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Since sponsors increasingly seek social media exposure, SEPT
should also focus on building a solid social media strategy. The
benefits of this are threefold 1. Develop an online presence for SEPT through various social
media platforms which would help lend credibility to the
organization, thus attracting more sponsorship
2. Increase awareness about SEPT among the general public
especially football fans in the age group of 15 25 who are
active social media users
3. Give the sponsors a credible means to reach out to their
respective target audience by sponsoring SEPT activities
4. Develop a large student base from established colleges in
Kerala Government engineering colleges, NITC and IIMK, who
can continue to bolster this cause and sponsor small packages
when they graduate and start work.
We suggest a plan to accomplish the above-mentioned objectives
through simple steps that will require minimum investment of time
and effort.
1. Facebook: SEPT can increase its following on its Facebook page
through the following measures,
The Facebook page of SEPT currently has quite a few followers
who comment on the posts. In order to increase the number of
such loyal supporters, SEPT should start actively responding to
these comments.
On studying the Facebook activity of other football clubs in
India, it is seen that these clubs engage their supporters by
starting discussions about upcoming games and events and
letting them comment on these posts. This creates a buzz
around the events and also increases their level of
involvement with the club. Such type of posts can be used for
increasing awareness about Jaithra Kerala or the SEPT Fest.
SEPT can increase awareness about its club and activities
among school and college students in Kerala by floating a
competition like Design a T-shirt contest for Jaithra Kerala.
The contestants can be asked to put up their designs on the
SEPT Facebook page and the best design can be used for the
actual football jersey.
SEPT can allow certain sponsors like Kit sponsors or
merchandize sponsors to use its Facebook page for reaching
out to their TG. Sponsors can also conduct contests on SEPTs
Facebook page to attract the youth and promote their

merchandise. This can function as an additional incentive to
potential sponsors.
2. YouTube: An official YouTube channel can be started wherein
videos of football tournaments and SEPT Fest can be uploaded. Even
the Jaithra Kerala video, currently being played in cinema theaters
can get better visibility if posted on the Facebook page.
3. LinkedIn: Certain smaller international clubs have successfully
made use of LinkedIn to target fans, who are more business
oriented. SEPT could create and use a LinkedIn profile to engage
and increase connections with sponsors and be a part of football
related groups in India. There are several active football fan groups
and bloggers in India, specifically Kerala, who could help SEPT to
gain more visibility online.
Some methods to achieve social media engagement:
1. Appoint student ambassadors from all prominent colleges and
universities in Kerala. Their task will be twofold:
a. To spread word about the mission and vision of SEPT in
their colleges
b. To engage with SEPT players and create a collaborative
learning environment
2. As already mentioned under the Facebook head, increase
crowd-sourcing activities. For instance, a big board can be
placed at prominent locations around Kerala, counting down to
important matches. This would help gain sponsor attention
3. Use a blog to complement the social media strategy. A blog
would allow more detailed reports etc. to be disseminated
effectively. Presently, there are active football enthusiasts
reporting about SEPT activities. Example :
An official blog with links to all individual bloggers writing
about football development would propel its social
engagement faster. Occasionally, sport report writing and
article writing competition on themes of developing football
within Kerala can also be held.
4. Use the concept of forums. Football forums in India have a
huge follower base and visibility. This can be used to gain
visibility for SEPT.
Some forums that can be leveraged are:

Posts can be made to these forums about SEPT and ongoing
events to enthuse football lovers to know more about SEPT.

Also, videos with small clips with the students talking about their
experience with the centers, the learning etc. on social media will
lend a face to the whole SEPT venture and will increase student
engagement. Testimonials from parents will also lend accreditation
and a genuine feel. A sample testimonial template could be the one
depicted below :