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Morals Messenger

There was no morality morality as his Prophet. He was not crazy treasure, not
greedy, not cunning, not deceitful, not treasonous and not suffocating. He is also
a simple life.

Apostle moral dive, like we go into the ocean, stretching wide as the endless,
amazing and beautiful grains save precious pearl. The more we explore, the more we
made was fascinated by the diversity of fish, plankton and coral. So was the
morality of the Prophet, the more we examine more deeply, the more we are seduced
by the glory that always emanates from sukmanya. What a delicious heart was cool
and peaceful, if he comes in the midst of us. Would deserve praise if God Almighty
in His word that says,
"And thou virtuous really great character." (Surat al-Qalam: 04)

Al Muhith the dictionary, according to the language of morality is the nature,

character, dignity and religion. He is an inner picture of a person, which
includes the soul, the soul qualities and special meanings of these souls. If
morality or moral closely related to the interior, then the birth was
pengejawentahan behavior. Good morals will reflect a good attitude and vice versa
too bad character would reflect a bad attitude. So, good or bad behavior of human
life is highly dependent on the heart behind her breast. And this is the main
capital for the integrity of a nation.

We almost agreed that the economic instability, social, legal and moral politics
is due to a crash of our nation, collapsed and torn. Menggurita corruption, crime
continued to whack, Pornography and Porno action which is a portrait menyampah
smothering nation. No wonder if the disaster continues toward us.

"And whatever misfortune happened to you then it is caused by the act of your own
hands." (Obligatory upon Shura: 30).

Natural cycles that usually brings a blessing just to be a disaster. So whether

our nation will eventually be rolled up as the 'Ad? A celebrated poet, Ahmad
Syauqi never hummed the song that says,
"Conservation of a nation that depends on the conduct to use ruqyah, when they
lost the character will disappear a nation."

O my brothers, we still have many opportunities to build self-awareness of each

before getting greater punishment again. As long as we still recognize Muhammad as
the Messenger of our model, then the spark of hope that hangs far away will we
achieve. With all the longing and love, the light of Muhammad should we catch and
reflect to our beloved earth will dry spiritual values (of the spiritual values).

Therefore, here we will only provide a flashback of the four character Prophet
opinion writers who desperately needed these days in order to nourish and guard
the nation from moral destruction. Four character of the Prophet who is referred
to fair, honest, loving and shy. Whatever our profession, and anyone of us, if
actually implemented these two morals, peace shall be scattered throughout the

1. Justice

We as a nation which claimed to be a great nation and religious Pancasila, was so

fragile morale. Many policies and decisions which contains content contrary to the
moral, vindictive and dropped another. Product power should flow to the people in
the form of justice, welfare, prosperity, and peace.
Let us look at the concept of justice has ever practiced the Prophet, Infinite
Justice: a justice who does not know the screen space, and perpetrators as well
dose not contain the element of pride and envy (ghurur and ghulul). It felt
strange, child motorcycle taxi drivers judged chicken thief, but a thief officials
state money (the people) in the amount of billions of impunity. Both types of
crime in the eyes of the law is just as wrong, but farther from the truth if the
thief made official and the measure is much larger than a chicken to escape from
the snare of the law. Could not figure out what because the perpetrator was an
officer or to the office environment malingnya?

Discrimination laws are menggejala today, had also feared by the Prophet Muhammad
at the time a case of theft committed by Al Makhzumiyah Fatima, daughter of the
chief of Al Makhzum. He still punish him despite an amnesty from Usama bin Zaid,
the Prophet's Companions. So late in the afternoon he made a speech in front of
friends, "Surely the nations of destruction before you all are caused by their own
deeds. When one is regarded as having the status and high office to steal, they
missed it or did not punish him. However, when there is considered a low, weak in
terms of material, or the poor who do not have anything, and ordinary people, they
punished him. Know, for the substance of the soul of Muhammad was in his power, if
Fatimah daughter of Muhammad stole, I would cut off his hand. "(Narrated by
Bukhari, Muslim).
Finally, the Prophet still punish Fatima Al Makhzumiyah, so he returned to the
right path.

In other cases, when the Prophet Muhammad's illness before his death, with wife
number 9, he still seeks a show of fairness. He asked one friend to lead him to
rotate to each wife. He always gives what is the right of a wife, until the
Prophet's wives feel sorry to see the condition of the Prophet and they agree in
the treatment of Prophet Ayesha placed in homes. Justice was built by the Prophet
not only ensure that the perpetrators of the crime was actually prosecuted and
punished, but also to inhibit and minimize crime. We're not going to drag the time
of the Prophet to the modern era, or questioned the legal practice of cutting off
hands and poligaminya, but far more noble than that, namely that upholds rule of
law, bringing justice to an inclusive, universal and interests of the people
concerned, justice for all , is the most important energy for the survival of a

2. Honesty
"Ikhlas charitable" is one slogan that is familiar to our ears. But if we can
guarantee a person can really sincere in doing a good deed? Lives that have been
formatted with a capitalist style, it was difficult to achieve a degree of this
Sufi. Betawi people say, "Hari gini gitu lho, the free mane ade aka sincere
without compensation".

One-one in the lip spoken sincerely with a predetermined salary, but the tail
nilep. This is more scary, because honesty has tergadaikan by hypocrisy.
Commitment to upholding honesty together, both at the state level, those in power
(stakeholders), corporate, and community. In fact, the continuity and harmony in
the household are also highly dependent on the level of honesty and openness from
both sides.

How expensive the price of a truth, so that the Prophet had instructed,
"You all have to be honest, for honesty can lead to goodness and kindness can lead
to heaven and a man who continually being honest and trying to be honest, then the
sight of Allah he was listed as an honest person. And be careful you from the
lies, because lies can direct you to indecency and indecency could lead you to
hell and a man who continually lie and do always try to do a lie, then the sight
of Allah he was recorded as a liar " . (Narrated by Muslim)
Who said "Honesty is Doomed"?. Slogan often heard at our place. Although somewhat
fun, we Bansa conditions not far from it. In fact, if observed, the words just fit
on a greedy person. Look at the Prophet Muhammad. Honesty before didaulat became
the Apostle, recognized by his enemies, so they gave the name of Al Amin (the
honest). Khadijah, a successful woman PEMBISNIS at the time, chose his life
companion of the Prophet as well as his honesty factor.

Therefore, in order to create clean governance (good governance), we must dare to

say the right thing even though for some people it tastes bitter! but that's what
the Prophet Muhammad as taught "Say honesty despite bitter.!" Although the risk is
acceptable ridicule 'sanctimonious', ostracism or even in-chutik-from his desk,
but it is more honorable than the ugliness into the chair behind the commodity
empuknya and finally fell into the circle of collective crime.

In closing this paper, we both prayed that by improving our morals and behavior,
and realize our negligence in imitation of Prophet Muhammad, we will obtain mercy
and blessings of running from God Almighty. Amen
Remember the words of the Prophet that says, "Among you all the most perfect faith
is the best conduct to use ruqyah." (Bukhari).

And Allaah knows best bi `Shawab Ash.