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Felise Lam

Sauces are included in meals for a variety of reasons. Investigate the role of different
ingredients used in the preparation of sauces. Prepare a variety of dishes to illustrate
the different uses of sauces in family meals.

Priority List
Task Analysis
The task question of coursework is on making sauces for family meals. In Task
Analysis, I have analysed the task question by breaking it down into different parts.
After which, I identified key factors and listed down all the related factors and explain
the related factors. The key factors are sauces, variety of reasons, investigate the
role of different ingredients, preparation of sauces, a variety of dishes and family
meals. I also identified 3 possible investigative works that can be used to forward my
process and make decision for my execution process later in my task.
Research and development
Information gathering
For information gathering in Research, I will gather all the relevant information of
sauces, reasons of serving sauces, preparation methods of sauces from a range of
sources such as relevant websites, textbooks, recipe books and reference book. I
will read the information, organise them and present them accordingly to my factors
identified in the Task Analysis.
For investigation in research, I will conduct an experiment about the different
ingredients used in preparing sauces. I must give reasons for why I have chosen the
experiment and I need to show clear linkage of the experiment to my task question
on sauces. Reasons for experiment should be based on earlier research on the
different ingredients used in preparing sauces.
Information synthesis
For information synthesis in research, I will present my observations, readings and
findings that are relevant and accurate. At the same time, I will ensure that it is able
to be linked back to my task question on sauces. I will interpret the results from my
experiment by applying the relevant content and knowledge. The results can be
presented in charts and tables to provide a better visualised result for the reader.
Decision Making
After I have done my research, I will then decide on the dishes that I can prepare that
is related to my task question on sauces. I will have to provide reasons on why I have
chosen the particular dishes and sauces. My choice of dishes should be well
supported by the reasons based on my earlier research. Choice of sauces should be
supported by my experiment results and my research on the different ingredients
used in preparing sauces.