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Alcatel-Lucent SHANGHAI BELL

WI-FI access Solution

MSA1K-3113NA Access Point (AP) is a high-performance wireless Access Point for telecommunication service providers. It is designed to be deployed indoors and has dual-radio 2.4 GHz and
5.8 GHz with quad-mode services (802.11a/b/g/n). MSA1K-3113NA has a dual-core processor
and a special hardware encryption module to deliver maximum performance of the wireless
networking standard 802.11. With 802.11n it is capable of delivering wireless data rates of up
to 600Mbps for All-Wireless Workplaces which are then as fast and reliable as wired LANs.
MSA1K-3113NA can be deployed in a distributed or centralized network for Wi-Fi Hotspots,
enterprise environments, campus locations and hotels. It is cost-effective for service providers
looking to offer Wi-Fi Hot Spot services, to expand coverage of broadband services or to offload
data from a 3G mobile network.


MSA1K-3113NA delivers secure,

user-centric WLAN network services
and applications. It has integrated
radio access performance optimisation and secure wireless intrusion
detection and prevention to assure
the experience of end users. Radio
access optimisation is a particular
strength. The MSA1K product family
is the first dual-band 802.11n indoor
access point in the world to integrate
adaptive antenna technology for
consistency in area wireless coverage
and quality of connections extending
inside buildings. Included are selfhealing and self-optimizing features.
A uniquely integrated technology is
StaMix which improves the reliability
and coverage in multi-mode situations where 802.11g and 802.11n
access are being used in the same
coverage area. MSA1K-3113NA
supports one 10/100/1000 Base-T
(RJ45) Ethernet interface, redundant
802.3af compliant POE sourcing,
one SOE (Serial over Ethernet)
console interface, and one infrared
interface for easy remote control. It
has quadruple SMA interfaces (dual
2x2 MIMO) for connecting external

MSA1K-3113NA is configured with

the MC8K-1100 Access Controller
(AC) or the higher capacity MC8K5100 Access Controller or the large
scale MC8K-A100 Terabit Wireless
LAN Controller. The AP configurations
can either be localised or widely distributed with the AC. The installation
of the AP is a simple plug to play.
By plugging the AP into a backhaul
Ethernet port the preferred host
controller is automatically discovered
and configured. In addition the AP
automatically tunes itself to the area
wireless environment which avoids
the need to deploy trained technical
MSA1K-3113NA Access Point and
MC8K-1100/5100/A100 Access
Controllers are managed through a
leading network management system
called NM-VISTA. Different Wi-Fi
access networks will vary in size
from just a few APs through to possibly hundreds of thousands of APs.
The NM-VISTA is affordably scalable
and deployable to match the size of
the network. NM-VISTA expedites
service provisioning and provides a
high level of service visibility, performance and security to promote usage
and a quality end-user experience.

Why choose ALU


Special radio technology enables

MSA1K-3113NA is 20dBm transmit
power for extended signal coverage
and enhances interference rejection

and network management system

NM-VISTA are designed to be scalable
and cost effective for differently
dimensioned Hotspot, broadband
access and 3G Offload networks.
The management control system has
automated self-discovery, configuration and optimisation while providing
for high visibility, remote control and
simple provisioning.

Dynamic performance

Robust housing design

MIMO is a key feature of MSA1K3113NA which is designed with

concurrent 802.11n radios delivering
totally up to 600Mbps of sustained
throughput simultaneously across 2.4
GHz and 5.8 GHz bands.

Built to be installed in the harshest

environments the housing is a water
and dust proof metal. It is adaptable
for factories, harbours, warehouses,
campuses and buildings. It has
versatility from connected antennas, rugged metal enclosure, and a
broad operating temperature range.
It has been extensively laboratory

Advanced Wi-Fi range and


Unified, centralized management

Access Point, Access Controller

engineered and proven in real-world


Industry-leading platform
MSA1K-3113NA utilises a multi-core
network processor for sustained
high performance. The platform also
includes industry-leading hardware
encryption for reliable security in a
demanding operational enviroment.

Wide feature capabilities

MSA1K-3113NA includes different
Wireless protocols (a / b / g / n), dual
protocol stack for IP V4/V6 and WAPI
encryption making it suitable for use
in consumer and business markets.

Figure 1. Typical Scenario

MSA1K Serials
Indoor Access Point (AP)

Conjunction with current 2G/3G DAS

Access &
Aggregation Network




MC8K Serials
Access Controller (AC)

Office Wi-Fi Coverage

Network Management


Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai bell product description


Specifications in detail


Physical size and weight

Volume : 260mm160mm48mm (NOT including antenna and accessories)

Weight : 1.7kg

App environment

Storage temperature

: -40~85C

Storage humidity

: 5%~95% (Non-condensing)

Operating temperature : 0~45C

Operating humidity

: 10%~90% (Non-condensing)

Installation environment

Wall, pole or ceiling mountable

Power supply and consumption (full load)

48V, 380mA, 802.3af (POE), optional power adaptor, 12W

Standard compliance

IEEE 802.11a

IEEE 802.11e WMM

IEEE 802.11b

IEEE 802.11r Fast Roaming

IEEE 802.11g

IEEE 802.11i

IEEE 802.11n

Up to 8 per radio (total of 16)

Maximum associate rates

600 Mbps of user throughput (300 Mbps/radio)

RF module

Concurrent dual-band (5GHz/2.4GHz) support:

#1: 802.11b/g/n RF Module, 1-100 mW (adjustable), 22 MIMO
#2: 802.11a/b/g/n RF, 1-200 mW (adjustable), 22 MIMO RF AAA technology


4N interfaces, SMA-type

Ethernet Interface

10/100/1000 Based-T, RJ45: 1

Console Interface: 1, SOE, RJ45

Concurrent associated stations

Up to 256

RF Management

Multiple SSID: 16
Anti ARP spoofing based DHCP snooping
Dynamic channel adjustment
SSID Hiding
QoS: voice, video, best effort and background
Power save mode
Wireless DOS Attack Detection and Protection

Networking features

Local Mode Forwarding

CAPWAP Tunnel Mode Forwarding
Local & Tunnel Mix Forwarding on separated SSID
Bandwidth capping per SSID
L2 isolation
802.1Q VLAN binding with SSID
PPPOE Transparent
STA Number capping
White/Black List
Uplink detection
System log report
NTP Server/Client
Load balance per SSID
Load balance per traffic


Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai bell product description




802.11i security
Authentication base on MAC
WEP, TKIP, AES, CCMP Encryption
Supports any combination of encryption / authentication types per SSID
Captive portal and guest accounts
EAP-SIM Authentication

Administration feature

Centralized management by Wireless Controller and ALU NM-VISTA Support

access through http, https, telnet, SSH
TR-069 remote management
SNMP v1/v2/v3 support
Remote firmware upgrade through controller

EMC and safety certification




EN300 328

UL 60950-1

EN301 489

EN 60950-1




FCC Bulletin OET-65C
EN 300 328
EN 301 893

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