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To be filled in by the candidate


Name & Place of Bank.................................

Demand Draft No
Amount Rs
Date of Payment...................................

Application Fee: Rs.100/(Rupees One hundred only)

For Part-time/Full-time (FIP Teacher candidate)

nrd;idg; gy;fiyf;fofk;
Form of application for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Name of the Candidate

(as in the degree certificate in block letters)


Age and Date of Birth

Name of Father & Mother

Father :


Community SC/ST

Address with Phone Numbers (in block letters

to which communications should be sent)




Register number, month and year of passing the

PG Degree, M.Phil Degree Examination together
with the Branch or optional Group offered and
name of University

Date, Month and Year of the convocation at

which the degree was taken

The Month and Year in which the candidate was

provisionally registered for the Ph.D. Degree
and quote the number and date of this office
communication registering for the Ph.D. Degree






No.Ph.D. .. dt


10 The Number and date of this office

communication confirming the provisional
Registration for the Ph.D. Degree
11 Title of the Thesis (in block letters)

12 Name of the Institution (University Department

/ College / Research Institute) in which the
candidate is working for Ph.D. Degree and the
name of the supervisor who supervises and
directs his/her work.
13 Whether the candidate is related to the
supervisor. If yes, state the nature of


14 Signature of the Candidate

15 Signature of the Supervisor with Designation
and Seal

Email id:
16 Signature of the Co-Guide with Seal (if
17 Signature of the Head of the Department with
Seal where the candidate is working for the
Ph.D. Degree
18 Signature of the Head of the Institution
/Principal/ Director with Seal, where the
candidate is working for the Ph.D. Degree
19 Station:
Date :
For instructions to candidates, please see next page



1. The application form marked Synopsis should be submitted not less than three months before
the submission of the thesis proposed. The following should be submitted along with the
application marked SYNOPSIS.
(i) 6 Copies of Synopsis and a soft copy in CD.The hard copy should not exceed 20 type written
or printed pages (one side only of A4 size).
(ii) PG Degree, M.Phil., Degree Certificate in Original, (Attested or Photostat copies will not
be accepted) if already not submitted.
(iii) The provisional registration and confirmation of provisional registration communication (in
original) for the Ph.D., degree.
(iv) Fee and cost of application form
i) Rs.4000/- plus Rs.100/- (cost of application) for Part-time candidates
ii) Rs.3000/- plus Rs.100/- (cost of application) for Full-time FIP candidates
The fee should be paid through Demand Draft drawn in favour of The Registrar,
University of Madras, Chennai-600 005.
(v) Six-monthly progress reports in the prescribed format, if already not submitted.
2. The application form marked Thesis should be submitted not less than three months and not

later than six months after the submission of the synopsis and after the expiry of the period of
research prescribed, together with the following :(i) Five copies of thesis and also soft copy in CD.
Note: The maximum length of the thesis should not exceed 250 pages (typed matter) excluding
bibliography, tables, diagrams and annexures. If the candidates desire they may include published
papers or monographs along with the thesis. Exemption from the restriction on page limit will not
be granted in normal circumstances.
3. Candidate should write clearly in block letters their names as contained in the degree certificate

and the title of thesis in the relevant columns of the application.

4. Candidates who have not taken their qualifying degree (i.e M.A., M.Sc., M.Com., M.Phil., etc.)

cannot supplicate for the Ph.D. Degree. Before applying for the Ph.D. Degree they should have
taken the qualifying degree at convocation.
5. Submission of Synopsis:

Before the submission of Synopsis, the candidate should present a seminar on his or her
data for the Ph.D. thesis and the Doctoral Committee should send a suitability report along with
granting permission to submit the synopsis and draft of thesis.