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Thank you, Speaker de Venecia.

Congratulations, Senate President Manny Villar; Vice

President Noli de Castro; President Ramos; Chief Justice Panganiban; Members of the
diplomatic corps; senators; congressmen and congresswomen; other officials, ladies and
Yesterday, without bloodshed, without damage to property, and within a single day, we
overcame an ill-conceived mutiny carried out by misguided military officers. Such actions are
deplorable and will be met with the full force of the law, including their political component. Yet
they signal an underlying problem that we must address.
An Oakwood mutiny happened in my term but that doesnt stop us from doing our main
Our administration in these past years were known to have contributed big record for road
bridges and infrastructures an transportations such as
MRT/LRT extension
Skyway extension
rehabilitation ng SLEX at NLEX
international airports in provinces
Terminal 3
We also have contributed
555 billion in tourism investments
80 million PhilHealth Beneficiaries
In 2001 government targets we accomplished to Increase the chances of Filipino children
finishing School
The result was we have
600,000 Pangulong Gloria Scholars and Built
100,000 classrooms
To Strive to achieve self-sufficiency in rice production and
Produce cheap rice and increase the numbers of prosperous farmers
We gave our fellow Filipino
150 billion loans from LANDBANK for farmers and also fisherfolk
and we got
5 million jobs generated from the housing sector

To control the budget deficit and collecting taxes vigorously, We implemented expanded value
added tax eVAT Law under my term.
The tax measure boosted confidence in the government's fiscal capacity and helped to
strengthen the Philippine peso, making it East Asia's best performing currency in 200506.
The peso strengthened by nearly 20% in 2007, making it by far Asia's best performing
currency for the year, a fact attributed to a combination of increased remittances from overseas
Filipino workers and a strong domestic economy.[22]
And lastly we have higher economic growth than the past 3 presidents term did, Philippine
economy grew at its fastest in decades in 2007 GDP exceeding 7% growth . Amid the 2008
global financial crisis, the Philippines still had the impressive GDP growth and it was so hard to
keep it afloat but I did.

For those who want to pick up old fights, were game but what a waste of time. Why not join
hands instead? Join hands in the biggest challenge of all, where we all win or we all lose: the
battle for the survival and progress of our one and only country.
I shall relinquish the Presidency, with much if not all that I have outlined completed. I do not
want it said then that, in the end, I defeated my enemies. I would rather have it said that all of
us, you and I, friends and foes today, achieved together a country progressive, prosperous, and
Thank you. Mabuhay!