiration of the
lease, the LESSOR shall have the right in addition
to its rights granted under condition no. 6 of this
Contract, to exercise the option of reletting the
premises as the agent of the LESSEE to receive the
rent therefore, and to apply the same to the
payment of the rent due hereunder, holding the
LESSEE liable for any deficiency.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have set their
hands this ________ day of __________, 2013 at Santa Cruz,
Laguna, Philippines.






Republic of the Philippines}
Province of Laguna
Municipality of Santa Cruz }

BEFORE ME, this ______ day of ___________ 2013, in the

Municipality of Santa Cruz, Province of Laguna, Philippines,
personally appeared the following:
1. Aris R. Alcantara

2. _________________

ID No.
PRC # 74768 Civil Engr.


known to me to be the same persons who executed the

foregoing instrument, and they acknowledge to me that the
same is their free act and deed.
This instrument, consisting of eight (8) pages,
including the page on which this acknowledgement is written,
has been signed on the left margin of each and every page
thereof by the parties herein and their witnesses and sealed
with my notarial seal.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand, the
day, year and place above-written.
Doc. No. :_________;
Page No. :_________;
Book No. :_________;
Series of 2014.