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My name is Bart Simpson and Im going to tell you all about me. Im 10 years old and I live in a small
town called Springfield in the U.S.A with my parents, my two sisters: Lisa and Maggie and my cat
Snowball. I go to Springfield Elementary school and Im on the 4 th year. I must say that Im not a
very big fan of school because I dont like studying. What I really like is skateboarding and I do it
all the time. I also like reading comics and playing baseball with my friends.
Every day I get up at seven o clock and I take a quick shower. Then, at twenty past seven, I get
dressed and at twenty to eight I have breakfast: cereals, a glass of milk and two pieces of toast.
After having breakfast, I go to school in the school bus. My first lesson starts at eight o clock. I
have classes until midday. Then I have lunch at the school canteen with my friends. After having
lunch, I have classes until four o clock and I arrive home around a quarter past four. From half
past four until six o clock I usually do my homework. After that I go skateboarding with my friends
until half past seven. At eight o clock, I have dinner with my friends and around half past nine I go
to bed.
What about you? Tell me about your daily routine!
Best wishes,
Bart Simpson

A. Read the text carefully and say if these sentences are true ( T ) or false ( F ).
Correct the false ones.

Bart lives in the U.K. ________

He doesnt like school. _______
Bart has a dog called Snowball.________
He has classes until one o clock. ________


B. Answer the following questions.

Slvia Pereira

1. What time does Bart get up?

2. What does he do at twenty past seven?
3. Does he have breakfast at school?
4. What does he have for breakfast?
5. When does he do his homework?
6. What time does he go to bed?

C. Fill in the blanks with the verb to be.


Bart ______ a ten-year-old boy that lives in Springfield.

Lisa and Maggie _______ Barts sisters.
Marge Simpson _______ Barts mother.
Bart has a cat. It ______ called Snowball.
Skateboarding ________ his favourite hobby.

D. Look at Barts week and write sentences about it. Use the adverbs of frequency.

Have a shower in
the morning
Play tennis
Read the newspaper
Do homework
Eat soup at dinner






Follow the model: Bart always has a shower in the morning.

1. ____________________________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________________________________

Slvia Pereira

4. ____________________________________________________________________________
5. __________________________________________________________________________

E. Replace the words in bold by the correct personal pronoun.

1. Bart rides his bike on weekends.
2. Lisa and Maggie have breakfast at home everyday.
3. Snowball is Barts dog.
4. Barts mother cooks very well.

Slvia Pereira